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Counting down to Christmas - Giveaway!

December 13th, 2015 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Time for our big “Counting down to Christmas” giveaway! :)

Log in every day 13th - 24th of December, and grab yourself some daily gifts!

How do I get the gift?

Just enter the game and check your inventory.

The gift will be changed every day, so you need to make sure to login to get it.

Some days there will be an additional Luxury gift for our residents - this will happen every third day (we have 4 total resident gifts). All the other gifts will be given regardless if you are a resident or a guest.

So, to find the gift:
- go to your lot
- open your inventory
- drag the gift to the lot
- open it and see what you got!

Chance to get some goodies

When you open your gift, you get a random item - each gift can contain one of 4 different items.
There are often a few decoration items, some tau, and a grand prize item that is better than the others. Which one you’re getting depends on your luck. You can even get some premium items! As a rule of thumb, the gifts tend to get better and better the closer we get to Christmas… :)

Try your luck!

Each gift will be available for 24 hours starting after midnight Pacific time (US). Allow some minor fluctuations as we will be changing it manually.

Have fun and good luck! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

Party time!

October 31st, 2015 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Help us test a new game feature on Sunday!

A mystery new object will be released, and we are throwing a party ingame to let you try it out. All you need to do is get in the game on Sunday 1 November at 6 pm Central time, and come to The Party Room.
(Max 16 people can get in at a time.)

A blog post will be published during the party, revealing the object. You can read about it and try the object, voice your opinions and suggestions, and just generally have a good time in game.

Please help spread the word! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

Valentine’s contest Winners!

March 2nd, 2014 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Here are the winners of the Valentine’s Day contest - in no particular order! Thank you everyone who participated!

We loved seeing all the fabulous entries and we hope you enjoyed the competition. :)

Cherry… with Cherry’s room 856

Simone … with her lot 1865

Emily … with Emily’s Rainbow garden

Auntie Social… with Flowers R Us

Sami … with Lot of Love Cafe


The trophies are being distributed to the lucky winners. There are no losers in this competition. Even if you didn’t make the top 5 this time and get the gold, you will still get the silver trophy.

Thank you everyone for participating! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

Valentine’s Deco Contest

February 13th, 2014 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

As you guessed from yesterday’s blog post, it’s time to start decorating for Valentine’s Day!

All you need to do to enter this contest, is to decorate a lot in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, take a snapshot of it and post the picture on our Facebook page.

The prizes are the Gold and Silver heart trophies!

Everyone who participates in the contest, will get the Silver trophy - unless you are one of the five lucky winners who get the Gold one!

What do I need to do?

  • Decorate a lot in the spirit of Valentine’s Day
  • Take a screenshot of it
  • Post the picture on our Facebook page
  • Include the name of the lot (or a link to visit it) so we know who the picture is from and can go look!
  • How are the winners picked?

    We will count the number of “Likes” your pictures get. The 10 pictures with the most likes on February 21st, 2014 will be in the running to win.

    Out of those 10, the team will pick out the final 5 winners.

    You do not have to be a TirNua player in order to vote. You can share your favorite pictures and invite your friends to vote. It helps spread the word about the game and you can get more votes from doing it too, of course.


    What does it mean that the lot should be decorated in the spirit of Valentine’s day?

    - It should show that it’s a Valentine’s day lot. Use some Valentine’s day objects or in some other way bring Valentine’s day to mind. You can use custom walls and floors if you like - you can use any size lot. You can take a picture of the whole lot or just a part of it.

    What if I’m unable to post the picture myself?

    - It’s okay to ask a friend to post it for you.

    How many pictures can I post?

    - Only one picture per person.
    - You are not allowed to use alt personas or accounts to participate more than once.

    Can I work together with a friend?

    - Theoretically you can work together, but only one of you can win the prize. If nothing else is stated the prize will go to the lot owner.

    How do I take a screenshot?

    - See

    Where do I post it?

    - Post on

    When do I have to post it, and when are the votes tallied?

    - Voting can start as soon as you add the picture
    - We will check the votes close to midnight of 21 February 2014, no more votes will be counted, and the work to determine the final five winners will begin.

    For general rules that apply to all our contests see the contest information in the help section. We can change or amend these rules if we find there is a need to do so.

    Good luck - have fun! :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    12 Days of Giveaways

    December 13th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    It’s that time of year again - Santa’s little elves have been wrapping presents for everyone.

    This year’s Christmas event is the 12 Days of Giveaways!

    12 Days of Giveaways

    When logging into the game between the 13th and the 24th december, you have a chance to get surprise Christmas gifts.

    When you open the gift, the item inside will be randomized. If you are lucky you could even bag yourself some premium objects!

    Log in every day for the 12 days before Christmas to collect your gifts!

    Each gift will contain money (tau). They also contain a random item. It can be

    • A common gift
    • A more valuable gift
    • A premium gift

    It all depends on your luck.

    Residents can find extra gifts!

    For our residents we have a special treat. In addition to the other gifts, every now and then we will include another special gift that goes only to our residents. Those will not be given every day but only once in a while. You will notice when a resident gift has been included to your daily “loot”.


    You will have at least until midnight pst to pick up your gift before it expires, and the next one will be added manually during the night, 3 am pst or sooner. You must log out and log back in, if you were already ingame.

    How do I find my gift?

    1. Log into the game

    2. You should have a blinking mail icon saying you got a gift

    3. Go to your room and open your inventory

    Finding your gift in inventory

    4. Find the gift inside - it’s under the “gift” icon

    The gift in inventory

    5. Pull it out and open it

    Click Open

    6. Wohoo! Have you been naughty or nice? :)


    Happy holidays! :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    Earth Hour Competition Winners

    April 1st, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We had a drawing among all the 98 people who obtained the Earth Hour globe last weekend!

    The winners are:

    10 Green Pieces - Erin_22234741

    25 Green Pieces - Bünyamin_70505207

    50 Green Pieces - Blaze!

    Congratulations! The winners have already received their prizes and will be notified of the win. Thanks for participating everyone - keep an eye out for more contests and events.

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo Team

    Happy Earth Hour!

    March 24th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    TirNua is turning off the lights for Earth Hour - are you? :)

    We will have a celebration for this weekend and give away some special objects. We will also have a GP giveaway that you can read about further down this blog post.

    And of course, we will have this… :)

    If you’re curious about what Earth Hour is - you can read more about it on

    TirNua has honored Earth Hour in the past as well - here are some images from the past from this celebration. Who knew so much fun could happen in the dark? ;)

    What time do we turn out the lights in TirNua this year?

    Earth Hour is celebrated around the globe, always at 8.30 pm your local time on Saturday, March 23. This manifestation can even be seen from space. The lights will be turning off around the world in a giant wave that travels all the way around the globe.

    You can still use computers and other equipment, this isn’t to conserve energy, it is to raise awareness. Sitting in darkness or candle light for one hour is a powerful way to say you want to be part of a change in the world.

    In TirNua we obviously can’t turn off the lights for 24 hours straight - so we will be turning them off at 8.30 pm pacific time (US) as the game is based in California. Try to be online that time, gather up with your friends, and be a part of making TirNua history for another year!

    If you want to check when this is in your time zone, a timezone converter can be found here.

    Special Earth Hour object as a login gift

    Of course, we have to celebrate Earth Hour in a magnificent way!

    Everyone who logs into TirNua during this weekend, gets a special Earth Hour Globe that shows you were part of the celebration this year. We hope this globe will be a conversation piece in the game, raise more awareness for Earth Hour and the need for us all to do our part to help fight global warming.

    The globe has a dark area that travels around the globe just like the lights can be seen turning off at 8.30 pm in everyone’s local timezone, and lights that go out when the dark area reaches them, and come back on when the “hour” has passed.

    The globe will be given to you when you log in, from Saturday 23 March at roughly noon pacific to (at least) Sunday 24 March at midnight pacific.

    I will IF you will - here is our pledge!

    The special thing with Earth Hour this year is the pledge - “I willl IF you will”. So here’s TirNua’s pledge.

    The Earth Hour Globe is your lottery ticket. Only people who have the globe are eligible to win. Accounts from the same player will be filtered out.

    The TirNua team will draw the winner/winners randomly and present them on the blog during next week.

    Note that this is a tiered pledge.
    If we get 10 players, 10 GP will be given out to one random person that has the globe.
    If we get 25 players, one person will win the 10 GP and one person will win the 25 GP.
    If we get 100 or more players, one person will win the 10 GP and one person will win the 25 GP - and one person will win the 100 GP!

    So invite your friends to all play TirNua this weekend and YOU could be the lucky winner of 100 Green Pieces to use on any premium content you want in the game!

    Easy way to announce this to your friends

    When you log in and obtain your Earth Hour Globe, there will be a feed sent to your Persona Web / Feeds page. Click on the Facebook link on the feed and send it to your Facebook wall. Your friends can see this on your feed and come help boost the numbers and also have a chance to win the jackpot.

    If you want to send this, click on the link that says Facebook (on your own Persona web after receiving the globe). For every friend that joins we have a bigger chance to get the Jackpot up to 100 GP!

    You can also create your own wall post on Facebook, G+, Twitter etc or simply invite people personally.

    Note: If you start doing a lot of other tasks in the game, the feed can get pushed away from your Feeds wall. It’s a good idea to look there as soon as you log in.

    Re-forest TirNua!

    We put orange, banana and apple tree seeds in the VIP store with a 20% discount on the seeds! Now is the time to grow those trees! Remember, every day a tree is alive on a lot it helps clean the environment.

    Happy Earth Hour everyone!

    Will you turn out the lights in real life too? Sound off in the comments! :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    Hints for the Pots of Gold

    March 17th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    In this blog post we will add all the hints as they come in, for our Pots of Gold event. The hints will also be posted on Facebook.

    Remember: The first person who contacts support with the right lot name, will be awarded the pot of gold on that lot. You can only win once per person and can’t use alt personas to win again. See the full blog post for rules. Good luck! :)

    Hint for Pot #1

    The first pot is hidden in a place where fires are reflected in glittering water. When you are on this lot, you might get the feeling that someone is watching you… For a chance to win our first huge pot of gold, click yourself in the game to contact support and let us know you found it!

    Sika was the first one to contact support about this one at the Sunken Shrine - just moments before Annie Parks, Skyler and Erik! Congratulations Sika!

    Hint for Pot #2

    Here is the clue to find the second Huge pot of Gold the leprechauns have hidden in the game! Look for a Coastal Water (Wooden deck) lot that has bad water. When water is polluted in TirNua that’s visible on the map and has a special symbol. Click in that map cell and go check out those lots…

    Fugly found this one at the lot named Fish Oil, just a few seconds ahead of Mandi K! Congratulations! :)

    Hint for Pot #3

    Here is the clue to finding the third Huge Pot of Gold in the game!
    Some ruthless lumberjacks chopped down trees to build a cabin right in the Protected Rainforest, without any concern for the environment. They wanted a nice elevated place so they could look out over the forest. This lot is on a hill with 580 m elevation.

    Congratulations Justin for finding this pot at the Lumber Yard! There were lots of people chasing after him, but the Protected Rainforest had many people confused!

    Hint for Pot #4

    Have you been waiting for a new hint to find the Pots of Gold in the game? Here it is! The fourth Pot of Gold is hidden in an old abandoned pet shop on the beach. To find it, try searching in the map search window. Remember to contact us by clicking on your persona as soon as you find it!

    Mandi K found this almost immediately at Furry Paws Pet Store! Well done! :)


    For the grand finale of our Pots of Gold treasure hunt, we gave you hints to 4 different locations. Some of these were pretty hard so you got all of them at the same time.

    Now that these have all been found, that marks the end of the Pots of Gold event.

    Hint for pot #5

    The pot of gold is as far up as you can get on the TirNua map. The lot where the leprechauns left the pot of gold is known for its rare and unusual objects.

    This one was found by Simone! It was at the Artistary, the museum of rare objects.

    Hint for pot #6

    To find this pot of gold you need to do some old fashioned legwork. This pot of gold is on a lot somewhere in the Oil Plains.
    To find this
    - Find the Oil Plains on the map
    - Start clicking in the map cells in that area to see and go to the lots

    This one was found by Divine Mama and was at the Cat Farm in Oil Plains! Well done!

    Hint for pot #7

    You can find this pot of gold by going to one of the previous locations - where someone already found a pot of gold - and stepping on the goto arrow on the ground!

    This one was found by Nalle! He stepped on the goto arrow from The Lumber Yard. Catherine almost beat him to it and it was very close.

    Hint for pot #8

    There is a secret zone on the map. The pot of gold is in this secret zone.

    This one was found by Avyi! The secret zone can be seen if you go to map view, turn on the Economy filter with the dollar sign, and search the map. The secret zone is next to a small island to the right of the map. Well done Avyi - that was a really tricky one!

    These are the final pots of gold that could be found for this event. We hope everyone has enjoyed the event. Congratulations to all our winners!
    Thanks for playing :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo Team

    Find The Hidden Pots Of Gold!

    March 17th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    This weekend is St Patrick’s day. We are dedicating this update to the celebration. :)

    The leprechauns have hidden some huge pots of gold somewhere in the TirNua world!

    The pots of gold are super rare, stuffed full of tau, beautifully animated and double as tip jars!

    Over the course of 3 days we will be giving hints that will help you find the pots. One pot at a time will be revealed, and the first person who contacts support with the right answer, will be given that pot.

    So you will have to be quick!
    Catch the hint as fast as you can - figure it out - and click yourself and “Contact TirNua” with the right answer. There can be only one winner of each of the pots.

    Note that you can only participate once. If you have already received one, you can’t get another one on any of your personas. See additional rules that apply to all our contests under Help / Support Contact Info.

    FACTS about the Huge pots of gold

    • Extremely rare - there are very few Huge Pots of Gold in TirNua
    • Big (2×2 tiles)
    • Beautifully animated with sparkling gold coins
    • Work like tip jars
    • Full of tau, different amount for different pots (1,000 - 5,000 tau)
    • Tradeable and sellable

    When and how will we give the hints?

    We want as many people as possible to be able to participate, regardless of your time zone, so the pots will be revealed slowly over the course of Saturday, Sunday and Monday until all of them have found new owners.

    The hints will be given on Facebook and on the Blog. We will also broadcast a system message when there is a new hint.

    Follow our Facebook page and get notifications about new hints:

    1. Go to
    2. Click Like
    3. Hover your mouse over the Like-button
    4. Click Get notifications

    This way you get a notification every time we post a new hint, and can quickly get into the game to find the pot.

    If you want to click “SHARE” on the hints, that would also be great as it would help more people find the game, and maybe get old players to reconnect with us. Commenting and interacting with the posts is great too and grows the reach our game has on Facebook.

    The first hint will be given later today… Get ready! :)

    Small Pot of Gold purchasable in the store

    There are two versions of the pots. The big one is super rare and can only be found in the world, but the small one is for sale in the TirNua store!

    This smaller version is 1×1 tiles, beautifully animated and also doubles as a tip jar. You will get the purchase price of it back in tau - it is filled with 6,000 tau, that is almost 20% more tau than you would get if you purchased tau for the same GP amount. The Pot of Gold can be traded, sold, displayed as a special object or used as a tip jar on your lot. There is no limit to how many pots you can buy for yourself or for your friends.

    This is a LIMITED TIME offer, valid until the end of March 2013.

    Luck of the Irish poker machines are 20% off

    For St Patrick’s day we also have the video poker machine “Luck of the Irish” on sale in the VIP store. They are 20% off right now for all our residents! Make your own casino in the Strip and start working on those video poker badges together with your friends.

    Increased payouts on the Strip for St Patrick’s day

    If you have a casino placed on the Strip - TirNua’s gaming zone - you’re in luck. For the St Patrick’s day weekend we have increased the chances to win when you’re playing video poker on the strip to +30% (normally the odds are +10% on the Strip)!

    Strawberry Prices are Soaring

    That takes care of our adventurer types who want to search for the pot of gold, and our gamblers! The celebration continues for our farmers!

    For the next week (from now to Friday at midnight pst) you will be able to sell strawberries to the Farmer’s market for 3 times the normal payout. Check out the Strawberry cart at the market and get to planting those berries! Strawberries are a good way to quite easily get a regular income in the game, grow the plants to maturity and you will have ripe strawberries in a few days time if you keep them watered.

    Click -> here <- to jump into the game and go to the Market and sell your berries!

    Keep checking the blog and Facebook page

    The first hint to find a pot of gold will be given soon!
    Happy St Patrick’s day everyone and good luck searching for the leprechaun gold! :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    Mini Deco Contest Highlights!

    February 3rd, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Thank you for all the great entries in the mini deco contest!

    The contestants have received their prizes and we are showing you just a few of them! We picked these three as we thought they were an especially creative use of the small space, and they also look awesome. Well done everyone! :)

    Lord Crisis: Crisis Acres

    Trystan: Lovely Day For A Picnic

    Annie Parks: Annie’s First Party

    It was extremely difficult to pick these and there are so many more that should have been here - please go over to our Facebook page at and have a look at all the other fantastic entries!

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo Team

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