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November 13th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, Custom Content Walls are Here!
We know some of you have been yearning for these for awhile now!

As a resident, you can create your own custom designed walls just like you can with other custom content items like clothing, floor tiles and photo stencils. Learn how to create your own custom content now.

The custom content walls are not scannable and printable at this time. Please note: if you see a graphic anomaly - rotate your view once and then back again to fix it. We will have this fixed in our next update.

New Larger Capacity Battery
At last, a battery with a larger capacity has arrived. Find the new lithium-ion white battery in the Energy Store. This one has a energy capacity of 6400. Look for more batteries coming in future updates.

Series Version 3 Juice Bars - New Juice Bar Recipes from the TirNua Mixologist

  1. Be the first players to solve each of the new Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle version #3 recipes and receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version. This is version #3.
  2. Note: The recipes will only work on the Series #3 Rare Juice Bars. This means you will need to manufacture or purchase from another player each of the rare juice bars before attempting the recipe puzzles.
  3. To learn more about the Power Up Puzzles read this introductory blog on the rare juice bars.

Gamer - Video Poker Level Badges - earn badges by accumulate scores and reaching various levels from playing Video Poker.

Sleep Interaction added to Flora Bed and to the Rare TirNuan Bed

If you own one of the round beds from the Flora Collection or the Rare TirNuan Bed, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Fixes / Other

  • Facebook Frame - we found two bugs that we fixed. One was with permissions and the other bug was with how the information was stored. We believe there is a 3rd bug with permissions that we are actively chasing.
  • Cats - fixes for neon cats, cats gender being erased, cats not exiting the love shack properly
  • Persona nameplate unequip - no longer removing owner of the nameplate
  • Scoring bug fixes made
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    Halloween In TirNua

    October 23rd, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Halloween Holiday Quest Maze

    Find the TirNua Halloween Lot, finish the maze, cross the finish line and then open up your special Halloween holiday gift in your inventory in the decorations category.

    Black Cat
    Adapt and nurture a Black Kitten in Time to have a Black Cat for Halloween

    Halloween Store available on the Shopping Tab
    Find some new and some old familiar items to help celebrate the holiday

    It’s Nap Time - Catch those Zzzz’s

    We have our first functional prototype bed in TirNua! It can be found in the VIP Store for a real bargain this week. The sleep interaction will increase your EMP energy levels just like the sit interaction does. In future updates, we will be updating all beds to support sleeping and…

    Interactions include: sleep, getup and make.

    Cat Portraits

    ‘Take Portrait’ is an added interaction on cats - this portrait will display on the Persona Web page for your cat and will display on any icon you have for your cat. So, for example, if you are selling your cat - an image of that cat can be displayed in your store. Use the ’set full body thumbnail’ for the snapshot for your cat’s persona page and use the ’set head thumbnail’ for smaller pictures for catalog images. Share them on facebook and twitter!

    Pet Love Shack uses the Cat Drop On
    Take your Pet Shack with you to other lots. This will allow you to breed your cats on other player’s lots since female cats will only breed in their owners Love Shack.

    Evangelist - Store License Badges

    Earn badges for:

  • Selling 1 item from each licensed store type
  • Selling an item from ALL licensed store types
  • Maintained Top 10 in each store sort ranking for each store type. Note: must maintain status for at least 2 hours
  • Maintained Top 10 in store sort ranking ranking for ALL store types. Note: must maintain status for at least 2 hours
  • Designer - Unique Power-up Badges

    Earn badges for:

  • Each rare Juice Bar unique recipe solved (single badge per rare Juice Bar, we already have the badge for solving ALL rare Juice Bars)
  • Fixes / Other

  • Hybrid and Mutant Flowers will now display the image in your inventory and in your store - you will be able to tell exactly what the flower looks like!
  • Cat will not interact with you if your EV is too low
  • Old gifts that have not been opened by the receiver yet will be returned to the inventory of the person who sent the gift. Note: this only pertains to gifts that were sent after we introduced the new gift box feature
  • Tree badges - grow all trees and grow each rare tree badges have been fixed
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Happy Halloween Mazing!
    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    It’s Summer Time - Get the Kids and Get the Sprinkler On

    June 11th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Water Sprinklers - Huge Time Saver for Gardeners out there!

    Place this object on your lot and you will be able to water the plants on the adjacent tiles all once with just one interaction! It is possible to water up to 9 plants with each sprinkler.

    You can find the object for sale in the Gardening Store or in the V.I.P. Store if you are a resident.

    New and Improved Lot Search

  • Top Rated searches on the World Map are more prominent now.
  • The “Open Lots” search will now only return search results of those lots that the caller can actually enter. If the lot is public everyone will see it in the search or if you are a resident, roommate or a friend of someone with an open lot - you will be able to see their lot in the search results. No more going to an open lot from the open lot search only to find out you can’t enter the lot because it is locked.
  • All “Top Rated …” searches only include public lots. This means the lot must be open to the public in order for it to be included in the search results. To do this, the entry permissions have to be set to Public and anyone can enter the lot unless they are blocked.

  • Badges, Badges, Badges Galore and… more on the way!

  • New Score Types: Gamer & Designer score types are new and we renamed Recruiter to Evangelist
  • 5 new Designer activity badges - print various rares
  • 3 new Energy activity badges - 1 for each level of oil
  • 2 new Gamer activity badges - 1 for finishing basic UI quest and 1 for finishing 3 UI quests (for newbies only)
  • 18 new top score category badges have been added; 6 per evangelist, designer and gamer
  • To see all these badges go to the ‘My Stuff” tab and the Badges sub-tab. Mouse over the badges to see tooltips or double click on them for the specific details on each badge.
  • Added a badge count and badge categories in the persona web search and in the visitor tool tip
  • Other

    1. The Persona web has been updated to use tabs and has a more compact layout.
    2. A new and improved EMP display - we simplified the UI for the EMP display. The bar inside the battery image reflects your current value while the darker battery image is your capacity.
    3. Tool tip display of the Base Carbon Footprint of items for sale in both TirNua and User Stores
    4. Groups: add tab to info/manage dialog to show all totems and their competition.


    1. Changed the CFP Scores to be in the same units (KGs) as in the rest of the game
    2. Abandon lot process
    3. Weather is now a 20 second event that happens every 5 minutes
    4. Disallow others to continue in-progress scan jobs, fixed scanners getting stuck (we hope!)
    5. Number of fruits per day is correct now
    6. Oil donkey - now requires drilling on one of the deposits per lot

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deal of the week.
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Mouse Hunt in TirNua

    April 29th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    New Animal Skin - Start Mousing Around

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo - to celebrate Cinco de Mayo - we have added two fun objects: a Unisex Sombrero and a Pinata.

    Look for the pinata in the decoration and for the Sombrero in the Clothing Stores, both items are in the VIP Store.

    More Map Updates

    1. New Environment, Economics, Social icons displaying
    2. Search on the lots in a particular cell - click on the cell and select the magnifying glass for search results on the lots residing in that cell location

    Groups - changes to the group game play

    1. Groups can now only be created by residents. All existing groups are grandfathered however, if you delete the group and try to recreate you will not be able to unless you are a resident.
    2. Groups no longer require facebook - a facebook group is optional.
    3. Residents get extra points for touch, if a facebook group is associated with the group additional extra points are given as well (actual values awarded are subject to change).
    4. The group icon is generated from a Custom Content photostencil. The photostencil needs to be in your inventory and will be destroyed when associated to the group’s icon.
    5. The group game play is being enhanced so you can expect more changes coming in the near future.
    6. The lot owner and roommates of the lot where totem is located are considered officers of the group.

    Bug Fixes

    Fix for persona’s green thumb score adjusting correctly for full grown flowers

    Fix for badges being awarded when flowers are fully grown

    Fix for printer showing wrong object

    Fix for non-rare printer items

    Fix for kiln

    Fix lot name repo

    Fix putting empty flower plots under maple trees

    Fix putting clothing on mannequins
    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Energy Simulation

    September 12th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Here it is: The Beginnings of our Simulation for Tirnuan Energies

    Starting this week, we bring the Physical Energy Simulation component to the game. This means you will need to do certain things like eat and exercise on a treadmill in order to keep up your physical energy level. For now, the repercussions will be minimal but we will be rolling out that part of the simulation over the next few weeks. Mousing over your persona, you will now notice this new meter icon for your physical energy.

    Eventually, there will be three kinds of Tirnuan Energies: physical, mental and emotional. This is leading us into a key gameplay component whereby a persona in Tirnua has certain skills and attributes to maintain in order to survive and live well in the Tirnuan World. Soon, pretty much every activity will require some degree of energy.

    To begin with, levels will be adjusted based on two values: current physical energy value and physical energy capacity.

    1. Current physical energy value is changed rather quickly by game play like eating, working and playing etc. and certain activities will be disabled if the avatar does not have have enough energy.
    2. Physical energy capacity is changed at a slower rate by game play such as running on a treadmill or solving a maze. Inactivity will degrade capacity. In other words, you will grow capacity by excersing on the treadmill.

    To grow and market your own food you will need to:
    Important Note: each tree will be on a different weekly cycle of bearing fruit. For example, one tree you have might fruit on Mondays and another one might on Thursdays.

    1. First you will need to harvest or buy already harvested fruit trees that are fruit bearing in order to harvest the fruit on the daily basis. Currently, we have apple, orange and banana fruit trees to harvest or to buy in the plant store on the shopping panel. You can find the seedlings in the plant store on the shopping panel. To learn how to grow your own trees to harvest refer to our help on the Wiki
    2. Purchase fruit stands when you are ready to harvest the fruit. These can be purchased from the plant store on the shopping panel. If you have harvested rare red, blue or purple orange trees you will find fruit stands that accomodate each kind.
    3. You can mangage the price in which you sell the fruit from your fruit stand on your lot by clicking on the fruit stand to bring up the menu wheel and selecting the ‘manage’ interaction.
    4. Some things to know:
      1. There is a limit to how many harvests per day you can have.
      2. Tooltips will tell you how many harvests you have for the day and after each harvest the tooltip will reflect how many are remaining for that day.
      3. The harvest history will give you the fruit tree vitals; just click on the tree to bring up the menu wheel. The vitals will also give you the time interval that is required before the next harvest can occur.
      4. If it is not time to harvest the next fruit, the menu wheel will only display the ‘Harvesting History’ action and the ‘Harvest Fruit’ action will not be available until it is time to harvest again.

    To Eat Fruit: Just select the ‘buy and eat’ interaction from the menu wheel when clicking on the fruit stand.

    What if you don’t want to grow and market your own food? You will be able to buy it!
    With this release, you will be able to find other Tirnuans in the game who will be willing to sell you some fruit. Soon there will be other means in which to purchase food in order to sustain your physical energy levels.

    What’s on the horizon? Next week, we hope to have the ability to convert physical energy into electrical energy which then can be converted into TAU.

    Also new this week

    1. REPORT PLAYERS, LOT EJECT and IGNORE — yes thats right, the ability to report Tirnuans who are not acting and playing nice has been implemented. In response to what we have heard from our players and seen ourselves in recent weeks we decided to implement this functionality sooner than later. When a persona has been reported a certain number of times, they will be banned from entering any lot that they do not own for a period of time. You can not report a person who is on their own lot.While Cort was at it, he went ahead and added a way for you to eject players from your lot and a way for you to ignore other players. The persona will be prevented from re-entering your lot for a period of time. Note: If you want to permanently block a persona from entering your lot, click on the persona and select “Show In Persona Web”. You can then click the “Block” button to permanently prevent that persona from entering your lot. You can choose to ignore any players (except for developers) you wish too. You will not see chats from ignored personas and will not be able to do interactions with a persona you have chosen to ignore. You can unignore them at any time.
    2. In-game Friendship Request Feature — now it is even easier to make friends in the game. If both players are in the game at the same time, a friendship request dialog box will be displayed when selecting ‘request friendship’ interaction from the menu wheel. The friendship can be solidified right there without going to the Friends Panel to accept requests.
    3. Flower Simulation Changes — Super Grow is Here!
      1. Are you tired of killing your flowers because you missed a watering time. Or have you been running yourself ragged trying to fertilize your flowers forty times to bring them to full grown. Well now all you problems are solved with new Super Grow! This wonderful new product from the makers of BS Steer Manure will absolutely astound you. In as little as 3 or 4 applications you can have a full grown plant. Just select the Super Grow interaction off of the flower’s menu wheel and sit back and be amazed. Your flowers will flourish like never before. Super Grow comes in a 10 count bag and 50 count bag for those avid gardeners. Super Grow will also help you harvest those fruit bearing trees a lot quicker too!

        WARNING: Super Grow can be harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, wash thoroughly with water at once and consult a Dev. In case of unconsciousness or if you turn blue try eating some fruit. Makes a great addition to any salad or Marguerita. Discontinue use if you experience hallucinations. Warranty void where prohibited.
      2. Green Thumb and Dead Flowers - You will now get dinged for killing flowers the moment you kill them rather than when you recycle them so no need to be gifting all your dead flowers to the noobs anymore in order to protect your green thumb score.
      3. Improved the performance of loading lots with many flowers.
    4. Bazı türk küfür filtrelemek için yasaklanmis kelimeler eklenmiş (added some Turkish swear words to the profanity filter) :-D

    Whew, lots of good stuff we know you have been waiting for and will enjoy!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    New Clothing Items, Background Objects, Ruby Slippers, Crocus and Begonia

    August 28th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    New clothing items for the ladies and the guys!

    Buy a New Background for your Lot! And, this is only the beginning for bringing custom content into Tirnua!
    We would like to introduce the Background Object. It is an object that you can purchase from a store and apply it as your lot background. This week we have our first one, the “Fertile Plains - Garden” background.

    Currently, it is only available in the 5×6 and 6×10 lot size. Next week, it will be available in the other lot sizes. If you have a 5×6 or 6×10 lot, you can purchase it from the Flora Collection Store Lot. It will be placed in your inventory just like any other object. Look for information coming soon on how you can create these objects with your own background designs and then sell them!

    Prerequisite: your lot must be on the “Fertile Plains” terrain. To check the location of your lot, check your lot’s terrain type in the Lot Infromation Dialog (see image below).

    If you would like to move to that terrain - you can purchase a Moving Truck and then just double click on the World Map. A dialog box will let you know what type of terrain you are on.

    To apply the background object to your lot, follow these steps:

    1. Goto Lot Information

    2. Select Edit in the Background section

    3. In the Change Lot Background dialog box select the new background from the list

    4. Select Ok

    Check out the Ruby Slippers - “there’s no place like home” slippers.

    Use these slippers just like the Lot Goto Objects. They are for sale in the Entertainment Collection on the Shopping Panel. You will find them on many of the Tirnua lots such as the community center and on The Guided Tour. We wanted to make it easy for all our new players to find “home”. For a reminder on how the Goto objects work see this blog post where the GoTo Lot Teleport Tile Object was introduced.

    And lastly, more flowers in the nursery this week - the Crocus and the Begonia breeds have been added.

    Wow, lots to read but lots of good stuff! Have at it (I know many of you already have)!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Grow Flowers, Go for a Picnic, Adorn Yourself with Uncle Sam Shirts & Top Hats or Canadian Shirts in Celebration of Independence day!

    July 4th, 2009 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We now have flowers that you can grow! Purchase a pre-planted flower pot in the Plants Store and don’t forget you will also require a water well in order to water your flowers.

    When you first purchase a flower it will start out in a dormant state. A flower can remain in the dormant state indefinitely. Just add water to get it started.

    Once you’ve watered it the first time you will need to continue watering it on the specified schedule or it will die. Check Vitals to see the recommended watering schedule. Once the flower is full grown you can keep it alive forever as long as you continue to water it. Note that the watering times for a full grown flower may be different than that for a growing flower.

    A full grown flower can be harvested which will potentially produce another bulb. The chances of success are dependent on several factors: the flower’s fertility, how well you have taken care of your flower and on whether there is another full grown flower around to have pollinated it. Once harvested a flower returns to it’s dormant state as long as it still has some lives remaining, otherwise it dies. You can see how many lives a flower has left in the Check Vitals dialog.

    Our first batch of flowers are particularly fertile and robust so you should have no problems creating a beautiful garden. Happy Gardening!

    For the Red, White and Blue! For those of us in the USA celebrating Independence Day, we bring to you our 4th of July collection. Look for Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables, a Keg Barrel and a Large Burger to help you celebrate the holiday.

    All items can be found in the gift store or look for the grills, barrel, table with red checkered tablecloth and burger in the Decoration Store on the Shopping Panel and find the picnic tables in the Flora Collection under the Seatings tab. You’ll probably want to adorn yourself with Bruce Springsteen like t-shirts and Uncle Sam top-hats before heading out to the picnic! You will find these in the clothing stores for both genders.

    We didn’t forget our neighbors either (thanks to Larry) — so in honor of Canada’s Independence Day on July 1st - we bring you a Canadian T-Shirts too!

    And, because we know you all love the wings and the feeling of freedom …we have more wings for you in different colors and smaller sizes as well as a peacock feathers. These are unisex too! Find them in the clothing stores for each gender.

    New In-game Decoration Store Lot. To find the Tirnua Store Lots on the map, select Tirnua Lots from Popular Searches on the World Map.

    New Background for the week - Joelle’s latest creation — the Deep Sea Lot

    More Gifting Options - Gifting available from within Player Stores (these are store lots created by the players with a business license). To search for Player Stores, click on the link under Popular Searches on the Shopping Panel. To send a gift, look for the new “Send As Gift To…” button which allows you to send the contents of your shopping basket to any persona in-game.

    Game application translations - we have made more progress toward making our application available in other languages. The French translation has been given another pass and we have a first pass on the Spanish translation now. We are working on the generic scheme to give anyone interested in helping us a convenient way to get other languages included. For those interested, there is an informal wiki page on which to report obvious problems you notice in this prepping stage.

    We Wish you Happy Gardening and Independence Day!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Tirnua T-Shirt Designs now available for sale

    September 3rd, 2008 by Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We are pleased to announce that some of the t-shirt designs you saw last week are now up on a website for sale! You can see them here: There are two designs from the several that you saw last week. Please check back often as we will be adding, refining, and updating the designs frequently. This will include special edition shirts and designs.

    I received great feedback from so many of you, thank you very much! We will be working to integrate these ideas.

    We are working on finding a way to track your purchases in order to reward you in the game. In the meantime, if you do make a purchase on the site, please make sure to send an email to Audrey’s attention at audrey@ with your order number in the title. Your purchase is essential to helping offset our development costs in the early stages of making Tirnua a reality.

    By the way, on the same page, you can also have the logo on coffee mugs (which turns out to be useful for coffee fiends like myself!).

    Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm, this makes the process an energizing and rewarding one for our team.


    First Room!

    July 2nd, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    I just saw our first attempt at a lot. I wanted to share it with you.

    There are still many problems, but I am hopefull that something will come out of this quickly!

    This is just a 6×6 lot, mostly with grass, with a 2×2 Bed in the middle. Don’t think too much about the bed, it was just my first test object!

    I hope that within a week or two, we will be able to start meeting together in a lot like this!

    Don’t expect any bed there though! just a few tables and chairs!



    Graphics needed!

    June 30th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    I am working on our content pipeline, in hope of creating our first interactive experience quickly.

    I would really appreciate if some of you would create

    1) some floor tiles, that I could start to use to lay out some room, interior and exterior. Like ground, grass, sidewalk, etc

    2) some exterior plants, trees, bushes etc..

    You can email me (the first part of my email is just luc…) the blender files for the moment since we do not have upload of custom content yet.

    In blender, the unit is meters, and I need each tile to be 1×1 meter. trees and plants could be from 1×1 to 4×4 and all intermediate combinations.

    Margaret will probably give you feedback on art direction if needed.



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