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Many Ways to Purchase TAU

September 29th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Tirnua ATM
For those that are interested, we now have many different options available for you to buy TAU, the currency of the land.

This week we added an option to pay direct with your credit card.

Google Checkout
We also have Google Checkout which you can use in many currencies and languages.

These options along with PayPal are all available from the ATM in game and also on our Buy TAU page. Your default persona gets credited the funds immediately.

You can also find more direct payment options such as Social Gold, Pay by Mobile, Zong, DAO Pay, Pay by Ca$h, Amazon Payments, and, Ultimate Game Card through 3rd parties here.

Thank for supporting Tirnua.

Laying the Foundation for Mental(M) and Emotional(E) Energies

September 25th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

To go along with the Physical Energies(P) already introduced, we have started the ground work for bringing Mental and Emotional Energies into play.

Whereas, physical energy is all about you in regards to your health, endurance and strength, mental energy will also be about you but will track things like your intelligence, logic and general affinity to your environment; how you relate to the planet, plants and machinery around you. Emotional energy, well it’s Emo - it will register your affinity to others and creatures in your environment.

You will now notice when you roll over your persona, 3 energy meters where there was only one. This is still work in progress that will all be coming together over the next few weeks. For this week, when you are harvesting plants your Mental Energy Capacity(Mc) will increase and drain your Mental Energy Value(Mv) but activities like watering, feeding, playing video poker and recycling will increase your Mental Energy Value(Mv). Hopefully next week, we will have a reason for players to use their newly acquired Mental Capacity(Mc). Emotional energy will not change this week - currently the energy meter for it is for display purposes only. Look for future updates in the upcoming weeks to see how this develops.

Recycling takes on a new meaning in Tirnua this week!

As you can see from the following table, objects can be broken down into the raw materials from which they were made. Over 1300 objects are ready to be recycled and the rest will follow very soon. You might notice that the example tree below gives you plastic and toxic materials when you recycle it - this is because we only consider the trees that can be grown from seed in Tirnua to be organic.

To recycle an object into its constituent parts, get into Manage Mode and click the “Send to be recycled” option. You’ll see a dialog showing you what components you will get from the object. We realize we may not have the breakdown of components perfect for each object yet so please bear with us as we fine tune this.

You’ll be given storage for your components as you build up stocks of each type of raw material. When you place these storage bins on your lot from your inventory you can mouse over them to get information about how full they are. Each of the storage bins hold up to nine units, after which you will be given additional storage bins to fill up. Look for much more to come with recycling in Tirnua!

Also new this week:

  1. Fruit Stands loaded with already harvested fruit will be purchasable in the Tirnua Arboretum Store. Now, you can buy store fruit from us and re-sell the fruit on your own lot. These already full fruit stands will act like the normal fruit stands.Jump into the Tirnua Arboretum
  2. There is a new Unequip interaction for nameplates and lot backgrounds. If you have had an nameplate or lot background that has been stuck as equipped, you will now be able to release yourself of it.
  3. The Guided Tour Lots all have new icons in their tooltips, designed by “Tirnua Dominic” aka MonkeyPantz! Click to see them all…

Happy recycling!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Tirnua’s First Green Energy Source

September 18th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we bring you the ability to convert physical energy into electrical energy which then can be converted into TAU without creating greenhouse gases.

Important to Note about Converting Physical Energy to Electrical Energy

  • You will need to maintain your phyisical energy capacity in order to charge the battery. Your physical capacity level will need to be greater than 8, if your capacity level is less than 8 you will be thrown off the treadmill. In order to increase your capacity you will need to exercise without the battery harness connected.
  • You will need to maintain your physical energy value in order to exercise on the treadmill. If your energy value is at 0, you will be thrown off the treadmill. In order to increase your energy level you will need to eat.
  • Here’s how to convert the energy:

    1. To get started you will need these items: a Treadmill, a nickel-iron Battery and a Battery Charger. All of which are purchasable from the Energy Store on the Shopping Panel.
    2. Place the Treadmill and the Battery Charger on your lot with the battery charger placed on the tile in front of the treadmill. If needed, in ‘edit mode’ rotate the object by holding down mouse button and hitting the space bar until the cord is facing the treadmill like in the picture above.

      Leave the Nickel-Iron Battery in your inventory.   Note: make sure you only have the battery that you would like hooked up to the treadmill in your inventory. The first battery in your inventory will be the one that is connected. If you have more than one battery in your inventory, move the others to your lot for the time being.

    3. Select the ‘load’ interaction from the menu wheel on the battery charger. This will take the battery from your inventory and load it onto the battery charger.
    4. Select the ‘connect’ interaction from the menu wheel on the battery charger. This will connect the battery charger to the treadmill. You will be able to see the cable connecting the two pieces.
    5. Select the ’start’ interaction from the menu wheel on the treadmill. Now you will start exercising and charging the battery as long as your levels are up to par.
    6. Watch the lights on the battery light up as the battery gets charged.
    7. When the battery is partially or fully charged disconnect it from the treadmill by selecting ‘unload’ from the menu wheel and place it back in inventory.
    8. How to read the battery charge numbers: the first number is the current charge (this number will increase as you charge the battery), the second is the current capacity (over the life time of the battery this number will start to degrade), the third is maximum capacity as a new battery.

    Here’s how to sell the electrical energy for TAU:

    1. Take your charged battery to the Tirnua Electrical Substation lot.
    2. Once at the Tirnua Electrical Substation - go to the battery charger next to the battery depot and select the ‘load’ interaction and then the ‘connect interaction’.
    3. Now go to the Battery Depot object and click on the ‘Sell’ interaction. Look in your chat window for verification of the TAU credited to your bank account. A fully charged battery will reap you 40 TAU.
    4. Don’t forget to take your battery with you.

    Also new this week:

    1. More Equippable Backgrounds: The Fertile Plains Garden Backgrounds in the remaining lot sizes (10 x 12, 12 x 20) have been placed for sale in the Flora Collection Tirnua Store . New Low Lands Brick Backgrounds (5 x 6, 6 x 10, 10 x 12, 12 x 20) have been placed for sale in the Terra Collection Tirnua Store. Note that you must go to the actual store lot to buy these; they are not available in the Shopping Panel tab. To learn how to apply the background lot object to your lot blog.
    2. Routing failure now has a graphical hint - when you are unable to route for some reason, now you will able to see what is blocking your path.
    3. Bug fixes - routing while harvesting fruit, abandoned tiles on lots and the sow bananas interaction bugs have been fixed. Let us know if you still have problems with these.
    4. Learn to use for Physical Energy can be found on the help panel to point players to. Disclosure: Audrey hasn’t updated it yet for today’s release but will soon :-).

    Let’s All Get Charged Up This Week!!!


    Farmer’s Market Today

    September 17th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Tirnua has MAJOR new feature sets being rolled out starting this week. If you haven’t already read about the NEW Physical Energy Simulation component to the game please check out the blog introducing it now!

    For Tirnua’s first Farmer’s Market, here’s the list of lots with the most fruit for sale today:

    1. Lot 1112-2479

    My Little Fruit Stand

    MarieDK_4597’s Room

    Lot 1258-2423

    Cutsie’s Gym & Fruit Market II

    Lot 1848-2424 (20×24)

    Cutsie’s Underwater Adventure

    Cutsie’s Fruit Stand

    Orange Grove

    Qute’s Fitness Center

    Lot 2124-1442

    Lot 1393 1489 (12×20)

    Energy Simulation

    September 12th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Here it is: The Beginnings of our Simulation for Tirnuan Energies

    Starting this week, we bring the Physical Energy Simulation component to the game. This means you will need to do certain things like eat and exercise on a treadmill in order to keep up your physical energy level. For now, the repercussions will be minimal but we will be rolling out that part of the simulation over the next few weeks. Mousing over your persona, you will now notice this new meter icon for your physical energy.

    Eventually, there will be three kinds of Tirnuan Energies: physical, mental and emotional. This is leading us into a key gameplay component whereby a persona in Tirnua has certain skills and attributes to maintain in order to survive and live well in the Tirnuan World. Soon, pretty much every activity will require some degree of energy.

    To begin with, levels will be adjusted based on two values: current physical energy value and physical energy capacity.

    1. Current physical energy value is changed rather quickly by game play like eating, working and playing etc. and certain activities will be disabled if the avatar does not have have enough energy.
    2. Physical energy capacity is changed at a slower rate by game play such as running on a treadmill or solving a maze. Inactivity will degrade capacity. In other words, you will grow capacity by excersing on the treadmill.

    To grow and market your own food you will need to:
    Important Note: each tree will be on a different weekly cycle of bearing fruit. For example, one tree you have might fruit on Mondays and another one might on Thursdays.

    1. First you will need to harvest or buy already harvested fruit trees that are fruit bearing in order to harvest the fruit on the daily basis. Currently, we have apple, orange and banana fruit trees to harvest or to buy in the plant store on the shopping panel. You can find the seedlings in the plant store on the shopping panel. To learn how to grow your own trees to harvest refer to our help on the Wiki
    2. Purchase fruit stands when you are ready to harvest the fruit. These can be purchased from the plant store on the shopping panel. If you have harvested rare red, blue or purple orange trees you will find fruit stands that accomodate each kind.
    3. You can mangage the price in which you sell the fruit from your fruit stand on your lot by clicking on the fruit stand to bring up the menu wheel and selecting the ‘manage’ interaction.
    4. Some things to know:
      1. There is a limit to how many harvests per day you can have.
      2. Tooltips will tell you how many harvests you have for the day and after each harvest the tooltip will reflect how many are remaining for that day.
      3. The harvest history will give you the fruit tree vitals; just click on the tree to bring up the menu wheel. The vitals will also give you the time interval that is required before the next harvest can occur.
      4. If it is not time to harvest the next fruit, the menu wheel will only display the ‘Harvesting History’ action and the ‘Harvest Fruit’ action will not be available until it is time to harvest again.

    To Eat Fruit: Just select the ‘buy and eat’ interaction from the menu wheel when clicking on the fruit stand.

    What if you don’t want to grow and market your own food? You will be able to buy it!
    With this release, you will be able to find other Tirnuans in the game who will be willing to sell you some fruit. Soon there will be other means in which to purchase food in order to sustain your physical energy levels.

    What’s on the horizon? Next week, we hope to have the ability to convert physical energy into electrical energy which then can be converted into TAU.

    Also new this week

    1. REPORT PLAYERS, LOT EJECT and IGNORE — yes thats right, the ability to report Tirnuans who are not acting and playing nice has been implemented. In response to what we have heard from our players and seen ourselves in recent weeks we decided to implement this functionality sooner than later. When a persona has been reported a certain number of times, they will be banned from entering any lot that they do not own for a period of time. You can not report a person who is on their own lot.While Cort was at it, he went ahead and added a way for you to eject players from your lot and a way for you to ignore other players. The persona will be prevented from re-entering your lot for a period of time. Note: If you want to permanently block a persona from entering your lot, click on the persona and select “Show In Persona Web”. You can then click the “Block” button to permanently prevent that persona from entering your lot. You can choose to ignore any players (except for developers) you wish too. You will not see chats from ignored personas and will not be able to do interactions with a persona you have chosen to ignore. You can unignore them at any time.
    2. In-game Friendship Request Feature — now it is even easier to make friends in the game. If both players are in the game at the same time, a friendship request dialog box will be displayed when selecting ‘request friendship’ interaction from the menu wheel. The friendship can be solidified right there without going to the Friends Panel to accept requests.
    3. Flower Simulation Changes — Super Grow is Here!
      1. Are you tired of killing your flowers because you missed a watering time. Or have you been running yourself ragged trying to fertilize your flowers forty times to bring them to full grown. Well now all you problems are solved with new Super Grow! This wonderful new product from the makers of BS Steer Manure will absolutely astound you. In as little as 3 or 4 applications you can have a full grown plant. Just select the Super Grow interaction off of the flower’s menu wheel and sit back and be amazed. Your flowers will flourish like never before. Super Grow comes in a 10 count bag and 50 count bag for those avid gardeners. Super Grow will also help you harvest those fruit bearing trees a lot quicker too!

        WARNING: Super Grow can be harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, wash thoroughly with water at once and consult a Dev. In case of unconsciousness or if you turn blue try eating some fruit. Makes a great addition to any salad or Marguerita. Discontinue use if you experience hallucinations. Warranty void where prohibited.
      2. Green Thumb and Dead Flowers - You will now get dinged for killing flowers the moment you kill them rather than when you recycle them so no need to be gifting all your dead flowers to the noobs anymore in order to protect your green thumb score.
      3. Improved the performance of loading lots with many flowers.
    4. Bazı türk küfür filtrelemek için yasaklanmis kelimeler eklenmiş (added some Turkish swear words to the profanity filter) :-D

    Whew, lots of good stuff we know you have been waiting for and will enjoy!

    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Earth Tirnua Impact #3

    September 10th, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Here are a few more articles that we would like to share with you this week.

    Our primary goal in Tirnua is to give everyone the opportunity to experiment and play with different solutions that will contribute to make Earth a better place. Hopefully, the Tirnuans will learn best practices in Tirnua and ready themselves to promote these practices back on Earth.

    Articles for this week:

    7. Solar cookers

    8. Fungus sex forced for fuel!

    9. Antimatter as a source of tremendous energy

    10. Space solar power could be a clean, renewable solution to America’s long-term energy needs.

    Please give us your thoughts on what along these lines you would like to see in Tirnua. Joelle and Greg are already starting to build the models…



    Performance & Texture Improvements

    September 4th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    1. Larry did some hard thinking while on vacation last week and came up with some great optimizations to speed things up. We were so excited about this upgrade that we decided to push it out on Monday so you could have the improvements immediately. Over the past few days, you should have noticed that the performance is greatly improved on lots with a lot of players on them. Interactions and chatting should be considerably faster. We needed to do a pass on updating the shading on the clothing textures after making this optimization and so all the clothing has had some artist love given to it. With this publication today, you will notice a remarkable difference in the way the male and female clothing look.

    2. Added a Maximum Users Setting to the Lot Info dialog. Now the owner can set the limit on how many visitors can be on their lot at one time.
      Simply select the number of max users with the spinner and click Apply.

      1. A Couple of Things to Note:
        1. This cannot be used to kick users out of the lot.
          For example, if there are 8 people on the lot and you set this to 5, no one will be kicked out - but no more users can enter.

        2. The owner is always allowed in, even if the maximum capacity is reached.

    New UI icons for the Home Viewer - MonkeyPantz has created some very cool new icons for us. We are hoping that some of these are more intuitive than the older versions. Mouse over each one to find the tooltip for what each icon does. Notice the play mode, edit mode and manage mode (allows you to recycle and sell items that are on your lot) radio buttons. Please give us feedback on how you like them!

    New objects this week - a lighter green hedge wall, a yellow brick floor tile, a marble floor tile and a red gardening bucket. Buy them from the architecture, flooring, and decoration stores on the shopping panel.

    See you in game!
    Audrey and The Tirnua Team

    Earth Tirnua Impact #2

    September 2nd, 2009 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    In continuation of the ‘big picture’ idea that we introduced last week for Tirnua, here are 3 more articles we would like to share with you.

    Our primary goal in Tirnua is to give everyone the opportunity to experiment and play with different solutions that will contribute to make Earth a better place. Hopefully, the Tirnuans will learn best practices in Tirnua and ready themselves to promote these practices back on Earth.

    Here are the articles for this week:

    4. Anaconda, a giant rubber “snake” that floats offshore and converts wave energy to electricity, is a step closer to commercialization.

    5. Rival designs race to harness ocean energy

    6. Solar Lighting—Light-Bulbs/Solar-Lighting/400

    Please give us your thoughts on what along these lines you would like to see in Tirnua. Joelle and Greg are already starting to build the models…



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