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We’ve Got Action Going on in Tirnua

July 31st, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we have a bunch of new animations for you.

The biggest thing is that, we have added the Work Actions directly to the avatar.
Now you can ‘Get Timecard’, ‘Apply for Job’, ‘Goto Job’ and ‘Goto Job Center’ just by clicking directly on your own persona. This should make it alot easier to go to work and earn TAU!

New self actions include a flexing excercise, a pointing and a pleading animation.

New two person interactions include a psycho kiss and a belly bump. The handshake and high 10 animation have had a polishing pass on them.

New Map Filter Icons on the Home Viewer

Two new Tirnua Lots - a Job Center Lot and a Flower Tutorial Lot. Look for these icons on the Map:

New objects this week include more gardening accessories like more hedge varities and fences to block off your garden from unwanted visitors tending to your garden. The fences are slightly taller versions of the ones added last week. Along with this, we have added a Chinese Garden Lantern and a few more tiles can be found in the Aqua Collection.

As always, Enjoy!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Interested in helping to translate Tirnua?

July 30th, 2009 by joey_20443 Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

Of our facebook players, roughly one third view facebook through US or UK English but the remaining people do so mostly through Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, French, Italian, and so on.

  • Do you speak fluent English (or French) and another language?
  • Would you like to help us translate Tirnua from English?

Using Google translate, we’ve done a first pass at translating all the text in our game into all the languages you see in the drop-down at the top of our application. But unlike you, Google translate doesn’t play Tirnua and so, without that context, it doesn’t always do a good job of translating the phrases we use into other lanuages.

If you want to help us translate Tirnua (especially if you can help with the languages highlighted above), then we would love to hear from you at

We will gift you a special object: The Babel Fish Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

Owners of Babel Fish will see another panel:
Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

The panel has all the text used in our game, along with the current translation of that phrase, and a description of where the phrase is used. You can search for phrases to translate and you can vote on translations provided by others. As you can see from the screenshots below it looks very much like facebook’s translation pages:

Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

Click “translate” to add your suggestion or vote others’ translations up or down:

Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

After a vote:

Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

Click here to see the whole panel with some notes highlighting the important buttons and information. Or See this panel without the instructions.

If you are interested, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please email

Thank you! Gracias! Sa─čol! Terima Kasih! Merci! Grazie!

Short blog - Audrey can’t pull away from her flower addiction

July 25th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Audrey’s Iris and Rose Garden - this is so much fun and addicting! Remember, you can’t buy all these color variations from the store you have to grow and nuture them in order to get these cool hybrids.

Larry’s lot - this is what Larry grew while testing his cool cross-breeding tool

New Butterfly Wings - Margaret has been hard at work creating new butterfly wings in both small and large sizes. You can find them in the Tirnua Clothing Stores under the Unisex Items tab.

New Animation showing routing failure or “I don’t know what I am doing” (a.k.a - WTF). You will notice this animation play out when your persona is not able to get to a location or able to do some activity (vs. nothing happening at all). Other New Interactions - Lot Goto will give you a Goto Lot and a Tour action. The Goto Lot will take you to the first lot in your persona’s list of lots (if you own more than one lot). The Tour action will take you to the first stop on the Guided Tour.

New Objects - mostly gardening accessories - look for them mainly in the Architecture, Flora and Decoration Stores on the Shopping Panel.

Icons on the Home Viewer have a new location. To free up screen space and for ease of use, you will notice the icons for help, zoom, rotation, pan, lot messages, lot info, wall toggle and leave lot are all together in the top left hand corner under the panel icons. Mouse over each of them for the tool tip explaining what each one is.

Other - Store Search from Map View will now only display the Player Stores that have a business license. In other words, lots that only have the word ‘Store’ in the lot name will not be displayed in the search results - only the stores that have a business license displayed on the lot will be displayed.

Got to go now and get back to breeding hybrids!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Double click on ANY location on the map to move there

July 23rd, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Just in case you are not aware - if you own a moving truck you can double click on ANY location on the map to move any of your lots to that location.

Moving TruckShopping Panel Icon

You can pick up a moving truck in the “Decorations” store in the Shopping Panel. Enjoy!

Salutations in Tirnua - Salute, Bow, Handshaking, Excercise Moves

July 18th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Salute, Bow, Shake Hands, Hang 5 with all your friends or show off some Cool Exercise Moves in front of your friends. We have added more player interactions. Go try them out by clicking on your own persona or on someone else.

Lollygirl has harvested the one and only mutant flower in Tirnua so far. Unlike hybrids, mutant flowers have completely random colors and only happen about once in a thousand harvests. Be sure to congratulate Lollygirl when you see her in-game!

Another New Flower has been added to our nursery this week. This one is even cooler than the others.

As with the flowers brought to you last week, we are having a Green Light Special for this week only - get them at the low price of 499 TAU each! Look for the bulb in the Plant Store on the Shopping Panel.

Plant food - to reach full bloom with the trees and flowers quicker, we have added the ability to fertilize them. This will speed up the growing process.

A couple of key things to note about feeding plants:

  1. Be careful not to overfeed them, overfeeding can kill your plants so be sure to check their vitals in the popup menu.
  2. Speeding up your plant’s growth will also speed up your watering time intervals. In other words, you will need to water more often so check your vitals!
  3. Feeding plants with fertilizer is not required in order to sustain the plants currently available in our nursery. It is an option only.

Purchased names - to make it easier for players to have unique names, we have reduced the prices of the 6 and 12 month lease terms on them. To Buy Names go to the ‘Shopping Panel’ and select Buy Names under Popular Searches as shown in the picture below.

Then select the Persona Name Object. This will display a popup (shown above) where you can type in a name and search to see if it is available or not. If the name is available, you can choose your lease term option of either 6 or 12 months.

To apply your Unique Name, go to the ‘Dress Me Panel’. And select the name from the drop down list. Here you can add a name description too if you like.

New on the object content end of things this week: a wooden Pegasus, a large decorative parrot, floor lamps, low walls, hedges, and 1 new floor tile.

Best regards,
Audrey and the Tirnua Team


July 10th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

That’s right, we have reproduction and hybridization going on in Tirnua. Cross breed your flowers and procreate! Successfully harvesting your flowers will cause them to reproduce. A successful harvest can only occur if you are in close proximity of another flower plant that is fully grown. The plants need to be close enough for pollination to occur.

Hybridization can occur between two different types of flowers but only some of the time will you inherit the traits from the other flower. Mutations will occasionally occur by producing a flower of a completely random variation. This will yield you a true RARE!

Last week, we brought you sunflowers - this week, we have tulips and daisies to add to the nursery.
We are having a green light special this week, get these flowers for only 299 TAU - this week only! You can find these in the Plant Store on the Shopping Panel.

Oh, say does that banner yet wave? Yes, it does and in every country (at least we think we have every country, let us know if we missed one)! We are pleased to bring you the Flag Collection this week. The collection includes country, state and province flags, all of which have a wave animation. You can find the Flag Collection in the Shopping Panel.

More Gifting Changes - give gifts from your inventory directly from the Gift Store Panel. Along with the Gift Catalog in the Gift Store you will find all of your inventory accessible from the Gift Store Panel. Select as many items as you like to put in the Gift Basket just as you would with the Gift Catalog. This will come in very useful when you start gifting all your harvested crops to your friends or to your other personas.

More walls and tiles this added to the collections. Look in each of our collections for new wall panels. The new floor tiles can found in the Flora and Spirit Collections.

Real Estate Store Deeds Display Pictures of Lot Terrain Type Purchasing Real Estate from the Real Estate Store just got a lot easier - now you can instantly find the terrain type and lot size you are looking for.

Go the Tirnua Real Estate Store to check it out.

We have also made some progress on the translation, and we will blog about that on Saturday.
Happy Reproducing!

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Grow Flowers, Go for a Picnic, Adorn Yourself with Uncle Sam Shirts & Top Hats or Canadian Shirts in Celebration of Independence day!

July 4th, 2009 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We now have flowers that you can grow! Purchase a pre-planted flower pot in the Plants Store and don’t forget you will also require a water well in order to water your flowers.

When you first purchase a flower it will start out in a dormant state. A flower can remain in the dormant state indefinitely. Just add water to get it started.

Once you’ve watered it the first time you will need to continue watering it on the specified schedule or it will die. Check Vitals to see the recommended watering schedule. Once the flower is full grown you can keep it alive forever as long as you continue to water it. Note that the watering times for a full grown flower may be different than that for a growing flower.

A full grown flower can be harvested which will potentially produce another bulb. The chances of success are dependent on several factors: the flower’s fertility, how well you have taken care of your flower and on whether there is another full grown flower around to have pollinated it. Once harvested a flower returns to it’s dormant state as long as it still has some lives remaining, otherwise it dies. You can see how many lives a flower has left in the Check Vitals dialog.

Our first batch of flowers are particularly fertile and robust so you should have no problems creating a beautiful garden. Happy Gardening!

For the Red, White and Blue! For those of us in the USA celebrating Independence Day, we bring to you our 4th of July collection. Look for Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables, a Keg Barrel and a Large Burger to help you celebrate the holiday.

All items can be found in the gift store or look for the grills, barrel, table with red checkered tablecloth and burger in the Decoration Store on the Shopping Panel and find the picnic tables in the Flora Collection under the Seatings tab. You’ll probably want to adorn yourself with Bruce Springsteen like t-shirts and Uncle Sam top-hats before heading out to the picnic! You will find these in the clothing stores for both genders.

We didn’t forget our neighbors either (thanks to Larry) — so in honor of Canada’s Independence Day on July 1st - we bring you a Canadian T-Shirts too!

And, because we know you all love the wings and the feeling of freedom …we have more wings for you in different colors and smaller sizes as well as a peacock feathers. These are unisex too! Find them in the clothing stores for each gender.

New In-game Decoration Store Lot. To find the Tirnua Store Lots on the map, select Tirnua Lots from Popular Searches on the World Map.

New Background for the week - Joelle’s latest creation — the Deep Sea Lot

More Gifting Options - Gifting available from within Player Stores (these are store lots created by the players with a business license). To search for Player Stores, click on the link under Popular Searches on the Shopping Panel. To send a gift, look for the new “Send As Gift To…” button which allows you to send the contents of your shopping basket to any persona in-game.

Game application translations - we have made more progress toward making our application available in other languages. The French translation has been given another pass and we have a first pass on the Spanish translation now. We are working on the generic scheme to give anyone interested in helping us a convenient way to get other languages included. For those interested, there is an informal wiki page on which to report obvious problems you notice in this prepping stage.

We Wish you Happy Gardening and Independence Day!

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

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