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Celebrate spring by the banks of this idyllic pond!

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Beautiful new lots for sale now in the Tirnua Real Estate Store. See below for an image and click for a full size view. (more…)

Another custom content lot in Tirnua

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Check out Tirnua’s first tiny island created by Saniel!

Get out your Alarm Clocks - We’ve got a Job for You

March 27th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

That’s right, it is time to go to work and get paid in Tirnua! This week, we bring you the early beginnings of a jobs system. Your first job is a Bin Pusher at an Environmental Cleanup Plant. To start out, you will be able to go to the community center and ‘clock in’ at the time clock. Here you will get a time card that will be placed in your inventory.

After you have ‘clocked in’, you will be taken to an open job lot. Once on the job site, your job is to make your way to the kiosk to complete your work shift and claim your payout.  More details on how to go to work can be found here.

We are very excited to release our first job in the game. It is going to help us test out the job system so that we may create more jobs and levels oin the upcoming weeks. Job promotions and jobs requiring teamwork are part of the near future.

This Level 1 job aims to give you an entry level familiarity with how to navigate your way through a maze-like lot by stepping on conveyor belts, moving objects out of your way, and using electric switches to open doorways on the path ahead.

Note: You will only be able to work every 2 hours or 12 shifts per day. For now, you will be paid at the end of every shift when you reach the payout kiosk by clicking “cross the finish line”. Your earnings will displayed in your chat window. Please beware there is time limit in which to finish your job. If you do not finish during the time allocated then you will be forced out. This is so that other workers are not prevented from going to work. If forced out and you were not able to finish your shift; you will be allowed back in to start your shift over again.

Notice!!! After this week, gender change will be disabled. You will no longer be able to switch between genders per persona. So, please take a look at each of personas and decide whether you want to be a guy or a gal.

Liar’s Dice Updates. Betting is now in! It is available at the 10 & 25 TAU levels.  Flashing highlights now indicate the action such as whose turn is next and the dice count at the end of a round will be displayed.  When a game is over, anyone on the lot can reset the table. Rake  is set up for the lot owner to get a take of the action. New interactions are available to the owner ‘Withdraw’ and ‘Check Balance’. For more details refer to Liar’s Dice Help.

Attention Female Avatars!!! We have spandex galore for you as well as mini-skirts. Take off your shoes and walk around barefoot especially when sporting your new bikini bottom on the beach. Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out new clothing items for your 3D characters. This is just a snippet of what’s to come.

Attention Male Avatars!!! Take a look at your face - you are getting better looking all the time.

Lastly, over the past few weeks since we introduced our plant simulation in the game we have been spending lots of time testing, debugging and tuning it. Many of you were instrumental in helping us do this. For instance, the red chair bug was unearthed whereby red chairs were being harvested in place of the orange trees. This has probably been our best bug yet! Thanks to Simone and others who took it all in good stride and had some fun with it. Needless to say, we believe we have fixed this bugs and other ones found.

In addition, green thumb scores were in the negative even for our best gardners out there. We have carefully tuned this so you should start seeing green thumbs in the postive numbers now!

Better hurry up you’re already late for work.
See you on the job!

Glitter’s Poker Palace gets Tirnua’s first Royal Flush!

March 19th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Gilly got Tirnua's first Royal Flush at Glitter's Poker Palace
Glitter’s Poker Palace can boast to be the first place in Tirnua that paid out for a Royal Flush.

In Jacks or Better Video Poker machines like those in Tirnua, a result like this only comes round every 1 in 40,400 hands!.

Congratulations to Gilly who got this very special hand. To celebrate we sent a message to everyone in game just a little while ago and gifted some prize money to everyone that had logged in up to that point today.


Play Liar’s Dice with the Luck of the Irish!

March 18th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, we decided to surprise you and publish our weekly release early. This will give you all a chance to Get Lucky!

First off, we have a special edition Luck of the Irish Joker Poker Video Poker Machine for you at the special introductory price of 1299 TAU. This version of video poker is Kings or Better and the payouts have been raised. Instructions and payout tables described on the wiki Video Poker Info page.

Our Irish dev Sarah was very excited to get this hand and the mega payout that went with it - luck of the Irish indeed!

So grab your Green Hat from the 3d Clothing Store (Men’s or Women’s) and party on through the week with your fellow Tirnuans! Secondly, and entirely new this week, we bring you Liar’s Dice! This is an early implementation of the game so at this time you can not bet. Check it out and play test it for us! Liar’s dice is a game for two or more players (you might have seen it played in a recent pirate movie). To play: dice are rolled in a concealed fashion and bids are made about the result of the roll. Players must then either raise the bid or challenge the previous bid in turn. Get more info on how to play Liar’s Dice from this wiki help page with fully illustrated walkthrough

To keep with the St. Patrick’s Day theme we have a few new cool objects for you. Check out these large area rugs, floor tiles and flag additions.

Poppies rug with fringesClover rug with fringesShamrock rug with fringesIrish flagSt. Patrick's Day Shamrock flagFuego poppies floor tile - stack of 30Flora clover floor tile - stack of 30Flora shamrock floor tile - stack of 30

Thanks go to MonkeyPantz again for the flags. Look for them in the Flora and Decoration stores. Also, Margaret couldn’t resist and had us add a rug and floor tile made of poppies.

Lastly, but just as important, check out the latest version of the female character. We think she is catching up with the male on her good looks. More to come for both…

From all of us at Tirnua, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

First User Custom Content in Tirnua!

March 14th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We have our first custom content in game. Many of you have probably already visited Saniel’s lot today.

Saniel used Blender and created a background. We added it to the game and assigned it to his lot. Check out the nice piece of art Saniel created:

Here is what his lot looked like before he added all the furniture: View picture of the empty lot

You can see it for yourself right here in Tirnua: Jump to Saniel’s lot

Saniel also started a tutorial on the wiki to help others who want to make their own lot: Saniel’s tutorial on background creation

This is just the beginning of custom content in Tirnua. We are working on clothes, walls, tiles and pictures. All of those custom objects will be user tradable (I think Saniel is already taking orders..).

Thank you all for being such a talented group of players!



Facebook Feeds tip

March 14th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

To show better facebook feeds, please check your application settings. It would be great if you could allow us to post “short stories”. See sample settings. Thanks!

The First Snow!

March 13th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

WE’VE GOT WEATHER! Look out for wind, rain and even snowy weather coming in Tirnua in light spells at occasional intervals! Today, we saw it snowing on one of our empty lots for sale and even in the Tirnua Bank. If you have a separate room (built with walls) on your lot the game will consider this indoors and the weather effects will not take place there; space outside of any rooms will be considered outdoors and weather will happen.

Snow Falling in Norway   Snowy Mountain Top Lot (Norway)

MEET YOU IN… THE SNOW! and at… THE BEACH! New snow and beach lots will be set for sale at the Tirnua Real Estate Store. If you liked the new lot backgrounds last week, you are going to love these!

The Beach!

GROW RARE TREES!That’s right! There are some rare seeds sprinkled among the seed bags of the world…will you be the first to grow one? Also, this week your full grown trees will start their fruiting cycle. Be sure check in often so you don’t miss the stages of this weekly cycle. Also, solo gardeners can now block off plants physically - no need to lock your lots up with lot permissions - you should show off your gorgeous gardens!

FACEBOOK CONNECTIONS - Facebook users now have a link to encourage them to play in full screen for a better experience. All accounts that are connected to facebook will show the facebook icon on their persona web pages. Hopefully you will also see some more fun facebook feeds from Tirnua starting this week.

Hey, good looking! I look in the mirror and I like what I see - avatar faces look much better this week - the man got a haircut and a shave and is looking very fresh faced! Expect to get even better looking over the next few weeks. Take a new snapshot of yourself using the My Account tab and the Update Persona button.

What’s New? We have added a What’s New in Tirnua window. From now on, in-game you will be able to get the most recent information on the changes and features that have been added. We will still blog and twitter as well. Look for the What’s New button icon that you can click on at anytime in game. You will find this icon in the top left corner above the world map tab. Included with What’s New and on another tab is a Getting Started tab. Here will be the place to find important information about what to do and how to go about it in Tirnua. You can now refer newcomers in the game to this tab. Please help us by making suggestions on content that should be included, especially wiki links. It’s early days on this front yet.

HomeViewer Page Layout - you will notice the Places to Visit drop down list next to the My Homes and the addition of a few more buttons for new features. The user lots in that list are ones with the top visitors scores that also have a name plate applied. This will be updated once a week for now. You’ll also notice that we’ve changed the login page a little to encourage people more to connect through facebook, if they use it. If you are already logged to facebook (as I often find myself!), you literally just click on the “Connect with Facebook” button and you’ll come right into the game. No need to remeber a separate password for Tirnua.

Manage Mode (next to Edit Mode) . This is the button to use to ’set the price’ on a object you want to sell and to enable you to recycle items. That’s it, you can now clean up your lot and recycle items that you no longer have use for! Toggling this button will enable both menu items for Set for Sale Price and Send to be Recycled on the objects. For now, the recycled items are lost but we are working on a greener solution.

Toggle UI hidden/visible - use these icons to show the directional or not (we thought this might let you take less busy screenshots).

We have also said goodbye to all 2D personas and the Monkey. If you were hanging on as a 2D persona, you will find yourself showing up in 3D from now on. Note that ALL 2D clothing item purchases have been refunded in full.

Chat Font Size Editable - use this icon change chat font sizeto change the size of your font in the Chat window.

Persona Web Page Layout

We have some known issues with the remaining counts in the tile and wall tooltips in your inventory AND, importantly, the system that sends those debited/credted messages to your chat window… if you don’t get them, please don’t be alarmed - your balance is being updated on the server correctly. Perhaps have open in another window and refresh that to see your latest balance without having to reload the game to get it. We are working on this!

Finally, some bug fixes and mini requests we dealt with:

  • Persona Web now shows you friends avatar images and when you click on the button to friend someone, you will get a notification that the request has been sent.
  • Give gift should work again!
  • And the finish line is now paying out and resettable by color (see details)

Wow, hope you like all the updates this week. Just wait until next week…

To All You Green Thumb Harvesters Out There - Make Space!

March 10th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Bulk harvesting needs plenty of room! If you are planning on havesting many orange trees you will need lots of gardening space. This is an example of an area that is too small for harvesting (no offense to the owner’s hard labor here).

The way that the plant simulation works, each time you harvest a planting tray of 16 seedlings, depending on how well you cared for them you will reap from 1-16 seedlings re-potted in bigger pots. The bigger pots take up more space.

So, it goes like this: for each harvest (the grower has the potential to reap), you have 1 tray of 16 seedlings per tile, this grows to 4 seedlings per tile which then grows to 1 seedling per tile and then for the final orange tree you need 4 tiles per tree - so, as you can see from the pictures below, you need a lot of room especially if you have a true green thumb.

Here’s to a terrific harvesting season!

Tirnua - Facebook Referral Program - Get 200 TAU!

March 8th, 2009 by TirNua LoloLeRigolo Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Now that Tirnua is becoming a full-fledged virtual world, we are ready to bring more folks into it. We are pleased to announce our new user referral reward program. As of today, whenever you refer one of your facebook friends to our site and they register successfully, Tirnua Bank will credit you with 200 TAU.

Here’s how it works. We are sending various feeds to Facebook such as who “has been kissed in”, “has been trading in”, or “played as” etc., to show you and your friends where the action is in Tirnua. Sarah posted a how-to blog on it this week. Also, we give you the ability to display your lot as a profile box on your wall or from within the boxes tab, if you like.

If one of your friends clicks on an active feed link or your lot snapshot in your profile box on your Facebook page, and they successfully create a new account in Tirnua, you will be rewarded with 200 TAU. You will see this TAU show up in your bank account in-game.

You can also receive 200 TAU for every successful Tirnua registration from one of your personal invites to Tirnua. To do this, you would need to choose some of your friends and select the Send Tirnua Request in the “Spread the word! Help friends discover Tirnua” request dialog box that comes up when launching Tirnua via facebook. When this page comes up, you have the choice of Sending Tirnua Reguest or Skip before going into the game.

You will only be able to get the reward once per friend no matter how many times the the application is added by that same person since we are registering the facebook ID.  

Stay on the lookout for upcoming new rewards programs! We are also very interested to hear your suggestions on how to bring more of your friends into Tirnua. Please do not hesitate to let us know.


The Tirnua Team

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