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Secure Trade, Expanded Founder Lots, Objects, and More!

October 30th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

The Summary:

You might have to restart your browser to see the website’s new look.

To get the player to player economy rolling we are introducing secure trade this week. As usual we have added many more objects to the store including much flora (see garden center post) and one very special object called the game piece. You’ll notice that we have a new website layout (still a work in progress), the ability to play the game in full screen mode (be sure to check that out), and some on going UI clean ups.

Larry is hard at work on giving us true 3D characters, character animations and clothing. To get an early preview of this, go to your homepage and change your ‘gender’ to be 3D Female. You can sit on chairs and idle about. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and you may notice some anomalies!

We’ve made a big performance improvement to the game too, particularly in the rotation of rooms and in dealing with very large inventories. Speaking of inventories, you can now click on objects in the tirnua store and choose the purchase option, if available. You’ll be asked to confirm your selection before the item is placed in your inventory, assuming everything goes well (see image below).

Finally, we’ve gifted all current personas with a larger lot - knocking down the walls on the one you had and giving you ninety extra tiles to play with!

A Few More Details on Secure Trade

For now this works through pages on our website but soon you’ll be able to do it in the game too in real time by just clicking on the persona you want to trade with. You can trade unlimited amounts of money and objects.

In the same way as you find people to gift, browse the Book for a link to the persona with whom you would like to trade. Go to their homepage and click ‘Start a secure Trade’. Once you’ve selected objects and/or money to offer them, click Initiate and they will be sent an email notification.

A trade will not go through until both parties have accepted each other’s final offers (you can go back and forth many times). You can see your active trades by scrolling down on your homepage. It should look like so (hit refresh if not):

I know a much more detailed guide could be provided, perhaps on the wiki?

Hope you enjoy this week’s many updates and I can tell you that I think they are only going to get better!

Editing Tips:

  • Use backspace to remove items from your room
  • Hold down the alt key while dragging your mouse to pan
  • With an item selected, hit the space bar to rotate it

Tic-tac-toe, Go, checkers, connect-4, … !

October 30th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We can’t wait to get to the point where we can focus on developing simulation games for Tirnua but, for now, please welcome, The Game Piece!

Use these game objects to create games from tic-tac-toe, Go, checkers, connect-4 (four-in-a-row), etc.

Each piece has 3 states (off, red, green). We can’t wait to see what uses you come up with!






Preview of some new objects coming today!

October 30th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

A friend of the company, Joelle, has been doing some amazing work helping us to keep bringing you new objects each week. This week we will get trees, shrubs and potted plants to play with in addition to some new furniture items.

Margaret and I had some fun just now making this garden center. Click to see a larger image and visit it in the game soon!

Stay tuned for the update later today!

Sincere thanks to Joelle!

… and The Flora Store!

October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

And there’s still more to come another day! I’m sure that we’ll all benefit also from Margaret’s spending the time to do this using the very same tools that we all will use to layout lots.


Hope you are also having some fun decorating and seeing the objects in 3D you’ve bought through the store. Isn’t the Founder’s Gift quite something?!

The Fuego Store…

October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Here’s another one to check out!

Aqua Collection Store Preview

October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

As mentioned in our release notes and Luc’s last teaser post, we now have lot editing and Margaret is making good use of it to lay out stores to show off the objects we have in each of our collections.

Click on the image below to see a large size image of what the new Aqua Store looks like today or better, visit it in game!



New opening: 5 collection stores in Tirnua

October 25th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

As I write this, Margaret is editing live the new stores we are opening. You can join those lots and see her in action!

Live from the flora store,


p.s.: Just go to the game and find the flora store (probably at the beginning or the end of the list)

Nice Step Forward for our Game!

October 24th, 2008 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we bring to you some Major New Features in the Tirnua world:

  • At last:  you can now Edit Your Own Lot
  • A New UI: arrange your game layout at will and fully resize it
  • Fast account creation Using Your Facebook Account
  • Added many More Objects: 150+ new objects

Editing your own lot:

When you are in your own lot, there is an Edit mode checkbox enabled at the top of the home viewer.  When selected it enables you to move the objects placed on your lot.  Add objects from your inventory by dragging the object from your Inventory panel (not from the My personas panel, be careful) onto the lot. 

When an object is selected on your lot hold down the left click on the mouse and hit the space bar to rotate the position of the object.  The backspace key will send the object selected back to your inventory.

With these features you can now setup your lot anyway you want!

New UI:

Most important the Tirnua game now is resizable at will.  Just try it out.  You can also rotate the view with the newly added rotate buttons in the lower left corner (remember from last week that you could ALT-drag to pan using the mouse).

Next, you can drag the different panels of information around and change the layout.  I suggest you play around and organize your view (it does not remember the layout as you left it yet, but we will be working on that soon). Drag on the tab itself rather than the title bar of the panel.

Fast account creation through facebook:

If you are a facebook user you can register with us in a single click.

More new objects:

Beds!  Sectional sofas, tables, chairs, and more chairs. … we added a new gift as well: a skull for Halloween! Have fun sending this to all your Tirnuan friends just in time for Halloween.

We are sure you are going to have fun this week with this publish!

So Enjoy!!!

This Week’s Release: 200+ Objects added!

October 16th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Hello Tirnuan’s,

It is time for our weekly release, and we have a few changes with more really exciting ones just around the corner!

We have added over 200 Tirnua Collection objects this week, ready to be added to your inventories! Please make sure to check out the object store and let us know what you think.

By popular request we have also added the ability to zoom in and out in your rooms. If you hold the Alt key and mouse-down you can pan around the whole area with ease (or use the pan buttons in the bottom left). Slide back to zoom level 1 for the best view of the objects and apologies that we made an error that means the chat history will be missing until next Wednesday! In addition to those navigation features, you also have access to PersonaBook and your account information from the HomeViewer. This is part of an effort we are just starting to merge all our features into one application and clean up the flow while doing so.

Your rooms now show up on a list when you enter the HomeViewer. Currently you can visit any Persona’s room but we are working on privacy settings to control that.  You will also notice that the default objects in your room are not there this week but this is in preparation for next week’s release.   Placing objects, a feature originally planned for this week, is being refined, and will be published next Wednesday.  This is a cool new feature that many of you have been waiting for!  You will now be able to place and move objects in your homes, so get ready to decorate…



P.S. A random selection of the new objects this week:


New Collections, Reserve Lot Names, and Much More!

October 9th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook


This week we have been hard at work on many different aspects of Tirnua.

To start with, we’ve been creating some really cool items to choose from in 5 new collections. With these collections the number of objects has grown considerably.

Because we are inspired by the environment at Tirnua, we decided to base the colors, patterns and styles for each collection on the elements:

Water (Aqua)
Fuego (Fire)
Terra (the Earth)
Air (Spirit)
… and Nature itself (Flora)

We designed each collection to be distinct from the other, but many of these pieces will work together. Make sure you check out the Object Store and let us know you favorite collection. Personally, I really like The Aqua Collection!

The Home Viewer gets a few features you have requested. You can now scroll around your homes using the scroll buttons. This is still a work in progress so look for updates. Another feature that was requested was a way to tell who is that visiting your lots, avatar thumbnail images are now available in the home viewer.

We have increased the amount of time you can be idle on your lots from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Last week we noticed that some of you kept disconnecting. This is because you need to move around some. The 5 minute time made it seem really quick so this will be a big help. Also we increased the maximum number of visitors you can have to 50. Next time we meet lets see if we can load up the Community Center!

We have improved the interface for assigning persona names, you now have a drop down list which is much more intuitive (see example).

In addition when you add a new Persona we now give you gender-appropriate clothing to your persona inventory so that you don’t have to buy those default items before your accessories or new clothing will show when you enter the homeviewer.

We’ve also started Feeds for recording and displaying some basic activity information on all persona homepages. We will be expanding this feature but for right now it provides basic information about your log in activities and what lots you’ve visited.

By way of general improvements, if you need to you can now request a temporary password and/or change your password. If you need help, email

Again many thanks for all your support. We are planning another meeting in the Community Center soon so keep checking the blog. See you all in TirNua!



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