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Tirnua Launches Universal Replicator Today!

October 30th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Tirnua Launches Universal Replicator Today!

Coupled with a destructive Purple laser 3D scanner you will be able to use the latest in electron beam technology to manufacture all sorts of items in TirNua starting this week!
We can see energy production spikes on the grid already!

New this week we have additional benefits for Residents to talk about. Also, for new players in particular, we added auto-accept on the action queue with the ability for the old pros to be more picky about what they let effect their scores.
Read on!

3D Scanner

The scanner works on one object at time - the lasers zap the object but put 10 copies of it on the initially blank disc that you provide. You can later use that disc at any printer to make copies of the original object using recycling materials and energy.

What follows is step by step instructions for using the scanner but if you are familiar with how items connect in TirNua you should just be able to figure it out. You just need to a couple of objects to get going and a fully charged battery. You can only scan items that can be recycled as the item you scan will be destroyed in the process. Soon the scanner and printer will be for free use by Residents only.

Step-by-step: Arrange items as shown below.

  • Connect the laptop to the processing power source.
  • Connect the DVD player to the laptop
  • Click Load Blank Disc on the DVD player - if you don’t have one you’ll be prompted to purchase one
  • Load up a full battery and connect the harness - you’ll see the machine light up, ready to go!

Place the item you want to scan in the scanner and click “Start”. You can pause or abort at any time.

When the scanner is done you’ll be able to eject your data disc. The object you scanned will have been destructed by the powerful lasers! You’ll get its material components added to your recyling bins.

3D Printer

The printer is more involved than the scanner and it will very likely pause a few times before completing a job to ask you to swap out batteries for more electrical power or to load it up with more materials needed to make the object that you’ve scanned.

Similar to the scanner, arrange items as shown below. Once you click “Load Data Disk” on the DVD player you’ll see what items you’ve scanned and the number of times remaining that you can print each object.

Once you select an item from the list of things you have scanned, you’ll be told how much energy will be needed to print it and what materials you’ll need. You don’t need to have everything in advance.

By clicking “Load Materials”, you can put up to 3 units of each material into the printer at once.

If the machine runs out of something it needs to continue it will stop and show you a prompt like the following.

Each time it needs more electricity, disconnect and unload the dead battery and get a new once in place.

Use the “Status” option to see lots of information about the state of the current print job, including percentage progress toward completion.

Click “Continue” on the printer to get it making progress again.

When done you’ll see your object appear! Well done!

Search Results

The search results sort order for Player Stores has changed.
This applies to both the Shopping panel and the Map View.
The new sort order is:

  1. Resident Lots with Nameplates
  2. Resident Lots
  3. Guest Lots with Nameplates
  4. Guest Lots
  5. Tirnua Stores (Map View only)

Within each of the above categories, the results are sorted by most objects for sale.

The search results sort order for some of the Map View searches has changed.
The searches which have changed are:

  1. Open Lots
  2. Object Searches: ATMs, Electrical Substations, Puzzles, Video Poker, Liar’s Dice, Gardens, Job Centers
  3. Food*

The new sort order is:

  1. Resident Lots with Nameplates
  2. Resident Lots
  3. Guest Lots with Nameplates
  4. Guest Lots

Within each of the above categories, the results are sorted by Visitor Score.
*For the Food search, within each of the above categories the results are sorted by most food for sale.

The search results sort order for the Online Now search in the Persona Web has changed.
The new sort order is:

  1. Residents with Nameplates
  2. Residents
  3. Guests with Nameplates
  4. Guests

Within each of the above categories, the results are sorted by the Persona’s age.

Action Queue Management

Actions are auto-accepted unless you click on the top of the action queue and choose “Manually Accept” in the drop down that appears when you hover over the icon on the top right.

We hope this makes discovering the actions a simpler and easier experience for new players while leaving everyone with the opportunity to avoid a dip kissing barage from, let’s say, FUGLY!

New Loading Screen

“Beam me up a chair, Scotty!”

Enjoy the new objects and figuring out the most efficient ways to make enough energy to use them!

Add TirNua box on facebook

October 27th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

To add a box like the one on the right to your facebook profile page or boxes tab, click here now or on Add to Profile in the footer on facebook at any time.


Earth Tirnua Impact #4

October 27th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

It has been a few weeks since we posted our last articles on alternative energy sources but here are some more we would like to share with you.

Our primary goal in Tirnua is to give everyone the opportunity to experiment and play with different solutions that will contribute to make Earth a better place. Hopefully, the Tirnuans will learn best practices in Tirnua and ready themselves to promote these practices back on Earth.


1. Poo-troleum: Israel’s BioPetrol wants to take human sewage and convert it into liquid fuels through thermochemical processes. (It’s the same trick the Third Reich used to turn coal into tank fuel.) In one stroke, the idea would end offshore drilling, slash the cost of oil and eliminate the problem and cost of disposing of human waste. A ton of high-quality sludge can produce about 30 kilograms of fuel, according to the company. But it’s not in high-volume production yet.

2. The Portable Nuclear Plant: Hyperion Power Generation wants to make nuclear plants that are about the size of a hot tub. These plants could churn out 70 megawatts of heat, or 27 megawatts of power. They distribute nuclear power, which is good from a meltdown point, and bad from a meltdown point. The technology comes from Los Alamos National Labs.

3. From waste water to cell phone….. Geobacter. It’s a bacterium that turns waste into electricity in its naturally oxygen-free environment – and if you stress it out, it adapts to become even better at it.

4. Smiley Building: The 45,000-square-foot Smiley Building is a formerly abandoned, Depression-era junior high school transformed over the last decade by a trio of dedicated individuals into an energy efficient solar-powered center for arts, education and creativity located in downtown Durango, Colorado.

5. Vincent Callbaut’s dreams: Ecocoon is a mixing between wind power supply and urban housing. The purpose is to reduce the energy cycle from production to consumption. It is a huge battery where fauna and flora can cohabit and where a part of the stocked wind energy is used to recycle the waste products of our consumer society and to regenerate the various natural elements like air, water and earth thanks to recycled products.

Please give us your thoughts on what along these lines you would like to see in Tirnua.



Hallowe’en in Tirnua has crept in…

October 24th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Besides all the fun Halloween graphics that have been creeping in around the site all week, a New Halloween Collection has been added today.

Now look what TirNua Dominic has learned to do - he has created some fun clothes for Halloween for you all!

Our TirNua Valerie has created cool Witch and Pirate hats to add to the fun for the holiday. Along with all of this, you will also want to get some of these Jack-o’-Lanterns and Skulls to decorate your lot with. Of course, we know all of these items will be popular well after the holiday has past us by.

Look for the items in the New Halloween Store in the Shopping Panel. You will also find all of the items in the Woman’s or Men’s clothing store.

Become a Resident in Tirnua! We are introducing the concept of Residency with a beta launch of the feature. Being a resident of Tinua will provide you with special privileges and status for a monthly fee. The feature is not fully implemented yet but we decided to launch it in a beta phase so that we could let our players know about the concept and to get input from the community on the design.

Some of the privileges we are entertaining are: player receives monthly stipend (early residents will lock in a higher amount than those that follow), resident only stores (certain objects only sold there and discounts given), resident only store licenses, bulk purchase discounts, persona attribute locks, higher MEP caps, higher job payouts, increased electric generation bonus multiplier, trash collection capabilities and so on.

During this 30-day beta period, some of the above features will be rolled out. With this week’s implementation, when you purchase a Resident Badge for 999 TAU, you instantly become a Resident and are given a Resident Badge. This badge will be displayed on your Persona Web page and be added to your inventory. It can proudly be displayed on your lot for all to see.

The benefits you will see this week are: increased job pay-out (a.k.a., a higher paycheck), the ability to ‘take out the trash’ and to set your lot entry permissions to ‘Residents Only’. Residents can dispose of one trash bag from their inventories upon completion of a job but don’t forget to take a trash bin with you to the job! The resident badge is purchasble in the shopping panel under the miscellaneous section. Please be sure to let us know your thoughts on the design.

Lastly, be sure to take the guided tour and visit some Tirnua Lots this weekend and leading up to Halloween so you can enjoy the new decorations and perhaps find jack-o-lanterns and skulls at a bargain price.

Happy Halloween!
Audrey and The TirNua Team

Tirnua’s Second Energy Source

October 16th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Introducing Wood to Electric Conversion - check it out! Here’s what you need to get started:

Wood components are put into a wood chipper which outputs solid fuel into the boiler, this in turns produces steam for the steam engine. The steam engine creates kinetic energy which is then passed through to the dynamo where the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and used to charge the battery.

Here’s the challenge and fun part - each of the pieces of equipment (except for the wood bin) will need to be connected together like in the picture above. Once connected, select “Grind” on the wood chipper to get things going. Keep filling it up with wood and then select “Ignite” on the boiler. After awhile the steam engine and dynamo will kick into gear and you will notice the lights on your battery turning on as it gets charged. Mousing over the battery will give you the charge status on it. As well, placing your mouse over the boiler will give you the status on its performance efficiency and let you know the amount of solid fuel you have remaining. Be careful to keep a watchful eye on the battery’s charge for when it is completely charged the energy created will be wasted unless you replace it with a new battery or shut off the boiler.

This is just the beginning stages of the energy creation simulation, more efficienct equipment and the components that go into it will be introduced over time.

Edible Flowers Coming Soon

As a first step towards a full food simulation we are introducing the concept of deriving food from flowers. With today’s update, you will now notice that when you recycle a flower that is not dormant or dead it will have a Food component associated with it as well as associated Vitamin P, Vitamin E, and Vitamin M values. Each of the vitamins will affect your energies as follows: Vitamin P affects Physical energy, Vitamin E affects Emotional energy, and Vitamin M affects Mental energy.

Every flower in the world will contribute a certain number of Units of Food based on the percentage grown and the count and size of the flower’s petals and leaves as well as the size of the heart and stem. Each unit of food will have a nutrition value broken into Vitamin P, Vitamin E, and Vitamin M values. All flowers will contribute a base amount of 5 Vitamin P. On top of that will be added more P, E, and M Vitamins based on the colors of the plant. Green contributes to Vitamin P, blue to Vitamin M, and red to Vitamin E. As a result different flowers will have different nutritional values. For example the food units from a red rose will have more Emotional impact whereas those from a hybrid green sun flower would have more Physical impact. You will see this functionality being incorporated into further game play in the coming weeks when you will be able to create salads at the salad bar from your recycled flowers and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

You can see the Nutrition values listed in the Recycle dialog and in the new Nutrition dialog reached via the Nutrition button on the Check Vitals dialog.

Tirnua has a Brand New Look - Check out our new Home Page and the Banner on the rest of the site. This awesome work is credited to our resident graphic artist in training, Tirnua Dominic. Please be sure to compliment him on his hard efforts when you see him in game. We think he is doing a terrific job in creating a fun look for us!

Have fun,

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Don’t kiss me, I’m already too emotional!

October 10th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week it will be important to notice that the two person actions require an accept or reject action to be taken. This means you will need to click on the check mark to accept the action or click on the X to cancel out the action. . If you do neither, the action will automatically time out in 30 seconds or you can cancel it at anytime with the Cancel Interaction delete button.

Pay attention to the color of the header bar at the top of the queue. A green header bar means there is something in your queue, a red header bar means there is something in your queue that needs your attention to either accept or reject and a blue header bar means your queue is empty.

All Actions affect your Energies - we have started implementing how your actions and the actions of others have consequences on your energies. Whenever an action is carried out by you or to you, it will change some value or capacity level of your mental, emotional or physical energies. You will see your different energies either go up or down based on what the action was. Some will increase one energy and decrease another. For example, dancing may take away from your physical energy but increase your emotional energy. You will know when an energy level has changed because you will see the energy bar flash display over your persona’s head; when the bar is outlined in green it signifies an increase and when the bar is outlined in red, it signifies a decrease.

This is work in progress in terms of tuning these values and we will continue to fine tune what the effects are. We wanted to push the functionality out there to test it out and get our players’ feedback on it but don’t get too set on the values yet.

Look back here in about an hour for a chart that we are putting together to give you an idea of the cause and effect relationship the various Tirnua actions can have on your energy value and capacity levels. When we have the chart ready, we will post into this blog.

Also new this week:

  1. Low wall objects - look for these industrial style low walls in the Architecture store on the Shopping Panel.
  2. Friends lot searches on Map View Popular Searches - Under Popular Searches from the Map View, easily search for all your friends lots either your Tirnua Friends or you Facebook Friends.

Lots of kisses!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

Accumulate actions in a Queue

October 3rd, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Action Queue - the game now remembers all your commands so you can stock up and accumulate them in a queue. You will undoubtedly find this very useful and it will most definitely come in handy when tending to all your plants. You will no longer need to wait until you are done watering one plant to select ‘water’ on your next plant etc.

On the right of your screen, when in a lot, you will now find the new Action Queue. This will display all the pending actions you have. By default the Queue is maximized but if you prefer you can minimize it by hovering your mouse over the Queue header bar and selecting the “Stay Maximized” button that appears. Now the Queue will only appear when you hover the mouse over it. Hitting that button again will put you back into always maximized mode.

When you have more items in your queue than can fit into the queue a scroll button will appear at the bottom of the queue. Simply hover the mouse over that button to scroll down. A similar button will appear at the top of the queue to scroll back up. You can cancel any item in the Queue by hovering the mouse over that item and clicking the Cancel Interaction Delete button that appears.

Food and Fiber Components have been added to our recycling components. This week all the live plants (trees and flowers) are recyclable and will provide food and/or fiber components. Food and Fiber components will become very useful soon - just wait and see!

Energy Icons for the Health Meters - you will find these new icons in the HUD health meter that displays over your persona; the lightbulb replaces the ‘M’ for Mental, the heart replaces the ‘E’ for Emotional and the muscle strong arm replaces the ‘P’ for Physical.

Look for the readings for your health meter displayed under ‘Scores’ on the Persona Web Panel too.

Drop on Tiles (work in progress) for recycling and other uses - drop these tiles on your lot and other players will be able to place their recycling components on them (Yes, on your lot!). They can then set them for sale on your lot. This is setting up the stage for consignment sales but you can bet there will be other uses for them. Currently, we have one Drop on Tile for each component and one for the battery.

The functionality is not all there this week but it is on it’s way. This week, items can be placed and sold - reaping the owner of the recycles the full sale price. In the future, the lot owner will make a commission on the sale. Also coming soon, the owner of a fully-charged battery will be able to place it on a Battery Drop-on-Lot tile on your lot whereby selling the electric power to you or other players.

More clothes textures updated - we missed a few when we did our update on the clothing a few weeks back. This should be it. Look for our new fall line coming soon!

New Feeds on Facebook - you may have already noticed these on your Facebook page. They are much more fun and hopefully they will give all of our friends a much better idea of what is going on in Tirnua with the new Energy Simulation. Dominic (a.k.a., MonkeyPantz) gets all the credit with these!

Lots of leg work this week for awesome future updates!

Audrey and The Tirnua Team

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