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Colorado River inspired background, link lots, new tiles, Google Checkout

June 27th, 2009 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

New Mountain Background - another awesome background from Joelle this week. This one is going to be popular.
With Joelle’s talent, Tirnua is sure to have the best environment settings out there.

Link your lots - we have flashing, colorful ‘goto’ lot tiles this week. These are available in the “Decorations Store” from the Shopping Panel. Use this on your lot to teleport yourself and others to friend”s lots or anywhere in the Tirnua World. Just place the tile object on your lot, toggle on “Manage Mode”, select the “Manage” interaction when clicking on the object and then select “Edit Goto Lot” to set up the location specifics. All you need then is the Lot ID. In the popup box type in the lot ID number and preceding this, type in whatever text you would like to be displayed on the tooltip followed by “=”. For example to teleport to the Tirnua Bank, it would look like this: Go Get Money=51. The GoTo Lot works just like the on/off floor tile switches - step on the tile - and you will be whisked away to someplace else.

New floor tiles - this week we have added more floor tiles. Margaret created these in the Aqua collection to go with the new Medium Water background that Joelle did.

Game application translation started - we have started to make our application available in other languages. Of course, French is first: 3 out 9 of the Tirnua employees are French, so you would have to figure we would start there. We also have Spanish and German in the pipeline and are working on a generic scheme to let anyone interested help us with getting other languages included and well translated also. For those interested, there is an informal wiki page on which to report obvious problems you notice in this prepping stage.

UI Improvemtents - look out for the pretty new scroll bars and other new ui elements and general clean up in the coming weeks.

More Gifting Options - look out for the new “Send As Gift To…” button in the Shopping panel which allows you to send the contents of your shopping basket to any persona in-game.

More ways to Euy and Earn TAU - Click on the Buy TAU button anywhere in game and you will now have the option to use Google Checkout (in many languages and currencies). We have also added Offerpal Media rewards and mini shopping mall offers as an option to Earn TAU.

Have at it!


For Father’s Day — Tirnua Men’s Wardrobe at Last!

June 20th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We know it’s about time and we have been promising you this, so here it is:

THE TIRNUA MEN’S COLLECTION HAS ARRIVED just in time for Father’s Day!

We have Bow Ties, Long Sleeve Shirts, Shirts with Ties, T-shirts, Pants, Bermudas, Shorts, Shoes & Unisex Fedoras!!!

All you males can now go barefoot just like the ladies if you have a desire to!

For all you Dads out there, along with sporting your new attire, be sure to purchase or gift to your friends our new Frosty Mug. We created it just for you!

New Background - Joelle has been very busy and we know you are going to just love this new Underwater Background. They just keep getting better and better.

New Backdrop by Joelle

This week we have added to our collections more floor covering options. We thought you would enjoy some larger area rugs and that the bamboo, tiki and beach mats would be fun. Try lying them next to one another to make longer runners or to cover larger areas. To go with the new walls we added last week, we have added one more this week - a new bamboo wall.

Find them from the Shopping Panel under the Decorations Tab in the Aqua, Flora, Spirit, and Isla collections but mostly in the Isla collection. Find the new bamboo wall in the Isla Collection under the Architecture tab.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Got street cred? How big is your totem?

June 20th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

The totem you see below in various forms is a very special object in Tirnua that relates to facebook groups. Here’s a quick sketch on how to use it but please be aware that it is early days for this feature and there’s more to come soon.

Different Height Totem Poles

1. Create a group in facebook and provide a thumbnail image there to identify it. Note the the URL in your browser and record the group number.


2. Login into Tirnua … go to the store and purchase a group totem in the decorations store.

3. Goto whichever one of your lots you wish to make the “headquarters” or center of your group.

4. Insert the totem pole on the lot.

5. Get out of edit mode. Select the manage interaction and then “Set the facebook group id”.

6. Enter the id for your group.

7. Close the dialog, wait a few seconds and then run the cursor over the totem. If all went well you should see information about your group.

8. Now to see your group immediately (unfortunately for now) refresh the game and return to map view.

Tirnua Dice Hills on the Map

9. At map view after re-logging you should see your group icon whenever the “group” filter is enabled (see bottom of map pane)

10. If you zoom in … you will even see your group zone a blue diamond…. very soon we will provide ways for your group to grow more territory!

Lots more information about this coming soon. :D

Strip Extension in Tirnua. Floating Casinos Coming Soon…

June 12th, 2009 by Steve Leave a comment Share on Facebook

The Tirnua chamber of commerce, under pressure from the casino owners of ‘The Strip’, has just extended the limits of the casino area in Tirnua.

You can see here the before and after limits of ‘The Strip’:

We hope the lagoons will soon be filled with Video poker machines,

Next, the Chamber of commerce will evaluate the possibility of a new Puzzle zone in the North.



Cool New Tirnua Stores

June 12th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

The Tirnua Aqua Collection, Flora Collection and Spirit Collection Stores have new looks, thanks to Joelle! To find these stores on the map, select Tirnua Lots from Popular Searches on the World Map.

The map will center on the location of all of the Tirnua Stores. Look for updates to the other Tirnua Collection Stores coming soon.

Map Icons - on the World Map look for icons that identify the activities happening or region type of the different zones.

Progress towards Zone Simulation. This week, the Orchard, Video Poker and Store Zones will start to demonstrate different behavior based on the zone (location of your lot) in the Tirnua World.

In the Orchard Zone when a tray is sowed and watered the following behavior will occur:

  1. Plants survive 2 watering misses, they will die if you miss 3.
  2. Better odds (by 50%) of growing a rare
  3. Time Margin increased by 50% (if it was a 4 hour window, now it is a 6 hour window; meaning you can go a bit longer between maintenance cycles)

In the Strip Zone, the payouts will be slightly higher in the casinos.

In the Store Zone, the sales tax will be 5% instead of 8% sales tax elsewhere in the Tirnua World.

This is just the beginning of our Simulation plans for the Tirnua World! Stay-tuned for more changes coming your way.

Chat icon - it will be much easier to locate the chat window with it’s new icon.

More clothes added to the Women’s Collection. Look for these items:

  1. New High heels, low boots, ballet slippers
  2. New lace spandex
  3. New legs vertex groups to support new shoes

And, for both Male and Female accessory

  1. New unisex butterfly wings!

More Walls! Now more options to sub-divide your lot into rooms. We have added at least one new wall to each collection. To see them all, find them under ‘Architecture’ in the Shopping Panel.

Have fun,

On Facebook? Please review Tirnua! :)

June 9th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Please take a moment to review Tirnua on facebook! Thank you.

We know we have many many players that return every day but we don’t have a good way to prompt you to review us.

Your review will make a difference as our score is presented to new users on facebook when they add the app. Sincere thanks for your time!

Kisses of Thanks from Tirnua!

P.S. Please also click on these buttons that appear below the game when you play through facebook. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wanna Move? Go for it!

June 7th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Tirnua Magic Moving Truck Now that we have various terrain zones and cool backgrounds, would you like to move to a new location in Tirnua? Would you rather be relaxing at the beach or hanging around in the mountains?

There are 2 ways to move

  1. If you previously purchased a lease on a lot, you can now move two times on us for free - check your inventory!
  2. For a limited time, purchase a moving truck from the Shopping panel and move anywhere. Read on…

All players that previously purchased lots have been gifted 2 moving trucks Use the moving truck to relocate to your ideal location on the map or to get closer to your friends. When you move you will be basically have your lot in the new location, with the terrain type of the new location. Your lot will keep its size (and ignore the size of the location). So if you have a 12×20 grass lot, and move it to a 5×6 snow lot, your lot will be a 12×20 snow lot.

When your moving truck is in your inventory you will see an extra button, “Move an Existing Lot” on the lot description popup as shown:

Clicking on that button gives a dialog that lets you pick which of your lots to move:

Tirnua Magic Moving Truck For a limited time, anyone with a lot will be able to move to a new location in Tirnua too. During this time, the moving truck will be available for purchase from the Architecture store under Tirnua Stores.

Look for more flexibility and functionality for living space choices in the future.

Remember that the Real Estate Search now returns results for the area of the map that you are zoomed in to. Zoom into the marked zone in which you’d like to live and run the search to see if there are plots available there!


Player Stores Are Here

June 6th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We are excited to introduce Player Stores this week in Tirnua. To get started with your very own store you will first need to acquire a business license. You can find it for purchase from the Shopping Panel in the new Miscellaneous Collection.

For this week, we offer a special introductory price of 299 TAU for a 3 month basic business license which includes the standard bulk store discount. In an upcoming release, we will offer various premium licenses which will give you the ability to buy at higher discounts.

Once you have your business license, place it on your lot and set the objects for sale on your lot that you would like to sell. To ’set objects for sale’, you need to use the Manage Mode button. Once Manage Mode is on, click on the item and select ’set for sale price’ from the menu.

Your new store will be listed by your lot name on the shopping panel under Player Stores.

To change your lot name, you can purchase one from the Shopping Panel under ‘Tirnua names’. Your items set for sale will show up in the store just like all Tirnua Stores, in that the items will be sorted on tabs by category type.

Facebook Share

Use this button in the Dress Me Panel to Show off a Full Body Shot of your Persona on facebook. Selecting this button will generate a feed that will be posted on your facebook wall for all your friends to see and envy. Use this button at any time to show off your new look to your friends.

Facebook friend’s profile pictures - now when you click on one of the blue map pins for your fb friend’s on the map, their facebook profile picture will be displayed. You will be able to immediately see which friend’s lot it is.

Boots and Capris - look for these new items in the The Women’s Clothing Collection:

Mannequins support wings and accessories:

20×24 Backgrounds - you asked so here they are … really large lots with the same background choices as the other sizes! You can find these in the Real Estate Listing under Popular Searches on the World Map.

New Tables - look for these in the Aqua, Flora, Fuego, Spirit and Terra Collections. Use the ones in Terra as console tables to put behind sofas and chairs.

Super Rewards Bug Fixed
We found out that we had a bug with how we were processing the information recieved from Super Rewards. We believe we have fixed this. Super Rewards will be sending us a spreadsheet of all prior activity and we will be going through it in great detail to make sure that all awarded rewards and purchased TAU were correctly credited to your account.


Tirnua Real Estate For Sale: all sizes, all backgrounds available now!

June 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Pick your dream location

All the above Backgrounds are now available in all Sizes and fall within the new Zones.

Purchase them directly from the World Map
Here’s How:

  1. To search for the deeds of available lots and their locations, start out on the World Map and select Popular Searches -> Real Estate Listing.

  2. Use the Results arrow tabs to tab past the lots for sale by users to get to the Tirnua lots for sale.
  3. Look for the Alphabet Lot Makers on the Map. These Markers are the lot locations from the search on that particular tab you are on. The Color Shaded Areas signify the Zone that the lot is in. For example, the Red Zone in the picture below is the Lake Resort.

  4. Mousing over the marker will display the lot name and clicking on the marker will bring up the lot information display box.
  5. Selecting the ‘Purchase’ button from the lot information display with bring up the ‘Confirm Purchase Order’ dialog. From here you can find out the cost for the 6 month or 12 month lease and the expiration date.
  6. Select Purchase to finalize the deal or cancel to return to the map.

In case you are wondering about the in-game Tirnua Real Estate Store - some of these lot deeds will also be available for purchase their shortly.

New Intro to Tirnua from MonkeyPantz

June 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Check out what we’ve added to our homepage to help new people understand what to do in Tirnua!

Click the left and right buttons to navigate through it. Thanks to our wonderful Tirnuan MonkeyPantz for contributing this.



We also have a welcome letter that we send all new users now. Read this month’s welcome letter here, if you are interested.

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