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Follow Our New Facebook Page!

December 1st, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

The time has come to launch a new page for TirNua on Facebook!

Make sure to LIKE the page to get all our regular updates, teasers, information, contests, and news!
We love to interact with our players and have a dialogue, and the new page will let us do just that and reach you easier.
We will also strive to make content that you might want to SHARE with others, so we can show everyone what a great game we have here! :)

Click here to go to the New Page!

Tip: If you would like to get a notification every time we post new things, you can click on “Get Notifications” after you have liked the page.
Hover your mouse over the “Liked” and you should get this option. Just liking a page will not show you all the updates, just a small number of them.

New items and features released in the future will be announced first on the new page, and it will also let you know whenever there is a new blog post to read.
Oh, and enjoy the extra content and pictures we have been posting there already - for example some never before shown pictures from the Halloween event. We’d love to hear your comments! :)


TirNua Anna and the Catroo team


June 7th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

2100 UTC SUN JUNE 06 2010



12 FT SEAS.. 90NE 0SE 0SW 90NW.







Volcano Erupts Again! Ash cloud about to darken the skies!

May 25th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

A new major eruption of the volcano occured in the last hour. Scientists predict that the impact of the new clouds will darken the skies in the next hours and probably will be felt for weeks.

There is still no way to know exactly when a volcano eruption will occur, but scientists are developing better and better tools to track the ash clouds and evaluate how it will perturbate transportation and agriculture.

While plants appear to not yet have been affected, it seems certain that as the sun provides less energy on average, there will be diminished growth. The potential acidity of the rain might also impact some of the rivers, and potentially the water tables.

On the bright side, expect some incredible sunsets for weeks to come. Unlike an oil spill, there is little that can be done to solve the problem. Just hope for high winds which will disperse the clouds more quickly and lessen any local impact.

TirNua, May 24th 2010, 7am.

Wanna be a Graphic Artist? Make your own Custom Backgrounds for Tirnua!

November 22nd, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Joelle has been making the backgrounds for the game, since they started to look good.

She kindly wrote a tutorial about the process, and is ready to have some of you make your own backgrounds to be added to the game.

The link to the tutorial on the wiki is here. It includes Blender files you can download as a starter kit.

This takes a lot more expertize than the regular custom content we have for clothes in the game, but it can have a bigger impact too. It is not that hard, it is really worth trying.

Good Luck,


Hey Roomie, wat up?

November 20th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Roommates - Do you have roommates in Tirnua yet? If not, be among the first to share your home or business with a roommate or two. For the time being, you can have up to 4 roommates on each lot you own.

Roommate Permissions:
Roomies CAN:

  1. Edit the lot - move objects on and off (the object will always be returned to the Object Owner’s Inventory)
  2. Edit the Lot Entry Permissions
  3. Edit the Lot Description
  4. Edit the Max Users

Roomies CANNOT:

  1. Edit the Lot Name
  2. Edit the Lot Size
  3. Edit the Lot Background
  4. Edit the Lot Entry Permissions
  5. Enter the Lot if the Entry Permissions are set to Owners Only

To get Roommates, you will need to acquire Keys for your lot and gift them to who you want to room with.
Here’s how:

  1. Enter your lot and click on the Lot Information button
  2. Select the ‘Keys’ button to the right of the Owner’s display
  3. Select the Quantity of Keys to purchase from the pull down menu (currently limited to 4) and select the Purchase button
  4. Once you have purchased Keys, you can Gift or Secure Trade the keys to any Persona you desire to become your Roommate

Things to note:

  • Your first 4 Keys are Free but additional keys made available in the future will have a cost attached
  • When you receive a Key, you may have to leave and re-enter the Lot to refresh your permissions
  • No TAU changes hands automatically; as the landlord, it will be your responsibility to collect rent if you wish
  • Known Issues

  • Display bugs when removing objects that you do not own from the Lot - Inventory may not be refreshed
  • No tooltip or status dialog on Keys (to indicate which Lot it opens
  • Owner of Lot has no way to reclaim Keys from Roommates
  • Owner of Lot can set permissions to Owner Only, preventing Roommates from entering (and thereby cutting off the Roommate’s access to their Objects on the Lot)
  • Sewing Machines - Sew your very own Custom Clothing creations! All you need is a Sewing Machine and a power source and you’ll be ready to sew to your heart’s content. The Sewing Machine is currently only available to Residents in the Tirnua VIP Store.

    Once you have your sewing machine, you will, of course, need some fabric to sew with. If you don’t already have fabric bins from recycling, you will need to get some by recycling various furniture items like the chairs. After this,

    1. Place a Fabric Recycling Bin on your lot and select the ‘Load Materials’ action on the Sewing Machine to stock it up with Fabric
    2. Select “Start Sewing” which will prompt you for which of your Custom Clothing patterns you would like to sew
    3. You will then begin sewing your Custom Clothing. If you run out of Energy or Fabric sewing will be paused until you replenish it
    4. You can check on the status of your Sewing Maching machine by clicking on it and seleting ‘Status’
    5. NOTE: When submitting your Custom Clothing in the Dress Me Create panel you can set the quantity of items to purchase to 0, although it is not available in the drop down, by typing it into the Purchase dialog by hand and you will only be charged Custom Content Submission Fee.

    Lot Resize - All lots except for Free Lots can be re-sized to a larger lot size (you cannot shrink your lot though).

    1. Enter your Lot and click the Lot Information button
    2. At the Lot Information dialog, click the Edit… button at right of the Size display
    3. At the Change Lot Size dialog, select a new Lot size. The maximum Lot size is 20 x 24

    The cost of the upgrade is:

    1. Lot Upgrade Cost:
      This is ( the current price of the new larger sized deed ) - ( the current price of the current deed ).
      Tax: The tax on the Lot Upgrade amount above.
    2. Lease Upgrade:
      This is ( the current lease price of the new larger sized deed - the lease price of the current deed ) x ( the number of months left on the current deed )

      Only whole months are charged, any partial month is counted as one month.

      Important: please note that your monthly lease on the Lot will be increased to reflect the new size

    Thanksgiving Holiday Collection Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    What Else?

    1. Level Up Scores - the persona web now displays your Level Up Scores and a Facebook feed like this one will be generated in order to make sure all your friends are rightfully jealous.

    2. New Salad Processor - the salad processor has a new look!

    3. VIP Store - new items added this week: purchase the moving truck and business license at a discount in the VIP Store (only available to residents).
    4. Manufacturing Rares - manufacturing the treadmill will produce Rare Treadmills (blue is rarer than red)

    5. New chat message line when you get a new in-game message.
    6. Zoom check box in Dress Me Panel - gives you a preview of what your outfit will look in-game. Very helpful for viewing custom content.
    7. Resident badge extension - the $5.95 Deal has been extended to January 4th. Get yours now!

    Wow, lots of good stuff to check out!
    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Put a little Green in your Diet

    November 18th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Making and Eating Salads increases your MEP values. Become smarter, stronger and happier for doing so. Every flower that you recycle reaps you food components that contain vitamins. Different flowers have different nutritional values (a.k.a. vitamins) but all flowers produce some of each.

    Each of the vitamins will affect your energies as follows:

  • Vitamin M affects Mental energy
  • Vitamin E affects Emotional energy
  • Vitamin P affects Physical energy
  • You can find the Nutritional values listed in the recycle dialog pop-up box when selecting the “send to be recycled” interaction.

    Or select, the “Check Vitals” interaction to display the Nutrition dialog box.

    Learn more about how vitamins are derived from flowers in this prior blog posting on Edible Flowers.

    Get Started Making Salads

    1. Check your mental value - it will need to be at least 8.0 to make a salad but a much higher value will yield you salads with higher vitamin content. To increase your mental value you will need to do activities like water your garden, play videopoker, complete puzzles etc.
    2. Acquire a food processor and a salad bar. Purchase these items in the food collection store from the shopping panel. Or if you a resident, check the VIP Store, they are currently on sale.
    3. Recycle some flowers and place the food recycling bins on your lot next to the salad processing station.
    4. Select the ‘Make Salad’ interaction on the salad processing station.

    Note: mousing over the salad bar, the salad processing station and the food recycle bins will show you how many servings are available and what the Vitamin Mental, Vitamin Emotional and Vitamin Physical values are on each are.

    Rare Dice

    November 15th, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Some of you started to print rare objects using the printer (dice and salad bars).

    So far not all object have appeared in the world. Most of the dice have, but only one of the rare salad bar has been seen.

    Here are the dice that can be printed:

    Again, to print a rare (only dice and salad bars have rare at this point), you need to scan the regular object (blue dice or regular salad bar), and then when printing from the resulting disk, choose the rare option.

    At the end of the print, the game will randomly select the result, based on the odds of the rares. It might be that you do not get a rare at all. For example with the dice, you have a 50% chance only of getting a rare when you print a rare dice. With the salad bars, you have slightly better odds (above 66%).

    If you do not select the rare option when printing, you are guaranteed that the result of your printing will be the object you selected.

    Good luck with your rares,


    Become a TirNuan Resident - We have some deals for you!

    November 13th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    The Best Deal - If you Become an Official Resident Before January 4, 2010 (changed from December 1st) - you will lock in a monthly stipend at $5.95 and receive 4000 extra TAU each month for free.

    Click here to Buy Now or for more information. Alternatively, look for the Purchase Resident Badge button in-game next to the Buy and Earn TAU buttons.

    For Current Owners of Resident Badges - you are grandfathered in! This means that you are already locked into our best deal which expires December 1st. All badges bought prior to today’s date have a Paid Up Resident status good through December 1, 2009. As well, each badge owner has been given 1000 TAU. To withdraw your TAU and deposit it to your bank account, click on your Resident Badge object and withdraw the funds (works the same as the tip jar). You may go ahead and renew your badges anytime for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months - your expiration date will be appended to the December 1st date.

    Yes, Atlas get stoked, it’s finally here - THE FAMED SALAD BAR! TirNuans don’t have to live on fruit alone they can now enjoy an awesome salad. Look for more food items in the upcoming weeks.

    First, you will need to purchase a salad bar and a salad processing station. They are available in a separate Food Category in the Tirnua Stores on the Shopping panel. You will also need to have some food recycling bins placed on your lot. If you don’t have any food bins you will need to recycle some flowers. Once ready, the ‘Make Salad’ interaction at the salad processing station will get you off and running.

    Your mental value will need to be at least 8 in order to make a salad but you will want a much higher mental to produce salads with higher vitamin content. Mouse over the salad bar, the salad processing station and the food recyle bins to see how many servings are available and what the Vitamin Mental, Vitamin Emotional and Vitamin Physical values on each are. (Note: we discovered a bug whereby the salad bar was not accurately reflecting the correct vitamin values. We are working on a fix for it but for now - leave your lot and re-enter to see the values correctly displayed.)

    Eating salad will boost your EMP values … read the label. Making salads will make you a little smarter like other activities such as completing puzzles and playing liars dice do. Learn more about how vitamins affect your energies from this prior blog posting on Edible Flowers.

    New Scores Added - Carbon Footprint and Energy Mogul. Carbon footprint score - are either on the ‘good side’ or the ‘bad side’. Growing trees will put on the good side while burning wood in the boiler will lean you more towards the bad side. Your Energy score is improved by charging your batteries. All scores are accumulated with the main persona from now on. This is so we track the overall impact. Look for these scores on Score tab.

    VIP Store - this store, owned by the Tirnua Main Persona, is an exclusive store for our residents. Here you will be able to buy special items or specific items at a discount from week to week. This week, purchase the salad bar or salad processing station at a discount. Here you can also take advantage of bulk discounts (buy 10 or more) and get an even better discounted price.

    More in Manufacturing

  • New Larger 3D Scanners and Printers - two larger sizes for each have been added to the Manufacturing Tirnua Store. The larger printers can create the smaller ones.
  • Added print by geometry - this means one disk can print all of the objects with the same geometry. In other words, you red chair could be printed as a blue chair
  • RARE prints: scanning certain items will create rares. This week, scanning the salad bar or the dice will enable you to print rare salad bars or dice like these.
  • Added a confirm dialog on abort.
  • New Popular Search - because you asked, we went ahead and included a popular search for custom clothing stores. Now you can easily find who has the coolest custom clothing in TirNua.

    Don’t forget to grab this great deal now

    Have Fun!
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Tue Fashionistas!

    November 11th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Fashionistas with new outfits again today, Tuesday :D

    Our photographer just took another sweep around TirNua snapping everyone wearing a new outfit that incorporated user created designs. Here are the pics!

    **Tip for all you models: rotate to the side a little before clicking Save Changes when you get into your outfit. That way the poses won’t be so similar in all these pics :)

    MonkeyPantz, Saniel, Gilly, Cutsie, Sami Sim, Avyi

    Tirnua Larry, Qute Pi, FUGLY, Sundance, Shawnee, Lollygirl

    Ariel, MarieDK_4597, Sugar, Raisin, Gertie, Madoria_10725776

    Manssom, Bodil_30090, MRSFUGLY_11170807

    Custom Content Clothing Designs for Sale NOW!

    November 10th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We’ll have a Lot Search for Custom Content in the game soon. For now, here’s a quick look at what some players have out for sale right now!

    Custom Content Designs from Raisin for sale at Age of Aquarius

    Custom Content Designs from Qute Pi for sale at Qute’s Closet

    Custom Content Designs from Cutsie for sale at Cutsie’s Mall

    Custom Content Designs from Tori for sale at Lot 2651-1163

    Custom Content Designs from Cutsie for sale at Cutsie’s Store & Storage

    Custom Content Designs from MarieDK_4597 for sale at MarieDK_4597’s Room

    Custom Content Designs from Madoria_10725776 for sale at Madoria’s Clothes Shop

    Custom Content Designs from Cherry for sale at Cherry Street Boutique

    Custom Content Designs from Avyi for sale at Avyi’s Store

    Custom Content Designs from Manssom for sale at M-Store

    Custom Content Designs from TirNua Dominic for sale at Mac-n-Cheese

    Custom Content Designs from Bear Adams for sale at BA’s Trade Store

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