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November 13th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, Custom Content Walls are Here!
We know some of you have been yearning for these for awhile now!

As a resident, you can create your own custom designed walls just like you can with other custom content items like clothing, floor tiles and photo stencils. Learn how to create your own custom content now.

The custom content walls are not scannable and printable at this time. Please note: if you see a graphic anomaly - rotate your view once and then back again to fix it. We will have this fixed in our next update.

New Larger Capacity Battery
At last, a battery with a larger capacity has arrived. Find the new lithium-ion white battery in the Energy Store. This one has a energy capacity of 6400. Look for more batteries coming in future updates.

Series Version 3 Juice Bars - New Juice Bar Recipes from the TirNua Mixologist

  1. Be the first players to solve each of the new Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle version #3 recipes and receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version. This is version #3.
  2. Note: The recipes will only work on the Series #3 Rare Juice Bars. This means you will need to manufacture or purchase from another player each of the rare juice bars before attempting the recipe puzzles.
  3. To learn more about the Power Up Puzzles read this introductory blog on the rare juice bars.

Gamer - Video Poker Level Badges - earn badges by accumulate scores and reaching various levels from playing Video Poker.

Sleep Interaction added to Flora Bed and to the Rare TirNuan Bed

If you own one of the round beds from the Flora Collection or the Rare TirNuan Bed, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Fixes / Other

  • Facebook Frame - we found two bugs that we fixed. One was with permissions and the other bug was with how the information was stored. We believe there is a 3rd bug with permissions that we are actively chasing.
  • Cats - fixes for neon cats, cats gender being erased, cats not exiting the love shack properly
  • Persona nameplate unequip - no longer removing owner of the nameplate
  • Scoring bug fixes made
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    Volcano Erupts Again! Ash cloud about to darken the skies!

    May 25th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    A new major eruption of the volcano occured in the last hour. Scientists predict that the impact of the new clouds will darken the skies in the next hours and probably will be felt for weeks.

    There is still no way to know exactly when a volcano eruption will occur, but scientists are developing better and better tools to track the ash clouds and evaluate how it will perturbate transportation and agriculture.

    While plants appear to not yet have been affected, it seems certain that as the sun provides less energy on average, there will be diminished growth. The potential acidity of the rain might also impact some of the rivers, and potentially the water tables.

    On the bright side, expect some incredible sunsets for weeks to come. Unlike an oil spill, there is little that can be done to solve the problem. Just hope for high winds which will disperse the clouds more quickly and lessen any local impact.

    TirNua, May 24th 2010, 7am.

    Upcoming simulations in TirNua

    May 20th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Tirnua's first windmill

    I have some exciting changes to the game to announce. They have a broad impact on the scope of the game, and I will describe them in more details in several upcoming blogs.

    When Tirnua started, it seemed that it could be just another flash game. But as the weeks went by, by adding 3D characters, the 3D flowers, the chats, messages, feeds and then the user content, the 3D scanner and printers, the oil fields, the plants, the food, (and I skip many more features) it slowly became one of the richest game that can be played in any browser. And it can still be played for free.

    At this point, it might again seem that TirNua is just a virtual world, with a particularly vibrant player community, very involved in its design. And that would be an over simplification again. As you might have figured out already with observing the evolution of the map in the game, we are adding a new key element, a world simulation. This simulation will impact the game play, and promote TirNua in a new game category as a truly simulated virtual world.

    While there are already virtual worlds, and they appear to run a simulation, they keep things separated. Mostly, one plays by himself, and interacts only occasionaly with the others. We are building TirNua to be a different game, bringing a new genre to the games currently available in the social networks.

    It turns out that solving global warming on earth, is a complex problem. We think of it as a social (political), economical and environmental problem. We chose this subject matter as the core of TirNua to help the players  discover it and experience it, in just a few hours, days or weeks. Using the power of symbolism, we can simplify and contrast better the issues at the core of the real life issues, while providing a fun game and an avatar based social network.

    Later this week, with the weekly publish, you will see carbon footprint management, the wind simulation and our first electricity producing windmill. In several upcoming blogs we will explain them in more details, and how they impact the existing and forthcoming game elements and how you’ll have to work together to make a better world!

    I can only hope to make all of you proud of playing TirNua. You are the pioneers of a new game category, and we want to make sure we all have fun.


    Luc and the TirNua dev team

    TirNua is a virtual world exploring Energy and Global Warming

    March 31st, 2010 by Tirnua Greg Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    TirNua is a virtual world exploring Energy and Global Warming

    • Over the last century the world has become addicted to fossil fuels: low cost energy.
    • The amount of oil and other fossil fuels on the planet is finite and we are likely approaching its peak production yet we are consuming it at an increasing rate.
    • Global warming is destroying the planet, and man’s use of fossil fuels along with other practices, is increasing the pace of the destruction of the planet by producing large amounts of green house gases and destroying plant life which removes these gases.
    • The number of people on the planet has doubled over the last 30 years, and the standard of living around the world is on the rise meaning there is an increasing number people with increasing appetites for energy.

    In other words, we have collectively got ourselves in a bit of a fix and are spiraling downwards rather quickly. We at Tirnua believe these problems are not insurmountable but do require awareness, comprehension, and action.

    So what does the Energy and Global Warming have to do with the virtual world TirNua?

    The TirNua simulation focuses attention on the environmental, social, and economic issues surrounding Energy and Global Warming. Tirnua provides us a fun, social place to play, experiment, exchange ideas, and invent. Of course TirNua is not only about energy and global warming, that would be a lop-sided presentation of the issues, as these the real world problems and their various solutions have repercussions in many aspects of our lives - food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, and more. Thus, TirNua will provide food, shelter, entertainment and more. Expect the decisions (individually and collectively) you make with regard to the energy and environment simulations to effect your food, shelter, and entertainment within TirNua.

    A couple of interesting links from wikipedia:

    Ecological Economics

    Green Economy


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