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Odds are good in Tirnua!

February 28th, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

After a couple of days witnessing the poker tournaments in Tirnua, it is clear that some Tirnuans are earning a living with the new Video poker game!

We have already seen a payout on a straight flush!

I’d love to figure out how we could turn this new toy into an interesting multi player game. Can you provide us with some suggestions?



Ante up! Play video poker! Payouts!

February 27th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Video Poker - Jacks or Better

This week we bring you a Video Poker Machine for your entertainment.

“Jacks or Better” poker means you need to get a pair of Jacks (Naves) or a better ranked hand to get a payout (see wikipedia if you need more info on hand rankings). Ante up 1 TAU to play by clicking on the “Bet” interaction. Then you can flip some or all of the cards by just clicking on each of them. To complete the hand, choose the “Draw” interaction to get new cards in place of those you have turned over. Then if you get a pair of Jacks or better you will see the payout amount flashed along the banner at the top of the machine and you’ll be credited those winnings!

Come play at the Tirnua Poker House or get a video machine of you own. We are offering it at a special introductory price for this week only of 999 TAU down from the regular MSRP of 2900 TAU.

We have had a blast the past few days testing this one out in the office. Try it out, we are sure you will too!

Here’s Larry with a Full House

…and, here’s Lee trumping everyone in the office with a Royal Flush - Woot!

(We think Lee might have doctored this screenshot somewhat, even though it is very hard to tell for sure).

You can purchase the video poker game in the entertainment store in-game or at the website store.

As you play, your chat window will display TAU spent and TAU paid out.

Your in-game wallet will reflect your wallet balance.  You will see the payoff displayed on the object panel above the cards.  Use the closet zoom to see it better. This week we are being generous with the payout so enjoy!

Other things in this update:

  • New HUG animation with feed event. We hope these two person animations can really set us apart from other games. Next week, we hope to have the one everyone has been asking for the Dip Kiss… and then, what would you like to see?
  • New Popular Search - we added a Real Estate Listing as one of the popular searches from the world map - all lots that are set for sale will show up here so if you are in the business, make sure to advertize well with a good lot description and a nice lot snapshot
  • More Floor Tiles- we heard you loved the new floor tiles we added last week to the Terra Collection so this week we added new floor tiles to the Flora and Fuego Collections. You can find these on the website store under flooring too.

  • Added 2 New Plants - we took a couple of your favorites and made them 1 tile plants. These smaller versions will no longer take up as much space around your furniture.

  • Website Stores Re-organized - new and most popular items so they show up first for the website store items in each collection and category
  • Finish Line - for puzzle makers, you can now link this to electricity of a certain color.  For example, click on your finish line and choose “Manage” > “Reset by color”> Red. Then you could place a red off rug at the start of the puzzle and a red on rug just before people can get to the finish line so that it will reset each time someone gets to the end of your puzzle. If you have set a Prize Amount and your finish line object has enough money in it, everyone that crosses it will get paid.
  • Name Plates - scrolling over the the name plate object now displays the actual name associated with it, just like for lot leases.
  • New way to take lot snapshots - When you click the lot snapshot button you now have the option to choose the area you take a picture of (or just use the default). This is not the best UI in the world and we apologise but it works as follows: Click in the top left hand corner of the area you want to photo and if you want an area larger than the small red rectangle that shows up, drag downwards and to the right until your mouse is past the edge of the rectangle. In this way you can snapshot any part of your room at the closest zoom level possible.

And, last but not least, you might start to see some seedlings popping up in the world as we test out our next new exciting feature. These should be available for mass consumption next week so stay tuned in.

Have fun Ka-chinging and see you all in the game.

Real Estate Market Opens in Tirnua!

February 20th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

With this update you can not only sell your purchased lots but you can also sell all the objects on the lot! We know many of you have been waiting for this. To sell your lease you must drag the deed onto one of you lots and you must have the ’set prices’ check box toggled on, otherwise you will not see the the ’set for sale’ interaction menu. Please note: you can not be in edit mode to set the lot for sale either.

When you roll over a lot that is set for sale you can see information about it including the price you’ll pay the owner and the number of objects on the lot. You can click on a lot to go to it (if you are not there already!) and when you click purchase you will see the price for the monthly lease to be paid to Tirnua also. Note that to prevent accidentally selling founders objects, deeds to other lots, or name plates, we do not transfer those as part of a lot sale even if they are on the lot being sold. Those items will be put back in the inventory of their owner.

Lot Tooltip In Inventory - mousing over a lot deed displays the lot name.

Lot info dialog box now displays the lot owner(s) - click on the lot information button to see a list of the lot owners. This is the place to edit the lot name and description of the lots you own.

Jump to Lot Owner’s Persona Web Page - clicking on a owner will take you directly to that owner’s persona page in the persona web panel.

Show Your Age - Just How Old Are You? - The Persona Web Page now displays the Persona’s age in days old (see the red circle above in the picture of Dude_Lebowski’s page).

The Banner Buttons - the buttons above the Homeviewer and World Map have been updated and fixed. The ‘My Home’ buttons is now ‘My Homes’ and has a drop down list for the lots you own. You can toggle between these to go directly to the lot of your choice. The ‘Store’ button has been removed and the ‘Community Center’ now works and takes you to the new Community Center.

Improved Kissing - Kissing in Tirnua should be stablized. Lots of fun has been had with the kissing interactions but there were some issues we encountered while doing a whole lot kissing last week. We believe that we have squashed the majority of these issues and now you should be able to kiss to your heart’s delight without any problems.

Improved radio interface - the UI menu now has more buttons. Most importantly is the permissions button. This button will only be displayed if you are the owner of the radio. With this button you can control who can tune your radio station and turn it on or off. When selecting the Permissions button you can allow only your friends, yourself or everyone to tune the radio.

The help button takes you to a web page (yet to be populated with help info:-)). Even if you don’t own a radio, you can always hit the mute button to toggle the sound on or off just for you and for this particular radio - others will not be able to tell that you chose to mute locally. You do not have to route to the radio to select either the help or mute button. Also, a little animation will play when you turn the sound on/off or tune the radio.

New Floor Tiles - since you have been asking … we added 11 new floor tiles for decorating your lots with. Look for even more variety coming soon.

And lastly, this week we finished fixing the remainder of the chairs, sofas and benches in the rest of the collections so that when you sit on them and rotate your view the avatar is drawn properly in relationship to the chair.

See you in Tirnua,

I Kissed a Tirnuan and I Liked it!

February 13th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Just in Time for Sweetheart’s Day … We have Kiss Interactions!

You can now ‘Get Jiggy With’ another avatar, be it a male or a female.  Click on an avatar you would like to ‘Get Jiggy With’ and select the ‘Get Jiggy With’ action.  From here you have two choices for a Kiss Interaction: a Sweet Kiss or a Friendly Kiss. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Tirnua Team! Be sure to look in your inventory for a Valentine’s Gift from us to each of your recently active personas. Go ahead and spread the love around and gift these heart objects to your friends for they will become rare objects one day.

Blue valentine heart Pink valentine heart Red valentine heart

To give these special gift objects, find your friends in the Persona Web panel ()  or through the Book on the website and click on the “Give Gift” button.

In addition to the holiday fun stuff, we have changed a lot of things about the belts, access points and conveyor belts in order to fix some of the bugs that we discovered together over the past week.

And, we have started to fix the chairs, sofas and benches so that when you sit on them and rotate your view the avatar is drawn properly in relationship to the chair. We also fixed the routing so the avatars should no longer walk through chairs, sofas, tables etc..

Have fun kissing and giving Valentine hearts to your sweethearts!

More tools to create great puzzles!

February 6th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Puzzle Components 2.0 - lots of tweaking and polishing has gone on this week with the cubes and conveyor belts. To add an element of chance and randomness to your puzzles, we added branching conveyor belts that will randomly send cubes and people to 3 possible locations. We cannot wait to see what you guys will do them!

Here’s an example of a very simple game - step on the first conveyor and see how far you get before you are randomly routed off to the side:
Tirnua Branching Conveyor Belts Added

Note that Tirnuans cannot step off Conveyor belts while in motion anymore - this makes puzzles more challenging and some existing puzzles will have to be slightly modified. Also, the conveyor belt tries harder to keep objects and Tirnuans from running into one another.

Radio 2.0 - the radio functionality has been updated and polished. The radio now requires the user to route to it in order to tune it and turn it on or off.

Tirnua Access Point is now a Teleport Landing spot

Access Point

We have added functionality to the access point so that they can be placed in different locations on your lot and so that a user can teleport to any available access point on your lot should they get into trouble and get stuck someplace.

Multiple Landing Spots: If you have more than one access point on your lot, the game will try to find an empty one to land people on so that no everyone lands in the same spot or on top of each other!

When ever your wallet balance changes we are updating that value in a new wallet tab that you’ll find behind the inventory tab.
New Wallet Tab

Note in the image above that wallet updates are posted to the chat window too. Do you like this or would to turn that off?

Web Store Convenience: For you consumate lot decorators, you can now open the web store page in a new tab or window and when you make purchases via the web store you will see the items show up in your inventory in-game. In others words, you no longer need to go out to the store make the purchase and then go back into the game to reload your inventory. We hope to bring that web store into a tab in-game in the future.

User Stores update: If you are anywhere in Tirnua when someone buys an object from your lot, you will get a little alert and see that your wallet balance has been updated.

Also, Paypal notifications have been set up - from now on when buying TAU, you will receive a confirmation dialog box notifying you that the transaction has been successfully made.

Finally, for shoppers, we’ve add a new web store section , by request, for all tiles and walls (don’t forget that you can open this in another tab or browser window while logged into the game)

Walls, Partitions, and Tiles



Sarah and the Team

Some tips re lots, and a Radio “How To”

February 4th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We’ll be pushing tomorrow folks!

Tip of the Day:
After you edit your lot, don’t forget to click the snapshot button so that others can see your decorating skills: Tirnua lot snapshot icon

How to edit your lot description and give it a nice name:


We are twittering!

February 4th, 2009 by TirNua Games Master Leave a comment Share on Facebook

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