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November 13th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, Custom Content Walls are Here!
We know some of you have been yearning for these for awhile now!

As a resident, you can create your own custom designed walls just like you can with other custom content items like clothing, floor tiles and photo stencils. Learn how to create your own custom content now.

The custom content walls are not scannable and printable at this time. Please note: if you see a graphic anomaly - rotate your view once and then back again to fix it. We will have this fixed in our next update.

New Larger Capacity Battery
At last, a battery with a larger capacity has arrived. Find the new lithium-ion white battery in the Energy Store. This one has a energy capacity of 6400. Look for more batteries coming in future updates.

Series Version 3 Juice Bars - New Juice Bar Recipes from the TirNua Mixologist

  1. Be the first players to solve each of the new Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle version #3 recipes and receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version. This is version #3.
  2. Note: The recipes will only work on the Series #3 Rare Juice Bars. This means you will need to manufacture or purchase from another player each of the rare juice bars before attempting the recipe puzzles.
  3. To learn more about the Power Up Puzzles read this introductory blog on the rare juice bars.

Gamer - Video Poker Level Badges - earn badges by accumulate scores and reaching various levels from playing Video Poker.

Sleep Interaction added to Flora Bed and to the Rare TirNuan Bed

If you own one of the round beds from the Flora Collection or the Rare TirNuan Bed, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Fixes / Other

  • Facebook Frame - we found two bugs that we fixed. One was with permissions and the other bug was with how the information was stored. We believe there is a 3rd bug with permissions that we are actively chasing.
  • Cats - fixes for neon cats, cats gender being erased, cats not exiting the love shack properly
  • Persona nameplate unequip - no longer removing owner of the nameplate
  • Scoring bug fixes made
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    Custom Content for Bears!

    March 26th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Custom Content for your Bear Personas!

    Design your own custom outfits to go along with the Bear Persona we introduced last week. Very Cool!

    For help see our Blog for how to info and our Wiki for masks and templates with texture samples.

    Oil Phase 2: Drilling and Extracting Oil

    1. Find Oil: Use the Oil Detection Station and Oil Detection Mobile to locate the oil deposits.

    2. Drill for oil: Once you have located a deposit. You will need to drill down to the deposit using an Oil Derrick (the large wooden structure shown).

      What you Need to Know:

      1. You must have an oil permit to use the derrick and the engineer must be a resident.
      2. Position the derrick over the oil find. Make sure the pipe cap is over the top of the cell above the oil deposit.

      3. The oil derrick requires rotational energy. A Mobile Boiler needs to be connected and ignited to provide the energy. The energy will be stored in the fly wheel on the derrick. It is a good idea to build up a bit before starting to drill. (Note: there is a problem with the original steam engine coupling - until it is corrected it will not be able to be used with the derrick).
      4. You will need two personas to drill: an Engineer and a Roughneck. The Engineer must have a Mental Capacity of at least 30 and Mental Value above at least 10; the Roughneck needs a Physical Capacity of at least 30 and Physical value of least 10.
      5. Stock the derrick with pipe using the “Retrieve Pipe” action on the derrick. You must qualify as a Roughneck to stock the pipe.
      6. Once there is a reserve of pipe and rotational energy in the derrick, you are ready to drill.
      7. The Roughneck needs to run the “Position Pipe” action.
      8. When the Roughneck is in place, the Engineer can “Start Drilling”.
      9. Each pipe length will take some time to drill, the deeper the pipe needs to go the more time and rotational energy required.
      10. The clutch will automatically disengage when the pipe section is done, except when there is a Oil Strike. When the strike happens you will need to shut off the derrick manually.
    3. Extracting the oil:
      1. Once there is an oil strike, Oil Donkey (with battery for power) will be required to extract the oil. Remove the oil derrick and insert the oil donkey.
      2. You must be a lot owner or roommate to use the donkey.
      3. You must have an oil permit to use the derrick.
      4. Position the Donkey so the end of the donkey with electrical connection is directly over the Oil Strike.

      5. Connect a battery harness and battery.
      6. Start the Oil Donkey.
      7. When the Oil Donkey is started, run your cursor over the Donkey for the tooltip. The data will show you the depth, current amount, and original amount of the well.
      8. The Oil Donkey’s tanks can hold about 200 units of oil. When you want to use the oil for other things, use the ‘Extract Oil’ action. If there are empty barrels on the lot, they will be filled; otherwise, an oil barrel will show up in the persona’s inventory.

    In the Gardening Arena this Week:

    1. Corn Fields in TirNua - just like growing coffee and strawberries, you can grow your own corn too. Big difference is that you will get only one picking per plant; each picking reaps two bushels of corn. After the picking, the corn plant will die and be ready for recycling. As with the coffee and strawberries, the corn does not reproduce with hybrids. The benefit to reproducing is that you can get a fresh new young plant to replace your old close to death or dead one.
    2. Going forward when picking crops (coffee, corn, strawberries) in a Farm zone you have a 50% chance of doubling the harvest.
    3. Change plants to increase GreenThumb when you full grow them, not harvest (except when you get a tree)
    4. Roasted coffee goes to the person doing the roasting.

    DVDs have their content displayed as an image in game

    Achievement Badge Updates

    1. Added 2 new energy Badges
    2. Added Badges for top scores Green Thumbs and Energy. Top 100, 50,25,10,5,1
    3. Earned badges can be placed in lots
    4. Tooltips added to Badges on lots

    Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect display of required materials when loading materials into objects like the Kiln
  • Fix Sewing Machine to end properly when finished
  • Fix for crash when reproducing plants after having disabled reproduction dialog
  • Fix for crashes when leaving lot while flowers are still loading
  • Display percent grown on flowers tool tips
  • Display seed count on tool tips on seed bags
  • Display feed count on tool tips on feed bags
  • Display correct flower type and seed count on generic seed bags
  • No longer display expiry date for seeds and feed bags
  • Fixed sofa so you can actually sit on it now!
  • As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Bears, Oh My!

    March 19th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Male, Female or Bear - which will it be? New Gender in TirNua is a Bear!

    To be a Bear, you will need to create a new persona. Currently, each Guest Account is given 1 free persona and Resident Accounts are given up to 3 personas. Once you have 3 personas you will keep them regardless of your resident status.

    To create another persona you will need to go to the Manage Account settings:

    1. To do so, go to the bottom of the page beneath the game application and click on the ‘Manage Account’ link.
    2. At the bottom of the manage account page is the ability to ‘Add Persona’. Choose your gender selection, give your persona a name (this is a default free name) and select ‘Create Persona’.
    3. To make your new persona your default persona, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that you are already on and select the new persona as your default persona.
    4. To switch between personas use the ‘My Stuff’ tab and the ‘Preferences’ sub-tab

    Introducing Achievement Badges - earn these fun badges when making certain achievements in these two categories: Green Thumb and Energy. See how many you can collect. More categories will be introduced in upcoming weeks.

    The Persona Web will display all of the Achievement Badges available for each category. As you earn each one, it will no longer be grayed out.

    Clicking on any badge will display the information you need to know in order to earn that particular badge.

    Clyde’s Miniature Mobile Boilers - a combo object of the boiler and steam engine rolled into one. They are compact and mobile — useful when a bit of kinetic energy is needed in a tight spot.

    These Miniature Mobile Boilers are not as efficient as the larger boiler and steam engine.

    Move Or Buy A Lot From The World Map

    Double-clicking a location on the World Map now offers two options:

    You can Move an existing Lot

    Or you can Buy a new Lot

    Moving An Existing Lot

    1. If you select Move Lot, you then choose one of your Lots to move.
    2. Note that TirNua Moving Truck is required to move your Lot.
    3. If you do not own a Tirnua Moving Truck when you click the Move button, you can optionally purchase one from TirNua.
    4. Note that you can probably find a Tirnua Moving Truck at a discount price at a Player Store, located in the Shopping panel.

    Buying A New Lot

    If you select Buy Lot, you then choose the Size and Lease Duration for your new Lot.

    The Zone and Background are already set by the location that you double-clicked on the World Map.

    Updated Kitchen Cabinet Units

    When we updated the sinks to add running water last week we did not realize that, due to lighting changes we made in the game a while back, the other coordinating units no longer matched. This forced us to take a pass on all of them and henceforth, we have better looking kitchen units now. Look for more kitchen environment changes coming your way soon.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Grow the 10 Minute Plant for Garden Patches

    January 9th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Not only can you grow a plant in just 5 minutes, this plant grows in the ground! This opens the door to our design concept of having living gardens in TirNua. It’s only the beginning and we know you can imagine the endless possibilities.

    To get started growing your garden plot, you will need some geranium seeds, a plot of ground and of course a watering well if you don’t already have one. All of these items are available in the ‘Gardening Store‘ from the Shopping Panel.

    The Chat, Visitors and Inventory panels are now floating panels.

    You can minimize, resize and move these panels, and the settings will be saved to your User Preferences.

    You can reset the sizes and positions of the panels by navigating to the Private Info panel and clicking the Reset User Preferences button.

    Now Free Lots can be re-sized into larger lots just like purchased lots.
    Here’s how:

    1. Enter your Lot and click the Lot Information button
    2. At the Lot Information dialog, click the Edit… button at right of the Size display
    3. At the Change Lot Size dialog, select a new Lot size. The maximum Lot size is 20 x 24
    4. Lot Upgrade Cost is: ( the current price of the new larger sized deed ) - ( the current price of the current deed ). Plus tax: The tax on the Lot Upgrade amount above.

    Lower Stipend on Resident Badges - we have lowered the stipend amount received for new badges. If you bought a badge prior to January 4th, you locked in the monthly stipend rate of 9890. From now through February 15th, when you purchase a resident badge you will lock in the new monthly stipend rate of 8900. After that it will be reduced again so get in on bargain and purchase one now!

    Don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week!

    It’s going to be a Great New Year for all TirNuans!
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Preview of some new objects coming today!

    October 30th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    A friend of the company, Joelle, has been doing some amazing work helping us to keep bringing you new objects each week. This week we will get trees, shrubs and potted plants to play with in addition to some new furniture items.

    Margaret and I had some fun just now making this garden center. Click to see a larger image and visit it in the game soon!

    Stay tuned for the update later today!

    Sincere thanks to Joelle!

    … and The Flora Store!

    October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    And there’s still more to come another day! I’m sure that we’ll all benefit also from Margaret’s spending the time to do this using the very same tools that we all will use to layout lots.


    Hope you are also having some fun decorating and seeing the objects in 3D you’ve bought through the store. Isn’t the Founder’s Gift quite something?!

    The Fuego Store…

    October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Here’s another one to check out!

    Aqua Collection Store Preview

    October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    As mentioned in our release notes and Luc’s last teaser post, we now have lot editing and Margaret is making good use of it to lay out stores to show off the objects we have in each of our collections.

    Click on the image below to see a large size image of what the new Aqua Store looks like today or better, visit it in game!



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