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Reserve Your Tirnuan Name Now! … and Dress Yourself!!!

September 25th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We’ve had an exciting week this week! We are releasing a lot of really cool stuff…

3D Monkey For starters, be sure to check out the ability to be the 3D Monkey in the Home Viewer! If you want to try this out, use your homepage to change your ‘gender’ to be Monkey and click [Update Persona Details].


Buy Names Reserve and start selling persona names. You read that correctly, you can now sell something to other players. Once you have bought some you’ll see a Name Plates section on your homepage.


Dress Me Dress yourself from the cool new clothing inventory just published in the clothing store. If you choose a complete outfit you will be able to wear it in the home viewer, as shown in the screen shot above (look at what Harry The Monkey’s motley crew of shoppers are wearing!)


Create Hyperlink From the Home Viewer you can also create your own hyperlinks to send to your friends. There is also a link to your own lot on your homepage.


Search Personas In addition, test out our search personas feature in your persona book.


Please make sure to check on these features in the upcoming weeks because we will be constantly refining them.

Note: The 3D Monkey is an experiment in getting true 3D into our home viewer, we have given you the ability to be the 3D monkey as your persona. Don’t try to dress him yet though!


Featured Tirnua Designer of the Month

September 20th, 2008 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

All of us at Tirnua would like to recognize Monkeypantz as Designer of the Month!  Monkeypantz has been extremely busy keeping his awesome fansite up to date, running contests on his fansite and continually sending us all kinds of wonderful graphic designs and ideas for t-shirts, banners and fansite kits.

In fact, we liked some of his t-shirt designs so much (those are his graphics above), Margaret went ahead and created some new t-shirts with his designs that are now for sale. You can find them here: Remember, if you purchase an item; we will be giving you a “special something” in-game so don’t forget to send your order number to me at audrey@

We decided to show our appreciation to Monkeypantz for his enthusiasm and support of our development endeavors by giving him a special award gift, coming his way soon in-game. Way to go Monkeypantz and please keep it up! We really can’t thank you enough!

Monkeypantz might be a tough act to follow but we sure hope that won’t keep our other fans out there from following suit. So send us your design ideas and keep working on those fansites - you could be Featured as Tirnua Designer of the Month next month. The Tirnua blog and wiki are our best forum for this but feel free to send email to any one of us here at Tirnua.

Have a great weekend!

First traffic jam!

September 19th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Today we invited everyone to a chat session at the community center.

Ok, that did not go as well as expected. We had a problem with the server and its license. More people tried to enter the lot than our license allowed.  Which might be good but feels bad…

We should have that fixed in a couple of days and we can try again then.

Thank you for your help, it was nice to see so many known faces (even if they all looked like mine…)



Community center meetings to start today

September 18th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We are restarting developer talk meetings in the community center. Tirnua Store

I will be at the first meeting to be held at 2pm PST today (Thursday September 18th). Hopefully this will turn into a weekly event.

See you there,


P.S. once this is running, we will also run meeting at a better time for different time zones.

Here is what we shipped today: September 17, 2008

September 18th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Hi again,

It is that day of the week where we ship new features.   This happens to be the best day of the week for me, I get to set aside working on all those backend operations things and tell you what new features the team has been hard at work on.  We have a lot to show off this week so with no more ado let us get down to it.

Website updates:

  • Transfer TAU to your personas from your main account so that you can make purchases from the store and gift other personas! If you have not yet done so you will first need to buy some TAU through a secure PayPal transaction.
  • Tirnua Object Store now available online! Through the website, your personas can now buy any of 26 items that appear in the Tirnua Store lot. Next steps are for us to let you move those items onto your own lot. We are now highly motivated to add more items! You select the items you would like to buy and before you complete your order you can specify the quantities you would like to purchase. When you visit your persona homepage you will see any items purchased in your inventory. You can change the quantities and click [Refresh Subtotals]  as often as you like before choosing to  [Purchase Items!]
  • Give gifts to personas! Browse through the personas to find one you would like to give a gift to. When you click on the link to the persona’s homepage you’ll see a button to [Gift This Persona!]. When you complete the form the user will be given the item into their inventory and we send an email notifying them that your persona has given their persona a gift! That gift then shows up for all to see in the public view of their persona page (see image) and everyone can see who made the gift. Soon we’d like to add privacy controls and settings to turn off the email notifications if desired.

Sarah’s Tips:

  1. That page that lists all persona with descriptions is ordered by the most recently updated description so if you want your personas showing up at the top of the list, update your description!
  2. It’s your default persona that purchases gifts and store items so if you need to switch a different persona to be your default, use the [Update your default persona >>] button on your manage account page.

Object Viewer updates:

  • The Object Viewer has been updated and is now called Tirnuan Viewer.  It now has support for selecting from a set of characters and a set of animations to play on those characters.  When we say characters, currently we mean Harry.  In the future there will be more.  In addition, Harry now has a full body animation.   Harry is currently still only programmer art work, as such Larry asks that you not be too judgmental.


  • As Luc mentioned in a previous blog, men are men, and women are still women.

Persona Book:

  • From Persona Book you can now see a “top down view” of the lots.   In Persona Book click on the [Lots] button and then you will find a drop down list (circled in green).  If you select this you can see the various plan views of Tirnua’s current lots.

As always thanks for stopping by to check out our progress.  Your support and comments are always appreciated.

Till next week cheers,


September 15th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Sorry, no enough time to write, but I wanted to share with you the work we are doing on clothes, hair etc..

We are trying to deliver this asap. I will write the details in a day or two.

dresses: hair: shoes:

Back to work ;)



Small gift

September 12th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yesterday (Wednesday afternoon around 3 pm PST), when we added features to the site, Sarah also gifted all current personas with their first object:

The homepages of your personas will display their list of inventory items if you are logged in. Use the links in the “All Personas” section of the Manage Account page to get to the description page for each persona.

These gifts were made possible because over the last couple of weeks we implemented the basic objects and inventory features. Soon you will be able to buy objects and trade them between users.

So this first gift is not just an image on a web page, it is a landmark for all our future digital objects.

Next week, you will also be able to see your inventory in the My Personas panel in the Persona Book, which will replace the web pages under, which we are using for prototyping.


This Week’s Release: September 10, 2008

September 11th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we continue to make updates to personal lots, new updates to the Object Viewer prototype and a brand new prototype called Persona Book.

  • Larry has been hard at work on the Tirnua Object Viewer Prototype.  The monkey gets a body and a name.   This is still programmer’s artwork but it lays the foundation for improved graphics.  So please meet Harry and use the drop down list to select from just his head or Harry giving a wave.
  • Luc and Margaret have done some interior decorating to your personal lots and the Tirnua Company store.  These are still static but are really starting to look good.  In addition all the rooms now have the Access Point Landing Star.
  • Greg has added the Tirnua  Persona Book Prototype where you can manage your personas and share information.
  • Cort has also relaxed the profanity filter.  No doubt we will need to tweak this some more.  Thanks to everyone who let us know it was a little too strict.

Thanks for coming by each week to check out what we have done and help us evolve Tirnua into something uniquely special.   Your feedback and support are truly appreciated.



Men will be men!

September 10th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

After  a couple of months wearing the red dress, I finally worked on the character pipeline. This will enable us to start adding a few more characters into the game, while we wait for Larry to deliver the full 3D characters he is working on.

So NEXT WEEK, when you enter any of the rooms, you will be able to see that male personas will not be wearing the red dress anymore!

Again, we are pushing new code today, and this is not in this week’s build but in next week’s (and there will be a lot more).

Also We received our first T-Shirts this week end, and since I am faster than the others, here is my face above a Tirnua T-Shirt. I like them a  lot, they are very nice. I like the way the image is printed on the t-shirt, and you can’t feel it when you touch it.

It has already been suggested that our avatars would like to wear it too!

Thank you for the feedback on the last post. I just wanted to say again, that Tirnua being a game, you will be able to play the game! This is not going to be just a purchase catalog, so please don’t worry too much.

Ok, I am going back to work some more on those characters,



Items for sale

September 8th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week was a milestone for us because we finally enabled paypal, the purchase of TAU and provided merchandise (T-Shirts and mugs) . I now want to explain why it is important to us.

Tirnua is a start up company, and while we are working on attracting financing from the venture capital community, we are currently self financed. For Tirnua to survive in the long term as an independent company, it needs to become profitable, which means that it needs to have revenues, and to increase those revenues until they are higher than its costs.

In August we enabled the ads from Google adsense. Last week we added the merchandising and the TAU purchase which gives us three distinct sources of revenue. We do not expect that the ads and the merchandising will ever be a big part of our income, but it was easy for us to do, and for the merchandising enabled us to give you something in return.

As of today, there is still nothing one can buy with the TAUs, and we are actively working on solving that quickly. Nevertheless dozens of you have already purchase some, and that is a strong sign of support to us. I want to thank all of you who did this, it means a lot to us.

While any one will be able to play for free in Tirnua, our main revenue will come from users spending TAUs to buy or rent digital objects. Those objects will be used as decoration, or to interact with, to accelerate game play or to enable further functionality in the game. We will also have a lot of custom content uploadable to the game. Because of the infrastructure costs, there will be a charge (in TAUs) to upload custom content. The purchase of all those TAUs will be the main income for Tirnua, Inc.

One question I have seen many times in the comments: will we be able to earn TAUs in the Tirnua game? The answer is that I do not want to give users tools to transform time into money, because we have seen in the past, that it is at the root of an unstable economy. Nevertheless, I will give out some TAUs to players in random events, that will reward the users, while preventing bot-ing for money of the game.

We will have a system of game points also in Tirnua, and those game points will earn users rewards in relation of the ecology game and other mini-games.

Users will be able to earn TAUs from other users. For example, users will be able to buy items from the Tirnua store, and get a rebate when they buy in quantities. This will enable them to re-sale the items with a profit margin to other users. After a while only licensed store owners will be able to buy directly from the Tirnua store, therefore guaranteeing a market place for store owners.

As you have seen in recent posts, we are making good progress on the game. In the next few weeks, we will do our best to enable the purchase and trade of objects, to jump start an economy. To make it worthwhile to the early supporters, some of those objects will only exist for a few weeks in the game, and will be retired permanently, making them effectively rares. Our hope is that those objects will turn out to be a valuable investment, making it good for us and for you.

Again, I really appreciate the support you are already providing, and I can tell you that we are all working very hard to deserve it.



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