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It’s Smoothie Time!

September 18th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

At last, the fruit you have been storing up in your Food Processor and Refrigerators has a use! With the new Juice Bar (which is a sneak peek actually), you can mix up your own nutritional fruit smoothies and sell them to others. Currently, you have 5 smoothie recipes to make. Here are the recipes:

  1. Orange Juice: orange
  2. Apple Juice: apple
  3. Strawberry: strawberry
  4. Strawberry-Banana Juice: banana, strawberry
  5. Suicide: coffee, purple orange, red orange, blue orange, corn, strawberry

Each recipe has a different nutritional value that will boost up EMP energies. Mousing over the Juice Bar will provide you with a tooltip of the contents in the Juice Bar and how much nutrition is in each drink. To use the Juice Bar, you will need to hook it up to a battery and have already prepared fruit stored in a Food Processor Station or in a Refrigerator.

The fruit must be processed before it can be added to the Juice Bar. To process the fruit, you will need to have fruit in crates accessible on your lot and a Food Processor Station (the fancy hutch preparation station found in the food store). Once the processing station or refrigerator has fruit stored in it all you need to do is add it to the Juice Bar. Coffee: is the only commodity that can be added directly to the Juice Bar. In this case, all you need is a coffee depot with coffee cans close by.

Things to note (since this a sneak peek):

  1. The pricing is hard coded for now at 10 TAU per drink
  2. The better the EMP values are if your Juice Bar is located in the Kitchen Zone
  3. The better the EMP values are the higher the juice maker’s Mv is
  4. The Juice Bar is not scannable yet

Give your Cat a Name Just like buying persona name plates you can purchase a unique name for your cat. To do this, go to the shopping panel and select the ‘TirNua Names’ link. Under the search results, select ‘Persona Names’. You will be presented with a dialog box whereby you can search on the availability of a name. If the name is available you can purchase it for a 6 or 12 month lease.

Note: you will need to purchase a “persona” name plate and have the name before you can change the cat’s name. If you don’t have any name plates available to be applied, nothing happens when you click on the cat and click “Change Name”.


  1. Cat routing and sleeping issues
  2. Name plate purchase no longer requires a re-log in to see them
  3. Basic Social Badge
  4. Refrigerators and Food Processing Station only respond to retrieve if they have the commodity in storage

Residents - don’t forget to check the VIP store. Have fun drinking smoothies!

Audrey and The TirNua Team

New Kitten This Week!

September 10th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Pet Updates

  1. New Breed of Kitten/Cat - that’s right we have grey kitties now! You must be a Resident to buy them from the VIP store.
  2. Cats can be sold - set them for sale just as you would any other object.
  3. New Cat Drop-on Tile - now you can take your cat to visit your friends. If they have one of these drop-ons on their lot, all you need to do is put your cat in your inventory and then drag and drop your cat onto the drop-on tile.

Badge Updates

  1. Green Evangelist Category - renamed to Social
  2. New badge for Social Category - finish the basic social quest activities to earn this badge. Anyone can earn this badge - even seasoned players.
  3. New Gamer Badges: Liar’s Dice - when attaining certain levels playing Liar’s Dice you will be awarded various Gamer Dice Badges

Liar’s Dice Point Scoring

  1. Scoring for Liar’s Dice added - points will be accumulated as you play
  2. For the lower levels a win or loss will increase your score
  3. For the middle levels a loss will not change score
  4. For the upper levels a loss will decrease score 1/4 to 1/2 of the betsize in points
  5. Winner receives points based on betsize, number of players and current levels

Lot Ratings - lot ratings have been changed so that lots can only be rated positively or not at all. So, thumbs up or nothing.

All previously negative rated lots (a.k.a. thumbs down) have been voided out.

As a Resident, when you see a lot you like and click on the Lot Rating Icon - the thumbs up will become green. If you choose to not rate the lot in the future and click on it again - the thumbs up will become blue again which is the default neutral position.

Key Fixes:

  1. Cat freeze up after failure to route to things
  2. Players from being able to use the litter boxes and eating the cat food - LOL
  3. Issues around gifting Custom content

Be sure to check the VIP store this week!

Have fun guessing what is coming your way next week!
Audrey and The TirNua Team

and…the Winners are…

May 12th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Announcing T-shirt Contest Winners

Our 1st place winner is Cherry!

We ended up with a tie for 2nd place - our 2nd place winners are Gracie and MarieDK

Congratulations to all 3 Winners!!! Check out the Winning Designs (click on the image to see larger image)

To order your very own t-shirt with the winning design visit our online Merchandise Store.

Thanks go out to all our contestants who submitted designs. We received a lot of wonderful entries - picking only 3 winners was not an easy task!

Please don’t forget to congratulate Cherry, Gracie and MarieDK when you see them in-game.

Help us Welcome New Team Member Parizad

April 15th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

First of all, we will not be doing a publish this week. We had a few dogs running around in the office and they chewed through some cables and we got hosed for this week’s update.

We would like you to please help us welcome a new member who joined our team this week. She is also somewhat responsible by wreaking major havok around the office in her first few days on the job! But, no she wasn’t the one chewing on the cables. If you know Parizad you know what we are talking about. Some of you may have already seen Tirnua Parizad roaming around the game lately.

She’s going to be helping us out with a little bit of everything except for writing code or creating art for the game. Let’s face it, we all like having a playable game, and who wants to have a crude stick figure drawing for a persona. When asked about how it felt to be with the team, she quickly replied, “I can’t believe I conned Luc & Greg into hiring me again. Suckerssss!” When you see her, be sure to say “Hi.” You might find her here but if not leave her a message.

Performance & Texture Improvements

September 4th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

  1. Larry did some hard thinking while on vacation last week and came up with some great optimizations to speed things up. We were so excited about this upgrade that we decided to push it out on Monday so you could have the improvements immediately. Over the past few days, you should have noticed that the performance is greatly improved on lots with a lot of players on them. Interactions and chatting should be considerably faster. We needed to do a pass on updating the shading on the clothing textures after making this optimization and so all the clothing has had some artist love given to it. With this publication today, you will notice a remarkable difference in the way the male and female clothing look.

  2. Added a Maximum Users Setting to the Lot Info dialog. Now the owner can set the limit on how many visitors can be on their lot at one time.
    Simply select the number of max users with the spinner and click Apply.

    1. A Couple of Things to Note:
      1. This cannot be used to kick users out of the lot.
        For example, if there are 8 people on the lot and you set this to 5, no one will be kicked out - but no more users can enter.

      2. The owner is always allowed in, even if the maximum capacity is reached.

New UI icons for the Home Viewer - MonkeyPantz has created some very cool new icons for us. We are hoping that some of these are more intuitive than the older versions. Mouse over each one to find the tooltip for what each icon does. Notice the play mode, edit mode and manage mode (allows you to recycle and sell items that are on your lot) radio buttons. Please give us feedback on how you like them!

New objects this week - a lighter green hedge wall, a yellow brick floor tile, a marble floor tile and a red gardening bucket. Buy them from the architecture, flooring, and decoration stores on the shopping panel.

See you in game!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Grow Flowers, Go for a Picnic, Adorn Yourself with Uncle Sam Shirts & Top Hats or Canadian Shirts in Celebration of Independence day!

July 4th, 2009 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We now have flowers that you can grow! Purchase a pre-planted flower pot in the Plants Store and don’t forget you will also require a water well in order to water your flowers.

When you first purchase a flower it will start out in a dormant state. A flower can remain in the dormant state indefinitely. Just add water to get it started.

Once you’ve watered it the first time you will need to continue watering it on the specified schedule or it will die. Check Vitals to see the recommended watering schedule. Once the flower is full grown you can keep it alive forever as long as you continue to water it. Note that the watering times for a full grown flower may be different than that for a growing flower.

A full grown flower can be harvested which will potentially produce another bulb. The chances of success are dependent on several factors: the flower’s fertility, how well you have taken care of your flower and on whether there is another full grown flower around to have pollinated it. Once harvested a flower returns to it’s dormant state as long as it still has some lives remaining, otherwise it dies. You can see how many lives a flower has left in the Check Vitals dialog.

Our first batch of flowers are particularly fertile and robust so you should have no problems creating a beautiful garden. Happy Gardening!

For the Red, White and Blue! For those of us in the USA celebrating Independence Day, we bring to you our 4th of July collection. Look for Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables, a Keg Barrel and a Large Burger to help you celebrate the holiday.

All items can be found in the gift store or look for the grills, barrel, table with red checkered tablecloth and burger in the Decoration Store on the Shopping Panel and find the picnic tables in the Flora Collection under the Seatings tab. You’ll probably want to adorn yourself with Bruce Springsteen like t-shirts and Uncle Sam top-hats before heading out to the picnic! You will find these in the clothing stores for both genders.

We didn’t forget our neighbors either (thanks to Larry) — so in honor of Canada’s Independence Day on July 1st - we bring you a Canadian T-Shirts too!

And, because we know you all love the wings and the feeling of freedom …we have more wings for you in different colors and smaller sizes as well as a peacock feathers. These are unisex too! Find them in the clothing stores for each gender.

New In-game Decoration Store Lot. To find the Tirnua Store Lots on the map, select Tirnua Lots from Popular Searches on the World Map.

New Background for the week - Joelle’s latest creation — the Deep Sea Lot

More Gifting Options - Gifting available from within Player Stores (these are store lots created by the players with a business license). To search for Player Stores, click on the link under Popular Searches on the Shopping Panel. To send a gift, look for the new “Send As Gift To…” button which allows you to send the contents of your shopping basket to any persona in-game.

Game application translations - we have made more progress toward making our application available in other languages. The French translation has been given another pass and we have a first pass on the Spanish translation now. We are working on the generic scheme to give anyone interested in helping us a convenient way to get other languages included. For those interested, there is an informal wiki page on which to report obvious problems you notice in this prepping stage.

We Wish you Happy Gardening and Independence Day!

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Reserve Your Tirnuan Name Now! … and Dress Yourself!!!

September 25th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We’ve had an exciting week this week! We are releasing a lot of really cool stuff…

3D Monkey For starters, be sure to check out the ability to be the 3D Monkey in the Home Viewer! If you want to try this out, use your homepage to change your ‘gender’ to be Monkey and click [Update Persona Details].


Buy Names Reserve and start selling persona names. You read that correctly, you can now sell something to other players. Once you have bought some you’ll see a Name Plates section on your homepage.


Dress Me Dress yourself from the cool new clothing inventory just published in the clothing store. If you choose a complete outfit you will be able to wear it in the home viewer, as shown in the screen shot above (look at what Harry The Monkey’s motley crew of shoppers are wearing!)


Create Hyperlink From the Home Viewer you can also create your own hyperlinks to send to your friends. There is also a link to your own lot on your homepage.


Search Personas In addition, test out our search personas feature in your persona book.


Please make sure to check on these features in the upcoming weeks because we will be constantly refining them.

Note: The 3D Monkey is an experiment in getting true 3D into our home viewer, we have given you the ability to be the 3D monkey as your persona. Don’t try to dress him yet though!


This week - Browse Persona Descriptions

August 14th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we’ve been adding to our web services functionality. Not much of this work is immediately suitable to exposing but we have added one fun feature around the basic personas you’ve created so far.

This week’s release notes:

  • Persona Book
  1. Added Persona Book homepage that allows anyone to browse all personas with public descriptions (paginated and pretty fast - thanks, Laurent!).
  2. All users can report any public descriptions they would like to flag.
  3. Pre-existing persona related functionality: Login and visit the account management page to add personas and update information about them, including their public description.
  • Site
  1. Added RSS feed from blog on homepage.

Those persona descriptions are ordered by the most recently updated … hint, hint!! :)

Feedback always welcomed (What Persona Book related features would you like to see next?). Thanks for your patience!

This week’s release

August 2nd, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Today we’ve pushed out some new website functionality making use of our web services from Laurent. The wiki and blog use a different login mechanism for the time being but if you visit our secure registration page you can set up your first free personas and provide public descriptions for them.

Here is the new functionality in detail:

  • create an account, agree to privacy policy, fill out a first version set of profile questions and subsequently click on activation email to register
  • login and see your main account page with full details about the default persona and a list of your other personas
  • add up to 2 free personas
  • change your default persona
  • change the description and gender of any of the personas

We also have an extended set of links in our sidebar and a new flash navigation element from Luc and Margaret on our homepage.

This is just the very beginnings for Personas. Please contribute your thoughts on a fully fledged Persona Book on the wiki.

Website now under Ruby on Rails

June 24th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We’ll start communicating primarily through this from now on and replace the content on our homepagewith introductory text.

Today’s technical news is that we’ve released our website under Ruby on Rails (it was previously php but from now on just this blog (wordpress), the wiki (mediawiki), and webservices will be php).

We hope this will allow for rapid development of features to let you log in, manage your accounts and personas. Ultimately we will have a fully fledged Persona Book that lets you have friends in Tirnua, use widgets to interact with the virtual world, etc.

Stay tuned!


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