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New Clothing Items, Background Objects, Ruby Slippers, Crocus and Begonia

August 28th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

New clothing items for the ladies and the guys!

Buy a New Background for your Lot! And, this is only the beginning for bringing custom content into Tirnua!
We would like to introduce the Background Object. It is an object that you can purchase from a store and apply it as your lot background. This week we have our first one, the “Fertile Plains - Garden” background.

Currently, it is only available in the 5×6 and 6×10 lot size. Next week, it will be available in the other lot sizes. If you have a 5×6 or 6×10 lot, you can purchase it from the Flora Collection Store Lot. It will be placed in your inventory just like any other object. Look for information coming soon on how you can create these objects with your own background designs and then sell them!

Prerequisite: your lot must be on the “Fertile Plains” terrain. To check the location of your lot, check your lot’s terrain type in the Lot Infromation Dialog (see image below).

If you would like to move to that terrain - you can purchase a Moving Truck and then just double click on the World Map. A dialog box will let you know what type of terrain you are on.

To apply the background object to your lot, follow these steps:

  1. Goto Lot Information

  2. Select Edit in the Background section

  3. In the Change Lot Background dialog box select the new background from the list

  4. Select Ok

Check out the Ruby Slippers - “there’s no place like home” slippers.

Use these slippers just like the Lot Goto Objects. They are for sale in the Entertainment Collection on the Shopping Panel. You will find them on many of the Tirnua lots such as the community center and on The Guided Tour. We wanted to make it easy for all our new players to find “home”. For a reminder on how the Goto objects work see this blog post where the GoTo Lot Teleport Tile Object was introduced.

And lastly, more flowers in the nursery this week - the Crocus and the Begonia breeds have been added.

Wow, lots to read but lots of good stuff! Have at it (I know many of you already have)!

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Earth Tirnua Impact

August 27th, 2009 by TirNua Interior Designer Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We’d like to introduce you to a ‘big picture’ idea in Tirnua.

We are working on new gameplay around the production of energy in our world.

Our goal in Tirnua is to give everyone the opportunity to experiment and play with the different solutions that will contribute to make Earth a better place. Hopefully the Tirnuans will learn best practices in Tirnua and ready themselves to promote those back on Earth.

We want to share with you the most interesting articles we found about unusual energy production research on Earth.

Here are the articles for this week:

1. Bug eats electricity and farts….biogas.

Energy storage is alive and well!

2. Artificial sweating leaves

Electrical engineers in the US think that synthetic leaves could be used to generate electricity in a different way – by sweating…..

3. The Solar Tree

A new kind of shade in your backyard.

Please give us your thoughts on what along these lines you would like to see in Tirnua. Joelle and Greg are already starting to build the models…



Shout Out to our Translators

August 25th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Tirnua Translation Panel Screenshot

We just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of our players that have been helping to improve the translation of Tirnua in many languages.

If you are also interested, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please email

Every hour we have a process that goes through all the suggested translations and picks out the highest rated one for use in the game. Translators’ work benefits other’s in the game very quickly.

We really appreciate all your help! Thank you.

Read on for more information about how it works.


Groups in Tirnua

August 20th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

As promised when we first introduced the Group Totem Pole, we have added more functionality to it. You will now receive points for each touch interaction completed by a member of the group. To join a group do the get membership card interaction. After you have a membership card you will get points for each time you touch the totem pole. You will get extra points if you are also a member of the facebook group. Currently, a group member is allowed to ‘touch’ the totem pole once every 4 hours — this is subject to change.

The more points you receive the taller your totem pole will grow and the ‘Zone of Influence’ displayed on the World Map will enlarge or shrink based on the groups score. Each day, the group score will automatically decay by a small amount.

Look Here for details on how to get started and how to use the Group Totem Pole.

New Arrivals in our Nursery this Week - Cosmos and Imperial Dahlias. You can find them in the Gardening Store on the Shopping Panel.

Flower simulation enhancements

  • To help with lot loading for lots with large gardens, we have made it so the flowers will render after you land on the lot. This will cause the flowers to pop-in after you have entered the lot but will land you quicker.
  • Mouse over your flowers to get a quick read on the status or vitals of your flowers. This will save time from having to click on the ‘Check Vitals’ interaction on each flower. Now you will instantly know which ones need your immediate attention.
  • More Wall Panels added to Collections. Look for them in the Individual Collections or in the Architecture Store on the Shopping Panel.

    Other stuff:

  • The Quest system has been streamlined to be linear. In other words, completing one quest will unlock the next week one. We hope this will make it easier for new users to complete each one successfully. We added a few new ones too.
  • Joelle created New Backgrounds for the Fuego Store Collection and for the Job Lots.

    Can’t wait to see whose ‘Zone of Influence’ is the biggest on the map.

    Audrey (who is now back from Colorado and who never went to Colorado)

  • Did You Know: You can grow flowers in Tirnua, even create your own Hybrids or occasional Mutant?

    August 18th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Here’s how:

    1. Purchase a pre-planted flower pot from the Garden Store. You will find many varieties to your liking such as irisis, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, roses, birds of paradise, water lilies, dahlias etc.
    2. Purchase a water well and some fertilizer

    3. Place the flowers, fertilizer bag and water well on your lot in close proximity of one another
    4. Click on a flower to display the interactions

    5. Select the Check Vitals interaction to see the recommended watering and fertilizer schedule
    6. Water your flowers by selecting the Water interaction
    7. Fertilize your flowers by selecting the Fertilizer interaction. You can fertilize as often as you like to speed up the growth process.
    8. Keep checking vitals until the flowers are full-grown (100% growth progress).
    9. Check vitals to make sure your flowers are ready to harvest
    10. To harvest make sure another full-grown flower is near by and then select the Harvest interaction

    10 Things you should know:

    1. When you first purchase a flower it starts out in a dormant state. It can remain in this state indefinitely.
    2. Once you water a flower for the first time, you will need to continue watering it on a specified schedule or it will die.
    3. Once the flower is full grown you can keep it alive forever as long as you continue to water it. You will need to do this even if it is in your inventory.
    4. Watering times vary based on the type of flower and whether is is full-grown or in the growing state. For example, full-grown flowers need considerably less water to sustain.
    5. Only a full-grown flower can be harvested to create offspring.
    6. For a successful harvest to occur, it requires another full-grown flower in close proximity in order to pollinate.
    7. Once harvested a flower returns to it’s dormant state as long as it still has some lives remaining, otherwise it dies. Check vitals to see how many lives remain.
    8. You can cross breed flowers by placing different varieties of flowers near each other while harvesting. Hybridization occurs between two different types of flowers but only some of the time will you inherit the traits from the other flower. Occasionally, a mutant random variation will occur.
    9. If you want faster growing flowers, you can speed up the growing process by fertilizing with BS Brand Steer Manure. Be sure to keep an eye on the vital statistics because fertilizing will require more frequent watering!
    10. Gardening log - use the history button on the check vitals dialog to see the history of the life of your flower. The history record displays the last 15 actions.

    Delay in Weekly Publish

    August 15th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We will be delaying our weekly update to the site until early next week due to a technology change we recently made. We need more time to get it ready for prime time. Good news, the site will not be down for maintenance today!

    Enjoy the weekend in Tirnua!
    The Tirnua Team

    More Flowers! More Wings!

    August 7th, 2009 by TirNua Larry Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    More Flowers! This week we’ve focused on trying to improve your gardening experience. We have added two new flowers to our inventory that we hope you will enjoy. You can thank Audrey and Joelle for these ones. They are a Dahlia and a Water Lily. You can find these in the Gardening Store.

    Faster Growing! We have found a new supplier for our BS Brand Steer Manure. It is of much higher quality allowing you to fertilize your flowers to your heart’s content without killing them. As a matter of fact we so strongly believe in this BS that we guarantee it will speed up the growth of your flowers. Please note that you will of course need to water sooner as well so keep an eye on those Vital Statistics.

    History Speaking of Vital Statistics, you should notice a new History button on that dialog. This will pop up a new dialog that will give you the history of everything you have done to your plant as well as the reason it died if you happened to have killed it. The history will go back a maximum of 15 actions.

    Happy gardening!

    More Angel Wings! We have also created a few more angel wings for your enjoyment which you can find in both the Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores under the Unisex Items tab.

    As Always Enjoy!
    Larry (for Audrey who’s on vacation in Colorado) and the Tirnua Team

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