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Happy New Year Tirnuans!

December 31st, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Put on your New Year’s Eve top hat, change your skin tone and bring in the New Year with us.  This week you can now choose between light, medium or dark skin.  To do so first you will need to go to the 3D clothing store of your default persona’s gender and purchase(for free) the skin tone of your choice.  From there, go to ‘My Account’, select the new skin item and drag and drop it on your persona in the persona window.  Finally, when finished click on ‘Update Persona’ to save the changes.

Speaking of Top Hats - have you seen them and tried them on?  If so, you probably know by now that you can’t take them off and that you are stuck bringing in the New Year with them on.  Don’t worry though, soon after the New Year they will all magically disappear.  If you don’t have one look for them in the 3D Clothing stores - they are free!


We had so much fun with the animated Christmas trees that we just had to go ahead and add a few more animated objects to toast the New Year around. 


Also, per a suggestion by one of our regulars, we have added the ability to rotate the character so the avatars can face one another in the game when they want to.  Just use the up and down arrow keys to rotate the direction of the character.  Try doing this while walking to see what happens.

 Also, don’t forget that you can now purchase additional or bigger lots from the Real Estate Store.

Cheers, Skaal, Salute, Sláinte, À votre santé, Prost, Salud, and a Very Happy 2009!


Just in time for Santa: Bigger Lots, New Friend Features, and A Special Gift From Us!

December 26th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we are adding in more Stores including a Real Estate Store where you can purchase bigger lots.    If you go to these locations immediately after I publish they will be empty.   We will populate them soon.    We will blog about the details of the stores at a later date so check back.

We have added new feature to the “Persona Web” tab.    You can now see and click on your friends portraits and it will take you to their pages.   In addition at the top you can now see all the lots that you can own which will come in handy now that we are opening the Real Estate store.   The lot pictures are also clickable and will take you to that lot.

Under the “My Account”  tab we have added a “What’s Up?” tab that shows you feed events for all of your friends.  You can click names to visit thier pages or their lots to jump to your friends lots.

Finally we are giving out some Christmas Gifts to each of your Persona’s.  Check your inventory and wallet - you should have received a random holiday decoration item and 500 Tau.   This is just our small way of saying thanks and showing our appreciation.

We really appreciate your support and wish you and your families a safe and very Happy Holidays.



Ho Ho Ho…3D Dress Me, User Store Functionality, Friending & more

December 19th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we bring you lots of goodies to celebrate the holidays with.  To start with, our 3D Tirnuans have textures and you can now dress them!  Here’s how: Go to the Web Store and select the Womens 3D Clothing or Mens 3D Clothing category and purchase an item.  Go back to the Game, select the My Account Tab, then select the item purchased and drag and drop it on your persona.  Here you will see your avatar fitted with the new clothing items. Please note, you must select Update Persona to see the change in-game. Also, the tax looks to be calculating incorrectly but it is actually charging you the correct amount. This will be fixed in an update soon. As some of you already know, we are experiencing some issues with the 3D avatars. We are looking into these issues and thanks for the help debugging them.

Womens 3D Clothing Store

To go along with this, we have added two new interactions for the 3D avatars; a wave and a clapping animation.

The Tipjar is now working and it has a new look!  You can leave tips, check the balance, withdraw the funds etc.

We have started to enable user stores this week by allowing object owners to set the price on any object on their lot and toggle on/off whether the object is for sale.  Allowing users to create successful and manageable user stores is important to us.  A few weeks ago, we add the Bulk Purchase Discount feature in the Tirnua Stores in hopes that Tirnua Stores become wholesale distributors at some point down the line.

Start making friends this Holiday Season. We have added an initial implementation for friending with this release.  Here’s how it works: for now, you must ask the other person to add you as a friend and you must add them as one too.  To do so, go to the Persona Web tab and search for a friend like ‘Luc’, click on the persona name and select the ‘Friend Request’ button. After your friend does the same, you will see your friends appear in the Friends window box on your Persona Web page.

Lastly, we have added more Holiday objects, including Christmas trees that have lights and toys to put around the tree.  In addition, we have added bamboo/tiki objects to our Isla collection and more cabinetry for our kitchen collection.  The corral fence now comes in 4 piece sections.

(Click on any item above to see it in the web store)

Happy Dressing, Selling, Friending and Holidays from all of us!

Preview of things to come

December 13th, 2008 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

I have not written one of those development update in a while, but we have made such progress in the last few weeks, I need to give you all a preview of the nice things to come, and as usual I will do it by mentioning the people working on the different parts.

Audrey continues to put our world together by adding new objects, made mostly by Joelle, but also by herself or Margaret. We have now about a thousand objects, and we will continue to add more objects every week. Audrey is also working on tutorial videos that we will soon integrate in the application to teach users basic functionality.

Joelle continues to work on objects, and will also open a new community center. I really liked our new Tirnua Spa, and I hope Joelle will be able to give us a new space like this every month.

Cort is working on the map and the real estate market. Next week you will be able to start buying rooms of any size. Cort is also working on making the search and display of the rooms interesting. Location, location, location will be true in Tirnua as in most virtual worlds.

Greg is integrating the functionality we had in the web site in the Tirnua application itself. Every week you will find that your account page, or the persona web displays more information and enables you to navigate more easily through Tirnua. Next week, Friend request will be enabled, and we will start to have friend specific features and visibility. Laurent is working with Greg on some key aspect of the Tirnua application to enable us to have the full functionality of a game, even though we are in a web browser.

Sarah is working on enabling trades between users. Last week she added the ability to give gifts, next week the tip jar will be there, and secure trading will soon be possible in the application, with a much nicer UI than the difficult (almost impossible) web interface. Those are steps towards user based stores that we want to see as the primary mechanism for user purchases.

Lee, who interfaces with most of you, is working on our next community tool. We will soon have a BBS so that you can all connect with one another as it relates to Tirnua.

Larry has made some fantastic progress on the 3D Tirnuans. Most importantly, we can now see them with textures, and dress them! Next week, you will be able to do it yourself in the application. Larry has been working hard on the 3D Tirnuans for a long time, as we know we can only deliver the game experience we need using 3D characters and not 2D graphics. This is a key milestone for Tirnua!

Margaret, is working on a collection of clothes for our Tirnuans. After working on the object collections and the map, she is now building templates for the 3D clothes, so that you will all be able to easily create new clothing for the Tirnuans.

For the last 3 weeks, I have been working on changing the way we work with the 3D Tirnuans. Six months ago, we started by using a tool called “Maya” from Autodesk, which while being well recognized in the game industry, is an expensive tool that most of you (or us) could not afford. We have now switched completely to using Blender (a free 3D tool) for editing and improving the Tirnuans.

Once Margaret has finished the templates for the clothing we will publish the blender files for the man and the woman, and anyone will be able to work on new clothes for the game. This includes skins, shirts, pants, dresses, hats, wings, shoes etc… We have not figured out the submission process, but I expect that it will start by being an email sent to Audrey, and evolve into an in game submission.

While the 3D Tirnuans will never look as nice as the 2D Tirnuans on their driver license, they will soon have hundreds of moves. We are working on a conversion tool to convert motion captures into Tirnuan moves. Next week, you will find in game a ‘wave’ move to demonstrate the first application of the tool. Like objects, we will have hundreds of moves in the game, which I believe will position us apart from other web based virtual worlds.

In the last two months, we worked on establishing the application, rooms, objects, connecting with facebook. This month and next month, we will make the Tirnuans work well in 3D, make the application be coherent, enable users to interact with users, retire the web site elements. Early next year, we will start on the simulations and key aspect of the game, including the ecology, and then focus on the user tools for custom content.

We still have a lot ahead of us, but I am amazed at the progress we made in the last two months, and I hope you are too.

I would like to thank all of you who are helping us every week. You provide the best motivation for the dev team to improve and fix the game.



‘Tis the Season for Gifting

December 11th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This is the season for giving so get into the holiday spirit and start gifting all your friends in-game with the new Gifting Feature added this week.  With this feature you can now gift any object from your inventory to any other persona in any room with you.  Simply drag any object from your inventory into the Visitors panel and drop it on the avatar thumbnail of your choice.

You will receive a confirmation dialog box and the item will be removed from your inventory.  The item will show up in the inventory of the person that was given the gift.

Another example:

To add to this we have created a few special holiday items to gift:

This week you will also notice a new version of the map. This is work in progress towards adding terrain and elevation details that will make the map much more interesting.


It’s a Light Update this Week

December 4th, 2008 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Hi all,

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we have a light update for you this week.   Most fun of all - we have added a
doorbell sound
for entering and exiting lots.  Now you can hear avatars coming and going.

We have finished adding all existing lots to the Map and all new persona free lots will now automatically be placed on the Map.

We added a few more kitchen counters variations and fixed the existing ones that had missing backs or sides.

And to place under your trees and shrubs we’ve added a ground tile:

Until next week,


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