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We’ve got Wings in Tirnua

May 30th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, we have WINGS for both Genders! We know just how important this addition is to our persona accessories. Along with this, we have added some other new clothing items to the Women’s Clothing Store this week. Look for leopard and polka dot pants, leopard and pink mini skirts, tank tops, ballerina slippers and sneakers. More to come in the weeks following for both Women and Men’s Clothing items. Don’t worry guys, we will catch up - we figured if we gave you the Mohawks, you would be content with that for awhile!

As mentioned last week, we are working on the layout for the Dress Me Panel. For ease of browsing catalog items, the clothing collection has been sorted and organized into tabs based on the item category. For instance, you will now see all hair styles on one tab.

New Users - Double your Lot Size!
To encourage our new users to come back to visit, we have also added a ‘Next Day Gift’ quest for them. Here’s how it works:

  • When new users login to Tirnua after 20 hours after their initial registration, they will be given all the materials needed to grow and harvest their first trees.
  • A successful first harvesting of the seedlings (meaning the first tray of 16 plants is harvested into 4 trays with 4 plants) will grow their lot size twofold. In other words, their 5×6 lot will double its size!
  • Anyone with a 5×6 New User Lot - Can Grow Their Lot Size Too!

    Over the past few months, when you registered to join Tirnua and created your first persona you were given a lot of your own as a starter home. Now you can double the size of that lot just by growing your first trees! You will need to purchase the starter kit to get you on your way to harvesting your first tree. Refer to the how to Harvest Plants Help Panel for more information.

    More Quests Added to the New Explorer Quest - we have added 8 new quest events to our the New Explorer Quest.
    The 8 new Quests are: Send a Message to someone in facebook, Kiss a Tirnuan, Buy an Item from a Tirnua Store Lot, Buy an Piece of Real Estate, Take a Picture of Yourself, Earn Tau with Super Rewards, Buy Tau with PayPal and Take a Snapshot of your Lot. Remember, anyone can do these quests to reap the rewards! All of them are for purchase.

    Make Real Estate Purchases directly from the World Map! Now when you click on a map pin on the map, if the Lot Deed has been set for sale, you will see a

  • Purchase button on the lot information dialog box. Selecting this button will give you the opportunity to purchase the lease on the lot directly from map. 

    An easy way to find out what Lot Deeds are Set for Sale is to go the World Map and Select “Real Estate Listing” from the Popular Searches menu. Selecting this will display all the lots that have been ’set for sale’ in the search results and on the map.

    New Objects - we have added some new objects to our collections this week. Look for these in the Flora, Fuego, Spirit, Terra, and Decoration collections from the Shopping Panel.

    Whew, lots of good stuff for all.

  • Congress Approves Stimulus Package in Tirnua Today!

    May 23rd, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    The Tirnua Congress decided to increase the job payouts by 20 times for random set of 12 hours at any time during There has never been a better time for you to go in the game, and collect some easy money! Check regularly the game and the blog post for those intense reward times!

    If you do not have a job yet, go to the community center, get a time card and apply for a job. you could be earning TAUs in no time!

    We run this from 8:30am PST till 10:00pm PST. There will be more random events soon!

    The payout is now twice what it was last week! This might be the new level we maintain from now on.


    (representing the green party in Tirnua!)

    Here it is…You asked for it - Mohawks are Here!!!

    May 22nd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Now Available - Hairstyle and Color Choices Galore for both Males and Females
    Guys can even sport a Mongolian Ponytail or Shaved Head!

    New Layout for the Dress Me Panel - we are working on updating the layout on the Dress Me panel. We removed the tabs for your inventory and the clothing store and everything is visible on the panel including the shopping basket. The design is still work in progress so let us know what you think on our forum. Coming soon…new clothes, new icons for the clothes and sorting.

    Changes to the World Map Panel

  • New Map filtering - filter by the most Popular Places (most visited) or see only your Friends Places on the map (blue map pins are facebook friends, green map pins are Tirnua friends).
  • Introducing concept of Townships and Zoning on the map - mouse over the colored overlays to see our work in progress on this. Starting next week, you will be able to move to a Town or Zone of your own choosing. Areas will have different properties. For instance, if you are in the Orchards you will not need to water your plants as often as you would in another area. In the Love Resort, you will probably find FUGLY as your neighbor!
  • Look for this new GoTo Lot Teleport Tile Object in the ‘Decorations Store’ from the Shopping Panel. Use this on your lot to teleport yourself and others to friend’s lots or anywhere in the Tirnua World. Just place the tile object on your lot, toggle on ‘Manage Mode’, select the ‘Manage’ interaction when clicking on the object and then select ‘Edit Goto Lot’ to set up the location specifics.

    All you need then is the Lot ID. In the popup box type in the lot ID number and preceding this, type in whatever text you would like to be displayed on the tooltip followed by ‘=’. For example to teleport to the Tirnua Bank, it would look like this: Go Get Money=51.

    The GoTo Lot works just like the on/off floor tile switches - step on the tile - and you will be whisked away to someplace else.

    Look forward to seeing all the mohawk dudes in-game,

    “Explorer Quests” welcome new players in Tirnua

    May 15th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    This week, in Tirnua we are beta testing a new Quest and Rewards System. We have started with ‘Explorer Quests’. This quest series will help players discover the many aspects of our game. Each quest is a small challenge in learning the Tirnua user interface. For each successful completion of a quest in the series, you will be gifted with a reward. These ‘rewards’ will be fun objects for use in the game.

    As mentioned, we are trial testing this system this week. We will be polishing the system and updating the help and completion dialog boxes throughout the next week. We are looking to the community to help us iron out the kinks in the system. Please post your comments and suggestions on our forum.

    Here’s how it will work. Everyone will be gifted 5 ‘gifts’ that can found in the inventory. Current players will be gifted these soon, new users will be prompted at initial login. Mousing over each gift in your inventory will display the challenge such as Change your appearance, Enter your own lot, Successfully invite a facebook friend etc. Another way to see your gifts is from the Getting Started Help Panel. New users, you will see a Star Quest icon next to your TAU balance. Clicking on that will bring up a popup box with instructions on how to get started with the quests.

    Earn or Buy TAU with Super Rewards - we have a new way to Earn or Buy TAU this week. We have implemented Super Rewards in our facebook application.

    Look for the Earn Tau link and check out all the new ways to earn TAU just by doing certain activities such as filling out surveys. You will notice to that you can purchase TAU directly from here. This provides more purchasing options than just PayPal, although PayPal is still an option.

    Updated Shopping Panel - we have added new functionality to Shopping

  • Added new names store to the shopping panel
  • Added the ability to apply NameTogs to your persona in DressMe
  • Male Mannequins - At last, we are catching up to the females! Male personas now have mannequins to display the male clothing collection on. This means, users can now start selling these clothing items. Coming very soon…more male clothing for the collection.

    Updated Persona Web - under Popular Searches, you will now find all your facebook friends listed.


    We Hope You Had a Terrific Mother’s Day

    May 11th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    If you have a female persona in Tirnua, have your account linked to facebook and have logged into Tirnua recently, then look in your inventory for this week’s gift. You were gifted one of the these lovely floral arrangements.

    If you would like to receive our weekly gift make sure to link your account to facebook and come visit us often in Tirnua.

    To link your account, all you need to do is log into Tirnua through Facebook one time! Go to our wiki for help with the facebook application settings.

    All of us at Tirnua hope that you had a peaceful and relaxing Mother’s Day.

    The Tirnua Team


    May 10th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    In-Game Shopping! Buy all your items in-game now. No more need to go to the external web store! Look for the new Shopping Panel next to the Gift Store. From here you can browse all Tirnuan Collections and add and remove items to your shopping cart until your heart is content. Each collection has tabs for the different categories of items such as seatings, surfaces and flooring. No more need to go back to the web store to buy another item from another collection. All shopping can be done from the Shopping Panel or from within the Tirnua Store Lots accessible from the World Map.

    Dress Me Clothing Store - The Dress Me Panel now has two tabs; one for your Inventory and one for the Clothing Store. The Clothing Store tab has all the clothing and accessory items available for your persona’s gender. This means you can buy clothes and accessories directly from the Dress Me tab. After you purchase the items, you can try them on in the dress me window. Don’t forget to save your changes if you like your new look. “Update Persona” has been changed to “Save Changes”. A future release will give you the ability to try on the items prior to purchasing them.

    Access The Tirnua Bank to Buy TAU - Need TAU? Look for this icon to take you directly to the bank!

    Updated World Map 

    We are Terra Forming the World Map and have made a pass at putting all lots into locations on the map that match the lot backgrounds.  

    This is still work in progress with more changes on the horizon.

    Mousing over the push pins on the map will display the lot name and clicking on one of them will bring up the display with the lot information at that location.

    Currently, push pins are shown for the most visited lots. The color of the pins indicates how many visitors and you can see a lot’s visitor score when you click on the pin.

    New User Start Dialog Boxes - you will see new user help dialog boxes popping up when logging into the game for the first time or if logging into Tirnua directly. The start sequence will guide new users to start out with Dress Me for instance. You will only see these sequences the first time logging in.


    Happy Mother’s Day! You will find just what you need to send all the lady avatar friends you know a Mother’s Day Gift. They don’t even have to be mothers! Find them on the Gift Store Panel or you can also find them at the Plants web store.



    Don’t forget to check out the In-Game Help. We gave it a second pass this week.

    Shop until you drop and have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!


    Friends, Friends, Friends…it’s all about Friends

    May 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    New Facebook Photo Frame - to go along with the cool digital picture frame brought to you last week, this week we bring you a large screen photo frame that can display your facebook photos of your own choosing.

    Upload your own photos to facebook and display them on your lot or create your own slideshow from a set of pictures. When a photo or picture is uploaded to facebook, facebook provides a public link to share with others. This http:// link is located at the bottom of the page when viewing the photo. Just copy this link and paste it into the photo frame by selecting Manage->Set Picture URLs from the popup menu displayed when clicking on the frame. Picture frame can show any image uploaded to facebook if the owner enters the url found as shown here:

    On facebook, go to the page for your photo and copy the link shown

    If you group the photos you want to show into a facebook album, you can also simply provide the link to the album which can be found as shown here.

    Now even your friends that are not on facebook can see your pictures, see who has been tagged and see any comments made on it. You can find the Facebook Photo Frame for purchase in the Decorations web store.

    Send Messages In-game - send and receive private mail messages to and from other fellow Tirnuans. Use the messages tab to see your mailbox folders and to create, reply or forward messages to your friends.

    New UI Graphics - the World Map, Home Viewer, Dress Me, Persona Web, Gift Store, Friends ahd High Scores tabs have all been replaced with representative icons. Mouse over each of them for tooltips to see what they are. New tabs have been added this week, look for: What’s New, Help and Messages.

    HELP is on the way! It will be much easier for new users to find the help they are looking for - look for the help icon all around the site. We will be populating and updating the help as we evolve.

    New Hairstyles for the ladies. The ladies will be sporting new hair styles this week. Choose from a blond feathered bob, a brunette Cleopatra, a red flapper bob or a blond ponytaill to change up your look.

    HAPPY MAY DAY!!! - It’s May Day - look for 2 new floral arrangements to gift to your friends from the gift store tab. You can also find them at the Plants web store or in-game at the Tirnua Arboretum store.

    Vignettes update - vignettes will now return you to the lot from which you came from before playing out the vignette.

    Enjoy your friends, their pictures and here’s to making many more friends in Tirnua!


    Tirnua Update Planned for 5/2/2009

    May 2nd, 2009 by Regulator Leave a comment Share on Facebook


    We have got some really nice updates ready for you this week.   However rather than taking down Tirnua during our peak hours we have decided we are going to publish our new updates tomorrow at 8:00 AM PDT.   See you bright eyed and busy tailed tomorrow!

    Happy May Day and as always Cheers,

    Tirnua Lee

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