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Custom Content

November 13th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, Custom Content Walls are Here!
We know some of you have been yearning for these for awhile now!

As a resident, you can create your own custom designed walls just like you can with other custom content items like clothing, floor tiles and photo stencils. Learn how to create your own custom content now.

The custom content walls are not scannable and printable at this time. Please note: if you see a graphic anomaly - rotate your view once and then back again to fix it. We will have this fixed in our next update.

New Larger Capacity Battery
At last, a battery with a larger capacity has arrived. Find the new lithium-ion white battery in the Energy Store. This one has a energy capacity of 6400. Look for more batteries coming in future updates.

Series Version 3 Juice Bars - New Juice Bar Recipes from the TirNua Mixologist

  1. Be the first players to solve each of the new Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle version #3 recipes and receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version. This is version #3.
  2. Note: The recipes will only work on the Series #3 Rare Juice Bars. This means you will need to manufacture or purchase from another player each of the rare juice bars before attempting the recipe puzzles.
  3. To learn more about the Power Up Puzzles read this introductory blog on the rare juice bars.

Gamer - Video Poker Level Badges - earn badges by accumulate scores and reaching various levels from playing Video Poker.

Sleep Interaction added to Flora Bed and to the Rare TirNuan Bed

If you own one of the round beds from the Flora Collection or the Rare TirNuan Bed, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Fixes / Other

  • Facebook Frame - we found two bugs that we fixed. One was with permissions and the other bug was with how the information was stored. We believe there is a 3rd bug with permissions that we are actively chasing.
  • Cats - fixes for neon cats, cats gender being erased, cats not exiting the love shack properly
  • Persona nameplate unequip - no longer removing owner of the nameplate
  • Scoring bug fixes made
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    Bears, Oh My!

    March 19th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Male, Female or Bear - which will it be? New Gender in TirNua is a Bear!

    To be a Bear, you will need to create a new persona. Currently, each Guest Account is given 1 free persona and Resident Accounts are given up to 3 personas. Once you have 3 personas you will keep them regardless of your resident status.

    To create another persona you will need to go to the Manage Account settings:

    1. To do so, go to the bottom of the page beneath the game application and click on the ‘Manage Account’ link.
    2. At the bottom of the manage account page is the ability to ‘Add Persona’. Choose your gender selection, give your persona a name (this is a default free name) and select ‘Create Persona’.
    3. To make your new persona your default persona, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that you are already on and select the new persona as your default persona.
    4. To switch between personas use the ‘My Stuff’ tab and the ‘Preferences’ sub-tab

    Introducing Achievement Badges - earn these fun badges when making certain achievements in these two categories: Green Thumb and Energy. See how many you can collect. More categories will be introduced in upcoming weeks.

    The Persona Web will display all of the Achievement Badges available for each category. As you earn each one, it will no longer be grayed out.

    Clicking on any badge will display the information you need to know in order to earn that particular badge.

    Clyde’s Miniature Mobile Boilers - a combo object of the boiler and steam engine rolled into one. They are compact and mobile — useful when a bit of kinetic energy is needed in a tight spot.

    These Miniature Mobile Boilers are not as efficient as the larger boiler and steam engine.

    Move Or Buy A Lot From The World Map

    Double-clicking a location on the World Map now offers two options:

    You can Move an existing Lot

    Or you can Buy a new Lot

    Moving An Existing Lot

    1. If you select Move Lot, you then choose one of your Lots to move.
    2. Note that TirNua Moving Truck is required to move your Lot.
    3. If you do not own a Tirnua Moving Truck when you click the Move button, you can optionally purchase one from TirNua.
    4. Note that you can probably find a Tirnua Moving Truck at a discount price at a Player Store, located in the Shopping panel.

    Buying A New Lot

    If you select Buy Lot, you then choose the Size and Lease Duration for your new Lot.

    The Zone and Background are already set by the location that you double-clicked on the World Map.

    Updated Kitchen Cabinet Units

    When we updated the sinks to add running water last week we did not realize that, due to lighting changes we made in the game a while back, the other coordinating units no longer matched. This forced us to take a pass on all of them and henceforth, we have better looking kitchen units now. Look for more kitchen environment changes coming your way soon.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Strawberries and Orchids are growing in TirNua.

    February 25th, 2010 by TirNua Dominic Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    You have heard right! this week we added Strawberries and Orchids. Not only we have added a new fun thing to grow in TirNua , we have also started to improve the look of our flowers. The new Orchids appear to be much sharper and nicer then ever before. We will be updating many more flowers and items in TirNua with our new and improved look.

    You can easily grow the Strawberries just like a Gladiolus or Geranium. All you need is water, a piece of earth and of course one bag of strawberries seeds.

    Along with the strawberries we have also added a new fruit stand so that you can sell your delicious fruit. Yum!

    Tip of the day:
    If you pick strawberries they will be automatically added to the strawberry depot. If you wish to transfer them to your strawberry fruit stand , you can do so by clicking on the strawberry fruit-stand and choose ” add crate “.

    We also have made a big change to our Trees in TirNua. The time it takes to pick a fruit from a tree ( Orange, apple and banana trees ) now depends on what zone you are in.

    The normal delay is 20 minutes, if your lot is in a farm zone it will only be 3 minutes. Move your lot to an orchard zone to reduce the delay to only 20 seconds. I can see the moving trucks rolling already!

    Tweet , Tweet, Twitter time. Send your in-game feeds to twitter and spread the word of your TirNuan life.

    Some small fixes we have been working on this week:

    • You will notice some Ui changes all over the game.
    • We have fixed the custom content floor tiles pricing error some players were experience.
    • Some design changes to the sewing-machine which was not using any fabrics and the Kiln that was missing a texture,

    Let the fun begin!

    Dominic and the TirNua team.

    Decorate for the Holidays

    December 13th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Custom Floor Tiles - you can now create your very own Custom Floor Tiles!
    In the shopping panel you will find a new tab labeled ‘Custom Content’.

    Larry experimenting with the new Custom Floor Tiles

    To create custom floor tiles simply load your own texture files by clicking the ‘Load File’ button, give it a unique name, and click the ‘Upload’ button. In the Purchase Dialog you can choose how many stacks of floor tiles (30 tiles to a stack) you would like to order. You can order more at any time from the ‘My Creations’ section. In a upcoming future release, you will be have the ability to use your recycling materials to create your floor tiles from much like you can now with custom clothing.

    Unlike regular floor tiles, Custom Floor Tiles give you the ability to place them in different rotations. When first dragging the floor tiles stack on to the lot to select those tiles as the current tiles, hit the space bar to choose the rotation you want them to be placed in. All tiles placed after that will placed with that rotation. To change rotation re-drag the stack onto the lot and change the rotation with the space bar.

    If you would like to sell your cool Custom Floor Tiles you can drag them onto your lot as an object by holding the CTRL and ALT keys down while you drag it on. You will then be able to set them for sale when in manage mode.

    Decorate your Home for the Holidays with these Holiday Items

    You will find all of these items along with Santa outfits for both guys and gals in the Holiday Store. And, we have added a Lucia wreath to go with the Lucia outfit introduced last week. The wreath is unisex!  Many of these items are available in the Gift Store as well.  Get into the Holiday Spirit and send your Tirnuan friends some gifts this season!

    We have started a Holiday Collection where we will put seasonal items up for sale during various holidays and seasons. Going forward objects that are not in season will not be available from Tirnua all year long. However, you will still most likely be able to find the items for sale from the Player Stores.

    RARE DVD Sewing Machine to use with Scanner - manufacture this rare Sewing Machine Pro by printing (printer and scanner require a VIP Badge) the normal sewing machine and selecting ‘Rare’.

    This new DVD Sewing Machine will allow you to manufacture multiple custom clothing items in a row! With the custom clothing patterns on DVDs you will now be able to trade and gift the DVDs, giving you the ability to sew other peoples’ custom clothing patterns. You can also allow others to use your sewing machine with their own DVDs and you can charge a fee if you like. To charge a fee select “Set Fee” from the sewing machines ‘Action’ Menu.

    Once you have your new Sewing Machine Pro, here’s how to use it:

    1. Hook the sewing machine up to a DVD Player and to a battery (note: battery hooks up on the left and the DVD player on the right)
    2. Create some custom clothing in the Dress Me ‘Create’ panel and purchase at least one copy (you can use custom content already purchased too)
    3. Drag that copy of custom clothing into a scanner, scan the item and create a DVD
    4. Load that DVD into the DVD player connected to the Sewing Machine Pro
    5. Sew to your heart’s content.

    Improved Editing UI in the Home Viewer - we are working on making editing easier in order to help out our newbies in the game.

    1. New play, edit and manage radio buttons - should be easy to readily see what mode you are in and toggle between them
    2. Faster Editing - you can now edit the lot you own without going into edit mode. When you drag an object, it will start to move after a second. The game will go back into play mode automatically.
    3. New 4-way arrow drag-pan replaces the pan icons at the top - while in the Home Viewer the mouse drag will now pan just like in the Map View.
    4. Feedback added to tell the user whether he is clicking on a busy tile.

    Improved female - we believe we have corrected the issues introduced with our new female model last week. Your custom content clothing should look fabulous on you now! Thank you for all the feedback and please feel free to point out any more anomalies that you notice.

    Other Stuff

    1. The Shopping and Gifts tabs have been consolidated under one tab - the Shopping tab. It is our goal to simplify the UI and this is another step toward that goal.
    2. Display “Online Now” in the Shopping Panel’s Select Gift Recipient dialog
    3. Locks now reward Levels in Green Thumbs and in Energy Moguls
    4. There is a new small battery and battery harness. Note: the battery is given to new players and the new battery harness only loads the new AA battery.

    Don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week!

    Happy Decorating and Holiday Cheers,
    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Don’t kiss me, I’m already too emotional!

    October 10th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    This week it will be important to notice that the two person actions require an accept or reject action to be taken. This means you will need to click on the check mark to accept the action or click on the X to cancel out the action. . If you do neither, the action will automatically time out in 30 seconds or you can cancel it at anytime with the Cancel Interaction delete button.

    Pay attention to the color of the header bar at the top of the queue. A green header bar means there is something in your queue, a red header bar means there is something in your queue that needs your attention to either accept or reject and a blue header bar means your queue is empty.

    All Actions affect your Energies - we have started implementing how your actions and the actions of others have consequences on your energies. Whenever an action is carried out by you or to you, it will change some value or capacity level of your mental, emotional or physical energies. You will see your different energies either go up or down based on what the action was. Some will increase one energy and decrease another. For example, dancing may take away from your physical energy but increase your emotional energy. You will know when an energy level has changed because you will see the energy bar flash display over your persona’s head; when the bar is outlined in green it signifies an increase and when the bar is outlined in red, it signifies a decrease.

    This is work in progress in terms of tuning these values and we will continue to fine tune what the effects are. We wanted to push the functionality out there to test it out and get our players’ feedback on it but don’t get too set on the values yet.

    Look back here in about an hour for a chart that we are putting together to give you an idea of the cause and effect relationship the various Tirnua actions can have on your energy value and capacity levels. When we have the chart ready, we will post into this blog.

    Also new this week:

    1. Low wall objects - look for these industrial style low walls in the Architecture store on the Shopping Panel.
    2. Friends lot searches on Map View Popular Searches - Under Popular Searches from the Map View, easily search for all your friends lots either your Tirnua Friends or you Facebook Friends.

    Lots of kisses!
    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Accumulate actions in a Queue

    October 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Action Queue - the game now remembers all your commands so you can stock up and accumulate them in a queue. You will undoubtedly find this very useful and it will most definitely come in handy when tending to all your plants. You will no longer need to wait until you are done watering one plant to select ‘water’ on your next plant etc.

    On the right of your screen, when in a lot, you will now find the new Action Queue. This will display all the pending actions you have. By default the Queue is maximized but if you prefer you can minimize it by hovering your mouse over the Queue header bar and selecting the “Stay Maximized” button that appears. Now the Queue will only appear when you hover the mouse over it. Hitting that button again will put you back into always maximized mode.

    When you have more items in your queue than can fit into the queue a scroll button will appear at the bottom of the queue. Simply hover the mouse over that button to scroll down. A similar button will appear at the top of the queue to scroll back up. You can cancel any item in the Queue by hovering the mouse over that item and clicking the Cancel Interaction Delete button that appears.

    Food and Fiber Components have been added to our recycling components. This week all the live plants (trees and flowers) are recyclable and will provide food and/or fiber components. Food and Fiber components will become very useful soon - just wait and see!

    Energy Icons for the Health Meters - you will find these new icons in the HUD health meter that displays over your persona; the lightbulb replaces the ‘M’ for Mental, the heart replaces the ‘E’ for Emotional and the muscle strong arm replaces the ‘P’ for Physical.

    Look for the readings for your health meter displayed under ‘Scores’ on the Persona Web Panel too.

    Drop on Tiles (work in progress) for recycling and other uses - drop these tiles on your lot and other players will be able to place their recycling components on them (Yes, on your lot!). They can then set them for sale on your lot. This is setting up the stage for consignment sales but you can bet there will be other uses for them. Currently, we have one Drop on Tile for each component and one for the battery.

    The functionality is not all there this week but it is on it’s way. This week, items can be placed and sold - reaping the owner of the recycles the full sale price. In the future, the lot owner will make a commission on the sale. Also coming soon, the owner of a fully-charged battery will be able to place it on a Battery Drop-on-Lot tile on your lot whereby selling the electric power to you or other players.

    More clothes textures updated - we missed a few when we did our update on the clothing a few weeks back. This should be it. Look for our new fall line coming soon!

    New Feeds on Facebook - you may have already noticed these on your Facebook page. They are much more fun and hopefully they will give all of our friends a much better idea of what is going on in Tirnua with the new Energy Simulation. Dominic (a.k.a., MonkeyPantz) gets all the credit with these!

    Lots of leg work this week for awesome future updates!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Laying the Foundation for Mental(M) and Emotional(E) Energies

    September 25th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    To go along with the Physical Energies(P) already introduced, we have started the ground work for bringing Mental and Emotional Energies into play.

    Whereas, physical energy is all about you in regards to your health, endurance and strength, mental energy will also be about you but will track things like your intelligence, logic and general affinity to your environment; how you relate to the planet, plants and machinery around you. Emotional energy, well it’s Emo - it will register your affinity to others and creatures in your environment.

    You will now notice when you roll over your persona, 3 energy meters where there was only one. This is still work in progress that will all be coming together over the next few weeks. For this week, when you are harvesting plants your Mental Energy Capacity(Mc) will increase and drain your Mental Energy Value(Mv) but activities like watering, feeding, playing video poker and recycling will increase your Mental Energy Value(Mv). Hopefully next week, we will have a reason for players to use their newly acquired Mental Capacity(Mc). Emotional energy will not change this week - currently the energy meter for it is for display purposes only. Look for future updates in the upcoming weeks to see how this develops.

    Recycling takes on a new meaning in Tirnua this week!

    As you can see from the following table, objects can be broken down into the raw materials from which they were made. Over 1300 objects are ready to be recycled and the rest will follow very soon. You might notice that the example tree below gives you plastic and toxic materials when you recycle it - this is because we only consider the trees that can be grown from seed in Tirnua to be organic.

    To recycle an object into its constituent parts, get into Manage Mode and click the “Send to be recycled” option. You’ll see a dialog showing you what components you will get from the object. We realize we may not have the breakdown of components perfect for each object yet so please bear with us as we fine tune this.

    You’ll be given storage for your components as you build up stocks of each type of raw material. When you place these storage bins on your lot from your inventory you can mouse over them to get information about how full they are. Each of the storage bins hold up to nine units, after which you will be given additional storage bins to fill up. Look for much more to come with recycling in Tirnua!

    Also new this week:

    1. Fruit Stands loaded with already harvested fruit will be purchasable in the Tirnua Arboretum Store. Now, you can buy store fruit from us and re-sell the fruit on your own lot. These already full fruit stands will act like the normal fruit stands.Jump into the Tirnua Arboretum
    2. There is a new Unequip interaction for nameplates and lot backgrounds. If you have had an nameplate or lot background that has been stuck as equipped, you will now be able to release yourself of it.
    3. The Guided Tour Lots all have new icons in their tooltips, designed by “Tirnua Dominic” aka MonkeyPantz! Click to see them all…

    Happy recycling!
    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Player Stores Are Here

    June 6th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We are excited to introduce Player Stores this week in Tirnua. To get started with your very own store you will first need to acquire a business license. You can find it for purchase from the Shopping Panel in the new Miscellaneous Collection.

    For this week, we offer a special introductory price of 299 TAU for a 3 month basic business license which includes the standard bulk store discount. In an upcoming release, we will offer various premium licenses which will give you the ability to buy at higher discounts.

    Once you have your business license, place it on your lot and set the objects for sale on your lot that you would like to sell. To ’set objects for sale’, you need to use the Manage Mode button. Once Manage Mode is on, click on the item and select ’set for sale price’ from the menu.

    Your new store will be listed by your lot name on the shopping panel under Player Stores.

    To change your lot name, you can purchase one from the Shopping Panel under ‘Tirnua names’. Your items set for sale will show up in the store just like all Tirnua Stores, in that the items will be sorted on tabs by category type.

    Facebook Share

    Use this button in the Dress Me Panel to Show off a Full Body Shot of your Persona on facebook. Selecting this button will generate a feed that will be posted on your facebook wall for all your friends to see and envy. Use this button at any time to show off your new look to your friends.

    Facebook friend’s profile pictures - now when you click on one of the blue map pins for your fb friend’s on the map, their facebook profile picture will be displayed. You will be able to immediately see which friend’s lot it is.

    Boots and Capris - look for these new items in the The Women’s Clothing Collection:

    Mannequins support wings and accessories:

    20×24 Backgrounds - you asked so here they are … really large lots with the same background choices as the other sizes! You can find these in the Real Estate Listing under Popular Searches on the World Map.

    New Tables - look for these in the Aqua, Flora, Fuego, Spirit and Terra Collections. Use the ones in Terra as console tables to put behind sofas and chairs.

    Super Rewards Bug Fixed
    We found out that we had a bug with how we were processing the information recieved from Super Rewards. We believe we have fixed this. Super Rewards will be sending us a spreadsheet of all prior activity and we will be going through it in great detail to make sure that all awarded rewards and purchased TAU were correctly credited to your account.


    Friends, Friends, Friends…it’s all about Friends

    May 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    New Facebook Photo Frame - to go along with the cool digital picture frame brought to you last week, this week we bring you a large screen photo frame that can display your facebook photos of your own choosing.

    Upload your own photos to facebook and display them on your lot or create your own slideshow from a set of pictures. When a photo or picture is uploaded to facebook, facebook provides a public link to share with others. This http:// link is located at the bottom of the page when viewing the photo. Just copy this link and paste it into the photo frame by selecting Manage->Set Picture URLs from the popup menu displayed when clicking on the frame. Picture frame can show any image uploaded to facebook if the owner enters the url found as shown here:

    On facebook, go to the page for your photo and copy the link shown

    If you group the photos you want to show into a facebook album, you can also simply provide the link to the album which can be found as shown here.

    Now even your friends that are not on facebook can see your pictures, see who has been tagged and see any comments made on it. You can find the Facebook Photo Frame for purchase in the Decorations web store.

    Send Messages In-game - send and receive private mail messages to and from other fellow Tirnuans. Use the messages tab to see your mailbox folders and to create, reply or forward messages to your friends.

    New UI Graphics - the World Map, Home Viewer, Dress Me, Persona Web, Gift Store, Friends ahd High Scores tabs have all been replaced with representative icons. Mouse over each of them for tooltips to see what they are. New tabs have been added this week, look for: What’s New, Help and Messages.

    HELP is on the way! It will be much easier for new users to find the help they are looking for - look for the help icon all around the site. We will be populating and updating the help as we evolve.

    New Hairstyles for the ladies. The ladies will be sporting new hair styles this week. Choose from a blond feathered bob, a brunette Cleopatra, a red flapper bob or a blond ponytaill to change up your look.

    HAPPY MAY DAY!!! - It’s May Day - look for 2 new floral arrangements to gift to your friends from the gift store tab. You can also find them at the Plants web store or in-game at the Tirnua Arboretum store.

    Vignettes update - vignettes will now return you to the lot from which you came from before playing out the vignette.

    Enjoy your friends, their pictures and here’s to making many more friends in Tirnua!


    Spring Love in Tirnua

    April 25th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Do you have an admirer in Tirnua? Are you an admirer of someone? Send them a Vignette from the Gift Store tab.

    You can choose from a ‘Sweet Kiss’, ‘Dip Kiss’, ‘Friendly Kiss’ or a ‘Hug’.

    Clicking on your vignette when received will take you directly to the Love Shack to view your vignette.

    You can replay your vignette at any time by dragging it onto your lot and selecting “View Your…” when clicking on the object.

    Wireless Digital Picture Frame! Place this in your lot and this Magical Photo will display the profile pics of all your facebook friends, changing every few seconds.

    You can pause the display on the profile pic of someone whose image you’d like to keep on display at your lot. The coolest thing is that people can interact with the photo to “blow a kiss” at it, send a “wish a you were here” message via facebook, and more!

    Lot Message Board added in the Home Viewer. Want to drop someone a message when they are not home?

    Leave the lot owner a message so they will see it when they return. Comment on their lot or let them know that you cared for their plants while they were away! Look for this link in the Home Viewer under the tabs.

    Enter Your Default Lot - directly enter your home from the Home Viewer tab.
    You can now enter your default lot by clicking on the link in the center of the screen from the Home Viewer tab.
    new lot entry

    User Interface Changes

  • Radio buttons to Add and Remove Floors and Walls have been added to the Edit Mode. You can now add and remove walls or tiles directly from Edit Mode instead of holding down the shift key. The shift key functionality for this has been removed.
  • Game now starts in a Zoomed Out view. The zoom slider now has +Zoom and -Zoom buttons which allow you to zoom all the way in or out with one click.
  • new zoom in button Lots of great stuff this week!

    Yours truly,


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