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Bird Droppings

November 6th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Scare Crow and Bird Bath

Are you tired of oiled birds constantly dropping on your lot? Well, now there is a way to limit the chances of them landing there…just by putting out a Scarecrow on your lot. Alternatively, if you would like to increase your chances of more oiled birds coming your way…place a Bird Bath on your lot to attract them. Both items can be found for purchase in the TirNua Wildlife Preservation Store.

A Toyger Kitten
Adapt and nurture a Toyger Kitten. Yes, there is such a thing! The Toyger Kitten is available for adoption in the VIP store.

Sleep Interaction added to some Aqua and Fuego Beds

If you own one of these beds from the Fuego Collection, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Gamer - Breeding Level Badges - earn badges by breeding cats and accumulating points. Various levels will earn these Gamer Badges.

Fixes / Other

  • Breed name added to the cat definition in the Persona Web
  • Puzzle Zone - no oiled birds will land in the puzzle zone, thus the Scarecrow and Bird Feeder will have no effect there
  • Guided Tour lots - no oiled birds will land on these lots anymore
  • Name plates no longer have an unequip interaction on them
  • Fix overwriting of cat persona data in the Persona Web when taking a persona snapshot of cats
  • The Halloween cat bed that was gifted with the Halloween Quest is working now
  • Non-tradeable/giftable/sellable objects will not be traded with the sale of a lot. These items will go back to their original owner.
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    It’s Smoothie Time!

    September 18th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    At last, the fruit you have been storing up in your Food Processor and Refrigerators has a use! With the new Juice Bar (which is a sneak peek actually), you can mix up your own nutritional fruit smoothies and sell them to others. Currently, you have 5 smoothie recipes to make. Here are the recipes:

    1. Orange Juice: orange
    2. Apple Juice: apple
    3. Strawberry: strawberry
    4. Strawberry-Banana Juice: banana, strawberry
    5. Suicide: coffee, purple orange, red orange, blue orange, corn, strawberry

    Each recipe has a different nutritional value that will boost up EMP energies. Mousing over the Juice Bar will provide you with a tooltip of the contents in the Juice Bar and how much nutrition is in each drink. To use the Juice Bar, you will need to hook it up to a battery and have already prepared fruit stored in a Food Processor Station or in a Refrigerator.

    The fruit must be processed before it can be added to the Juice Bar. To process the fruit, you will need to have fruit in crates accessible on your lot and a Food Processor Station (the fancy hutch preparation station found in the food store). Once the processing station or refrigerator has fruit stored in it all you need to do is add it to the Juice Bar. Coffee: is the only commodity that can be added directly to the Juice Bar. In this case, all you need is a coffee depot with coffee cans close by.

    Things to note (since this a sneak peek):

    1. The pricing is hard coded for now at 10 TAU per drink
    2. The better the EMP values are if your Juice Bar is located in the Kitchen Zone
    3. The better the EMP values are the higher the juice maker’s Mv is
    4. The Juice Bar is not scannable yet

    Give your Cat a Name Just like buying persona name plates you can purchase a unique name for your cat. To do this, go to the shopping panel and select the ‘TirNua Names’ link. Under the search results, select ‘Persona Names’. You will be presented with a dialog box whereby you can search on the availability of a name. If the name is available you can purchase it for a 6 or 12 month lease.

    Note: you will need to purchase a “persona” name plate and have the name before you can change the cat’s name. If you don’t have any name plates available to be applied, nothing happens when you click on the cat and click “Change Name”.


    1. Cat routing and sleeping issues
    2. Name plate purchase no longer requires a re-log in to see them
    3. Basic Social Badge
    4. Refrigerators and Food Processing Station only respond to retrieve if they have the commodity in storage

    Residents - don’t forget to check the VIP store. Have fun drinking smoothies!

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Carbon Footprint, TirNua and You!

    May 29th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    A persona’s Carbon Footprint (CFP) is a measure of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by one’s actions and lifestyle. Everything you do such as purchasing products, growing plants, recycling, burning fossil fuels and using energy will have a direct or an indirect impact in accelerating climate change. The choices you make will either help curb or adversely impact global warming. Our game will give you direct feedback on what effect you are having on our environment.

    Every object you own has a Base CFP which is a result of the GHGs emitted in the production of that object. That includes everything from the mining of the raw materials, the generation of the energy used, to the transportation to bring that product to market. An object purchased from the TirNua store will have a much higher CFP than one created with recycled materials via the 3D Printer. Recycling an object will result in commodities that have only a portion of the CFP from the original object.

    As well as a Base CFP, many objects also have an Accumulated CFP. This is a measure of the GHGs emitted or absorbed through the use of this object. For example, whenever you burn something in a boiler, the boiler’s Accumulated CFP will go up. How much it goes up will depend on what you burn.

    Oil, for example, will put much more GHGs into the atmosphere than bio-fuel or wood. Growing plants on the other hand will absorb GHGs from the atmosphere resulting in their Accumulated CFP values going down.

    Using fertilizer though will raise that value. Also note that every day that you have live plants on a lot, they will absorb more GHGs. Owning trash and toxic bins though will regularly emit small amounts of GHGs.

    All energy has an associated CFP and any object that uses that energy will accumulate the CFP of the energy they use. When you generate electricity, the way you generate it will determine the CFP of that energy. Using a treadmill will generate perfectly clean energy with a CFP of 0. Using a boiler will generate dirty energy with a high CFP although the amount of CFP is dependent on the type of fuel being burnt in the boiler.

    Here is an example of how CFP flows through the entire energy production cycle.

    I grow 2 corn plants, one using fertilizer, one without. Because I fertilized one, the CFP of that plant is not as good as the other. I recycle those corn plants into fiber which I then use to generate bio-fuel. The bio-fuel generated from the fertilized plant will have a higher CFP than the other. If I burn each of those bio-fuels in the boiler to generate energy into 2 different batteries then one will have a higher CFP than the other. Also, the boiler will accumulate more CFP as result of burning the higher CFP fiber. All this CFP will go into my personal CFP score.

    A Persona’s CFP score is the sum of the Base CFP and the Accumulated CFP of all the objects that they own as well as any personal CFP they have accumulated from objects they have gotten rid of. The Base CFP of an object stays with an object but the Accumulated CFP stays with the Persona. So if you give an object to someone else they will always receive it with a zero Accumulated CFP but it will always have the Base CFP. The Accumulated CFP is added into the Persona’s personal CFP.

    As of today, everyone’s CFP Score will be calculated using this new system. Please note that any objects purchased prior to a few weeks ago have a Base CFP of zero. We did this to try to alleviate the impact on your Score but do expect some changes in your score as a result of this new system. All your actions and purchases have been contributing to your new CFP Score. And don’t forget, the decisions you make and the actions you take will affect all of TirNua.

    So, how Green can you be?

    Earth Day in TirNua

    April 23rd, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Earth Day provides an opportunity to advocate climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs, and a chance to make personal commitments to sustainability. We here at TirNua are on a mission to create a green economy. To help move us toward this goal we are pleased to provide you with the following clean environmental activities that come with special benefits this Earth Day.

  • Grow a Maple Tree - everyone who logs into TirNua over the next few days will receive a Free Maple Tree. You will receive one for each persona you have but you will need to switch personas and re-login to receive the items. A seed bag with one seed inside and a plot of ground to grow it on will be placed in your inventory. Because this is a special event, if the tree is planted by this Sunday, it will grow super fast in under 10 hours!

    These same Maple Trees will be in stores soon, but will take much longer than one day to grow. A very cool thing about the new maple tree is that even though you need a large area to grow the tree in, you will be able to place objects like the waterwell or a bench under the tree. This is awesome! Please note: you need a garden plot to grow the maple tree on and when you move it to your lot from your inventory, you will need to place it on a garden plot too.

  • Recycling - have you been wanting to cleanup your lot or your inventory? Well now is the perfect time to do so. For the next few days only, when you recycle any item you might receiveĀ a percentageĀ of the purchase price in TAU. Or, when you take your trash to a recycling machine, the payouts will be better than ever!
  • A New Badge - earn a special Earth Day badge when you fully grow the special maple tree and recycle at least one item. This badge is a Mini-Globe! This year is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, and since the traditional 40th anniversary gift is a ruby, it has a dazzling floating ruby on top. You must do both activities to receive this special badge
  • Treadmills & Biofuel - our green technologies, the treadmills and biofuel generators will have much higher energy payouts during this exclusive event.
  • Don’t forget, these are exclusive specials available for only a couple of days. Don’t wait, log in and take action now!

    What is my Carbon Footprint? From your feedback we have started iterating the Carbon Footprint Game. This week we have not actually changed the carbon footprint calculation rather we are showing some new data that will be used in the future.

    Every object and every persona in TirNUa will have a carbon footprint. All objects start out with a ‘base’ carbon footprint and then overtime ‘accumulate’ more carbon. With this release when in recycle mode, you will see two measurements in the tooltip when mousing over an object. Your accumulated carbon footprint measurement will move towards the ‘good side’ for doing activities like planting trees while it will move towards the ‘bad side’ when doing things such as running the boiler.

    Over the next few weeks we will releasing more features and information on just how this is going to work.

    More Map changes - another pass on the new World Map is in. The most interesting aspect of this rendition is that a new layer has been added to show where people have their lots and where the recently opened lots are. Hex based map cells have been added too and the zones follow these hex cells. Details about each cell are available as well.

    Other Stuff & Fixes

  • The Black Refrigerator - you may have wondered what happened to a black refrigerator on your lot recently. Well, it was inadvertently replaced with a gold one in our last publication. The black refrigerator is back now and since some of you liked the gold version we have added it as a new object along with a copper colored one. These are available in the appliance store.
  • Non roommates can now groom any other player’s trees.
  • Fiber is working in the Biofuel Plant G2.
  • Batteries can be drag-n-dropped into the harness.
  • Help dialogs are fixed and showing up for feedback to player when doing activities
  • As always, don’t forget to check the VIP Store for the4 deals of the week!

    Let’s take action this Earth Day!
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Bears, Oh My!

    March 19th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Male, Female or Bear - which will it be? New Gender in TirNua is a Bear!

    To be a Bear, you will need to create a new persona. Currently, each Guest Account is given 1 free persona and Resident Accounts are given up to 3 personas. Once you have 3 personas you will keep them regardless of your resident status.

    To create another persona you will need to go to the Manage Account settings:

    1. To do so, go to the bottom of the page beneath the game application and click on the ‘Manage Account’ link.
    2. At the bottom of the manage account page is the ability to ‘Add Persona’. Choose your gender selection, give your persona a name (this is a default free name) and select ‘Create Persona’.
    3. To make your new persona your default persona, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that you are already on and select the new persona as your default persona.
    4. To switch between personas use the ‘My Stuff’ tab and the ‘Preferences’ sub-tab

    Introducing Achievement Badges - earn these fun badges when making certain achievements in these two categories: Green Thumb and Energy. See how many you can collect. More categories will be introduced in upcoming weeks.

    The Persona Web will display all of the Achievement Badges available for each category. As you earn each one, it will no longer be grayed out.

    Clicking on any badge will display the information you need to know in order to earn that particular badge.

    Clyde’s Miniature Mobile Boilers - a combo object of the boiler and steam engine rolled into one. They are compact and mobile — useful when a bit of kinetic energy is needed in a tight spot.

    These Miniature Mobile Boilers are not as efficient as the larger boiler and steam engine.

    Move Or Buy A Lot From The World Map

    Double-clicking a location on the World Map now offers two options:

    You can Move an existing Lot

    Or you can Buy a new Lot

    Moving An Existing Lot

    1. If you select Move Lot, you then choose one of your Lots to move.
    2. Note that TirNua Moving Truck is required to move your Lot.
    3. If you do not own a Tirnua Moving Truck when you click the Move button, you can optionally purchase one from TirNua.
    4. Note that you can probably find a Tirnua Moving Truck at a discount price at a Player Store, located in the Shopping panel.

    Buying A New Lot

    If you select Buy Lot, you then choose the Size and Lease Duration for your new Lot.

    The Zone and Background are already set by the location that you double-clicked on the World Map.

    Updated Kitchen Cabinet Units

    When we updated the sinks to add running water last week we did not realize that, due to lighting changes we made in the game a while back, the other coordinating units no longer matched. This forced us to take a pass on all of them and henceforth, we have better looking kitchen units now. Look for more kitchen environment changes coming your way soon.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    TirNuans are Buzzing around with their Java

    March 12th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Brew, Drink and Sell Cups of Coffee
    Increase your Mental and Physical Values with every cup you down.

    What you will need:

  • Coffee Stand
  • Can of Coffee (Derived by roasting coffee beans)
  • Battery
  • Battery 5-in-1 charger
  • Sink (bathroom or kitchen)
  • How to use:

    1. Connect the battery to the Coffee Stand on the side with the electrical symbol
    2. Load the coffee by selecting ‘Load Ingredients’ from the menu and then select Coffee Cans from the pop-up
    3. Add water by selecting ‘Load Ingredients’ from the menu and then select Water from the pop-up
    4. Select ‘Brew Coffee’

    Other Interactions and things to know:

    1. Set Fee - use this interaction to set the price for a cup of coffee
    2. Check Status - use this interaction to check status on electric connections and materials stored in the coffee maker
    3. The coffee maker holds 3 cans of coffee and 3 pitchers of water
    4. One can of coffee makes about 30 cups and 1 pitcher of water makes about 16 cups of coffee

    FEATURE FOR FUGLY - well, we had to do this one. You can now opt to NOT receive emails for in-game messages you receive. We will miss the emails from FUGLY about this. To do this toggle the setting under the ‘My Stuff’ tab and ‘Preferences’ sub-tab.

    Customize your Facebook Feeds
    Select the snapshot you want for your facebook feeds. Edit your feeds before posting them. Add your own personal comments to the feed.

    Compliment facebook feed option on flowers, totem and rares such as the treadmills, salad processors and salad bars.

    Lot Snapshot Enhancements - create better snapshots of your lot by removing the background from the picture. Share your lot images on facebook or Twitter.

    To do this, select the camera icon from UI panel. Adjust the region and resize the image by using any of the four corners or drag the mouse in the image frame to pan to another area. Toggle the ‘Show Background’ check box to turn off the background. When the picture is ready to be taken, select the ‘Set Lot Thumbnail’ button. Select to share the photo on facebook or Twitter and customize it with a personal statement.

    St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th

    Check out the Holidays Store.

    We have reduced the price on our existing St. Patrick holiday collection: the Green Top Hats, shamrock rug and flora shamrock floor tile and we added two new items for you delight: Irish Green Beer and a Leprechaun Statue.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Chat permissions - set private chat permissions. This setting controls who is allowed to contact you via private chat. It is per account, so it applies to all your Personas.

    The settings are:

    1. Everyone: Allow anyone to contact me via private chat.
    2. Residents: Only allow Residents and Friends to contact me via private chat.
    3. Friends: Only allow Friends to contact me via private chat.
    4. Nobody: Do not allow anyone to contact me via private chat.

    Find the permissions setting under the ‘My Stuff’ tab and ‘Preferences’ sub-tab. The swear filter has been turned on too!

    Drop In - personas drop in from the sky.

    Help Panel FAQs: FAQ: How to - to describe how to do something and
    FAQ: Objects - to describe how to use the various objects in TirNua. Please use these to assist new players with their questions. Find one that is missing something? Send a re-write.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Print Custom Content Floor Tiles with a Kiln

    December 19th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    You can now create your very own Custom Floor Tiles by Firing them in a Kiln!

    Here’s how to use it:

    1. The first step is to create some Custom Floor Tiles using the Custom Content panel under the Shopping & Gifts Panel. You will need to purchase at least one stack of tiles.
    2. You will then need to create a DVD that contains the patterns for that tile. To do that drag your stack of tiles into the center of a 3D Scanner and scan them - note that in order to drag the stack you need to hold down the CTRL and ALT key while you drag the stack from your inventory. Don’t forget that the 3D Scanner will destroy the item it is scanning so best to use a stack with only 1 tile left in it so you don’t waste any. Also note that you can only scan Custom Floor Tiles which you are the author of.
    3. Once you have the DVD you can then load it into a DVD Player hooked up to the Kiln as in the following example.
    4. Floor tiles require a mix of glass, plastic, and soil in order to be created. Select “Load Materials” from the Kiln’s Action Menu and load the required materials. Note that the appropriate recycle bins need to be present on the lot.
    5. Once your DVD player is connected with a DVD loaded, and your battery harness is connected with a charged battery loaded, and your materials are loaded, you can then “Start Firing” your Custom Floor Tiles. When the firing is complete it will put the newly created stack of Custom Floor Tiles into your inventory. With one DVD you will be able to create 10 stacks of Custom Floor Tiles.

    More UI Tab Consolidation - New Tab called ‘My Stuff’. This tab contains information all about you. In this panel you can view your Friend’s Feeds, Friend Requests, Messages, Quest tips, High Score Rankings, and Private Info such as your bank account data. This tab will blink If you get a new Message in game, or if you receive a new Quest.

    Unisex Santa Hat Added to the Holiday Clothing Collection - now your Santa outfit is complete! Find it in the Holiday Collection on the Shopping & Gift Store Panel.

    Introducing Beta Version of the Recycling Station

    Convert your trash into other commodities except for food. A little bit of trash will be converted every 30 seconds, however, it can often just go back to trash. Your Mental value (Mv) will go down and your Mental capacity (Mc) will go up while doing this work. Occasionally, you might get lucky and find TAU while recycling the trash. Your chances of getting lucky improve as your Mc increases.

    This is an early release of this feature. In debugging, we noticed that when two players are selecting different interactions, you might find yourself in a strange state. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and clear out the action queue. Use at your own risk in other words!

    Here’s how to use it:

    1. Connect a battery source. The recycle station requires a little bit of electricity per cycle.
    2. Place trash recycling bin in front of the conveyor belt
    3. Select the ‘Retrieve Trash’ interaction on the Recycle Station. Do this quite a few times, it can hold up to 20 trash bags
    4. Select ‘Sort Trash’ to start the process of separating the trash. This takes awhile. Mousing over the Recycle Station will show you the status of the components being produced
    5. Once you have whole units of components produced, select ‘Extract Components’ to extract the units of components (wood, soil, etc.). You will see these put into your bins on your lot if you have them or put into your inventory. Partial units will stay in the Recycle Station until you recycle enough to make 1 full unit.
    6. Selet Stop at any time to stop the sorting

    Don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week!

    Happy Days & Happy Holidays,
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Grow Flowers, Go for a Picnic, Adorn Yourself with Uncle Sam Shirts & Top Hats or Canadian Shirts in Celebration of Independence day!

    July 4th, 2009 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We now have flowers that you can grow! Purchase a pre-planted flower pot in the Plants Store and don’t forget you will also require a water well in order to water your flowers.

    When you first purchase a flower it will start out in a dormant state. A flower can remain in the dormant state indefinitely. Just add water to get it started.

    Once you’ve watered it the first time you will need to continue watering it on the specified schedule or it will die. Check Vitals to see the recommended watering schedule. Once the flower is full grown you can keep it alive forever as long as you continue to water it. Note that the watering times for a full grown flower may be different than that for a growing flower.

    A full grown flower can be harvested which will potentially produce another bulb. The chances of success are dependent on several factors: the flower’s fertility, how well you have taken care of your flower and on whether there is another full grown flower around to have pollinated it. Once harvested a flower returns to it’s dormant state as long as it still has some lives remaining, otherwise it dies. You can see how many lives a flower has left in the Check Vitals dialog.

    Our first batch of flowers are particularly fertile and robust so you should have no problems creating a beautiful garden. Happy Gardening!

    For the Red, White and Blue! For those of us in the USA celebrating Independence Day, we bring to you our 4th of July collection. Look for Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables, a Keg Barrel and a Large Burger to help you celebrate the holiday.

    All items can be found in the gift store or look for the grills, barrel, table with red checkered tablecloth and burger in the Decoration Store on the Shopping Panel and find the picnic tables in the Flora Collection under the Seatings tab. You’ll probably want to adorn yourself with Bruce Springsteen like t-shirts and Uncle Sam top-hats before heading out to the picnic! You will find these in the clothing stores for both genders.

    We didn’t forget our neighbors either (thanks to Larry) — so in honor of Canada’s Independence Day on July 1st - we bring you a Canadian T-Shirts too!

    And, because we know you all love the wings and the feeling of freedom …we have more wings for you in different colors and smaller sizes as well as a peacock feathers. These are unisex too! Find them in the clothing stores for each gender.

    New In-game Decoration Store Lot. To find the Tirnua Store Lots on the map, select Tirnua Lots from Popular Searches on the World Map.

    New Background for the week - Joelle’s latest creation — the Deep Sea Lot

    More Gifting Options - Gifting available from within Player Stores (these are store lots created by the players with a business license). To search for Player Stores, click on the link under Popular Searches on the Shopping Panel. To send a gift, look for the new “Send As Gift To…” button which allows you to send the contents of your shopping basket to any persona in-game.

    Game application translations - we have made more progress toward making our application available in other languages. The French translation has been given another pass and we have a first pass on the Spanish translation now. We are working on the generic scheme to give anyone interested in helping us a convenient way to get other languages included. For those interested, there is an informal wiki page on which to report obvious problems you notice in this prepping stage.

    We Wish you Happy Gardening and Independence Day!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Job Posting - Flex Developer

    June 27th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Interested in joining the Tirnua dev team as a Flash/Flex Developer? Apply for this position and come work for our exciting new company! We are looking for someone who is local to our San Mateo, CA office and who is able to work onsite.

    General Responsibilities:

    Development, testing, implementation and maintenance of Flash/Flex based components and applications in a team environment.

    Must be a self-starter and have strong work ethics. The position is for full time employment. Participation will be required in regular, hands-on interaction with designers and software engineers to ensure that the concepts and content of assigned UI implementations meet design requirements. Strong organizational, interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills are essential and the successful candidate must be able to work independently and collaboratively under critical time frames. Maturity, dependability and a great attitude are a must.


    • 2+ years experience working with Flash in 2D or 3D
    • Experience designing custom Flash/Flex components
    • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL
    • JSON / XML /SOAP
    • AS3
    • Experience with online games, activities, and social network systems a plus
    • Experience with SmartFoxServer, or Papervision a plus

    Send cover letter and resume to audrey @

    Writing Presentations

    June 23rd, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We’ve been spending a lot of time putting together some presentations for potential investors lately. Unfortunately this distracts us from getting things implemented but it’s great for making us feel better about the fact that we are building something worthwhile together with you.

    Most of the people on our newly formed team have worked together in the past for many years. In that entire time no one ever saw Greg wear anything but flip flops. Hence the proud posting of this fuzzy camera-phone photograph of him and Luc before they headed off to give an important presentation just moments ago!

    Greg wears shoes - the world goes into shock

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