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TirNua is a virtual world exploring Energy and Global Warming

March 31st, 2010 by Tirnua Greg Leave a comment Share on Facebook

TirNua is a virtual world exploring Energy and Global Warming

  • Over the last century the world has become addicted to fossil fuels: low cost energy.
  • The amount of oil and other fossil fuels on the planet is finite and we are likely approaching its peak production yet we are consuming it at an increasing rate.
  • Global warming is destroying the planet, and man’s use of fossil fuels along with other practices, is increasing the pace of the destruction of the planet by producing large amounts of green house gases and destroying plant life which removes these gases.
  • The number of people on the planet has doubled over the last 30 years, and the standard of living around the world is on the rise meaning there is an increasing number people with increasing appetites for energy.

In other words, we have collectively got ourselves in a bit of a fix and are spiraling downwards rather quickly. We at Tirnua believe these problems are not insurmountable but do require awareness, comprehension, and action.

So what does the Energy and Global Warming have to do with the virtual world TirNua?

The TirNua simulation focuses attention on the environmental, social, and economic issues surrounding Energy and Global Warming. Tirnua provides us a fun, social place to play, experiment, exchange ideas, and invent. Of course TirNua is not only about energy and global warming, that would be a lop-sided presentation of the issues, as these the real world problems and their various solutions have repercussions in many aspects of our lives - food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, and more. Thus, TirNua will provide food, shelter, entertainment and more. Expect the decisions (individually and collectively) you make with regard to the energy and environment simulations to effect your food, shelter, and entertainment within TirNua.

A couple of interesting links from wikipedia:

Ecological Economics

Green Economy


Custom Content for Bears!

March 26th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Custom Content for your Bear Personas!

Design your own custom outfits to go along with the Bear Persona we introduced last week. Very Cool!

For help see our Blog for how to info and our Wiki for masks and templates with texture samples.

Oil Phase 2: Drilling and Extracting Oil

  1. Find Oil: Use the Oil Detection Station and Oil Detection Mobile to locate the oil deposits.

  2. Drill for oil: Once you have located a deposit. You will need to drill down to the deposit using an Oil Derrick (the large wooden structure shown).

    What you Need to Know:

    1. You must have an oil permit to use the derrick and the engineer must be a resident.
    2. Position the derrick over the oil find. Make sure the pipe cap is over the top of the cell above the oil deposit.

    3. The oil derrick requires rotational energy. A Mobile Boiler needs to be connected and ignited to provide the energy. The energy will be stored in the fly wheel on the derrick. It is a good idea to build up a bit before starting to drill. (Note: there is a problem with the original steam engine coupling - until it is corrected it will not be able to be used with the derrick).
    4. You will need two personas to drill: an Engineer and a Roughneck. The Engineer must have a Mental Capacity of at least 30 and Mental Value above at least 10; the Roughneck needs a Physical Capacity of at least 30 and Physical value of least 10.
    5. Stock the derrick with pipe using the “Retrieve Pipe” action on the derrick. You must qualify as a Roughneck to stock the pipe.
    6. Once there is a reserve of pipe and rotational energy in the derrick, you are ready to drill.
    7. The Roughneck needs to run the “Position Pipe” action.
    8. When the Roughneck is in place, the Engineer can “Start Drilling”.
    9. Each pipe length will take some time to drill, the deeper the pipe needs to go the more time and rotational energy required.
    10. The clutch will automatically disengage when the pipe section is done, except when there is a Oil Strike. When the strike happens you will need to shut off the derrick manually.
  3. Extracting the oil:
    1. Once there is an oil strike, Oil Donkey (with battery for power) will be required to extract the oil. Remove the oil derrick and insert the oil donkey.
    2. You must be a lot owner or roommate to use the donkey.
    3. You must have an oil permit to use the derrick.
    4. Position the Donkey so the end of the donkey with electrical connection is directly over the Oil Strike.

    5. Connect a battery harness and battery.
    6. Start the Oil Donkey.
    7. When the Oil Donkey is started, run your cursor over the Donkey for the tooltip. The data will show you the depth, current amount, and original amount of the well.
    8. The Oil Donkey’s tanks can hold about 200 units of oil. When you want to use the oil for other things, use the ‘Extract Oil’ action. If there are empty barrels on the lot, they will be filled; otherwise, an oil barrel will show up in the persona’s inventory.

In the Gardening Arena this Week:

  1. Corn Fields in TirNua - just like growing coffee and strawberries, you can grow your own corn too. Big difference is that you will get only one picking per plant; each picking reaps two bushels of corn. After the picking, the corn plant will die and be ready for recycling. As with the coffee and strawberries, the corn does not reproduce with hybrids. The benefit to reproducing is that you can get a fresh new young plant to replace your old close to death or dead one.
  2. Going forward when picking crops (coffee, corn, strawberries) in a Farm zone you have a 50% chance of doubling the harvest.
  3. Change plants to increase GreenThumb when you full grow them, not harvest (except when you get a tree)
  4. Roasted coffee goes to the person doing the roasting.

DVDs have their content displayed as an image in game

Achievement Badge Updates

  1. Added 2 new energy Badges
  2. Added Badges for top scores Green Thumbs and Energy. Top 100, 50,25,10,5,1
  3. Earned badges can be placed in lots
  4. Tooltips added to Badges on lots

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect display of required materials when loading materials into objects like the Kiln
  • Fix Sewing Machine to end properly when finished
  • Fix for crash when reproducing plants after having disabled reproduction dialog
  • Fix for crashes when leaving lot while flowers are still loading
  • Display percent grown on flowers tool tips
  • Display seed count on tool tips on seed bags
  • Display feed count on tool tips on feed bags
  • Display correct flower type and seed count on generic seed bags
  • No longer display expiry date for seeds and feed bags
  • Fixed sofa so you can actually sit on it now!
  • As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Highlighting top rated public lots - Factories & Kitchens

    March 23rd, 2010 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Again we are encouraging all you residents to rate lots and determine what shows up at the top of all these listings under the Popular Searches:

    This time we are highlighting only the top 3 lots in each zone that open to the public.

    Top Rated Factories Open to the Public

    1. Max’s Dumping Grounds

    2. Recycle & Recharge

    3. The Loony Recharged

    Top Rated Kitchens Open to the Public

    1. MarieDKs Gym & Relaxin Center.

    2. Lalani’s Kitchen_268

    3. The Garage

    Bears, Oh My!

    March 19th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Male, Female or Bear - which will it be? New Gender in TirNua is a Bear!

    To be a Bear, you will need to create a new persona. Currently, each Guest Account is given 1 free persona and Resident Accounts are given up to 3 personas. Once you have 3 personas you will keep them regardless of your resident status.

    To create another persona you will need to go to the Manage Account settings:

    1. To do so, go to the bottom of the page beneath the game application and click on the ‘Manage Account’ link.
    2. At the bottom of the manage account page is the ability to ‘Add Persona’. Choose your gender selection, give your persona a name (this is a default free name) and select ‘Create Persona’.
    3. To make your new persona your default persona, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that you are already on and select the new persona as your default persona.
    4. To switch between personas use the ‘My Stuff’ tab and the ‘Preferences’ sub-tab

    Introducing Achievement Badges - earn these fun badges when making certain achievements in these two categories: Green Thumb and Energy. See how many you can collect. More categories will be introduced in upcoming weeks.

    The Persona Web will display all of the Achievement Badges available for each category. As you earn each one, it will no longer be grayed out.

    Clicking on any badge will display the information you need to know in order to earn that particular badge.

    Clyde’s Miniature Mobile Boilers - a combo object of the boiler and steam engine rolled into one. They are compact and mobile — useful when a bit of kinetic energy is needed in a tight spot.

    These Miniature Mobile Boilers are not as efficient as the larger boiler and steam engine.

    Move Or Buy A Lot From The World Map

    Double-clicking a location on the World Map now offers two options:

    You can Move an existing Lot

    Or you can Buy a new Lot

    Moving An Existing Lot

    1. If you select Move Lot, you then choose one of your Lots to move.
    2. Note that TirNua Moving Truck is required to move your Lot.
    3. If you do not own a Tirnua Moving Truck when you click the Move button, you can optionally purchase one from TirNua.
    4. Note that you can probably find a Tirnua Moving Truck at a discount price at a Player Store, located in the Shopping panel.

    Buying A New Lot

    If you select Buy Lot, you then choose the Size and Lease Duration for your new Lot.

    The Zone and Background are already set by the location that you double-clicked on the World Map.

    Updated Kitchen Cabinet Units

    When we updated the sinks to add running water last week we did not realize that, due to lighting changes we made in the game a while back, the other coordinating units no longer matched. This forced us to take a pass on all of them and henceforth, we have better looking kitchen units now. Look for more kitchen environment changes coming your way soon.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Highlighting top rated lots - Orchards

    March 18th, 2010 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Again we are encouraging all you residents to rate lots and determine what shows up at the top of all these listings under the Popular Searches:

    We’ve noted the zone extension requests you’ve made and we’ll try to add some more templates to the wiki tutorial on Creating Backgrounds for Tirnua.

    As of right now, here are the top rated orchard lots. Tomorrow we will post the top Factory lots so use the search to browse all candidates and give the thumbs up to those you like. We’ll highlight each zone’s top 10 in the coming days.

    Top Rated Orchard Lots

    1. Sami’s fruit stand

    2. Sami’s Plantation

    3. Schhh… It’s a secret!

    4. Zephyra’s Orange Grove

    5. Jam Pony

    6. Yeah yeah I’m watering again!

    7. I Found it in the Garbage Bin

    8. Lot 1622-2444

    9. Squiggly

    10. Yellow + Red =

    Highlighting top rated lots - Farms

    March 17th, 2010 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We’d like to encourage all you residents to get out there and rate lots and determine what shows up at the top of all these listings under the Popular Searches:

    As of right now, here are the top rated farm lots. Tomorrow we will post the top Orchard lots so use the search to browse all candidates and give the thumbs up to those you like. We’ll highlight each zone’s top 10 in the coming days.

    Top Rated Farm Lots

    1. Sweet’s heart
    2. Lot 2816-2772
    3. Hippopotamus House
    4. Walnut Grove Feed & Seed
    5. Sami’s tree farm
    6. The Nursery
    7. GREEN
    8. BLUE
    9. Flower Child
    10. Freedomdeep_32394’s Room

    TirNuans are Buzzing around with their Java

    March 12th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Brew, Drink and Sell Cups of Coffee
    Increase your Mental and Physical Values with every cup you down.

    What you will need:

  • Coffee Stand
  • Can of Coffee (Derived by roasting coffee beans)
  • Battery
  • Battery 5-in-1 charger
  • Sink (bathroom or kitchen)
  • How to use:

    1. Connect the battery to the Coffee Stand on the side with the electrical symbol
    2. Load the coffee by selecting ‘Load Ingredients’ from the menu and then select Coffee Cans from the pop-up
    3. Add water by selecting ‘Load Ingredients’ from the menu and then select Water from the pop-up
    4. Select ‘Brew Coffee’

    Other Interactions and things to know:

    1. Set Fee - use this interaction to set the price for a cup of coffee
    2. Check Status - use this interaction to check status on electric connections and materials stored in the coffee maker
    3. The coffee maker holds 3 cans of coffee and 3 pitchers of water
    4. One can of coffee makes about 30 cups and 1 pitcher of water makes about 16 cups of coffee

    FEATURE FOR FUGLY - well, we had to do this one. You can now opt to NOT receive emails for in-game messages you receive. We will miss the emails from FUGLY about this. To do this toggle the setting under the ‘My Stuff’ tab and ‘Preferences’ sub-tab.

    Customize your Facebook Feeds
    Select the snapshot you want for your facebook feeds. Edit your feeds before posting them. Add your own personal comments to the feed.

    Compliment facebook feed option on flowers, totem and rares such as the treadmills, salad processors and salad bars.

    Lot Snapshot Enhancements - create better snapshots of your lot by removing the background from the picture. Share your lot images on facebook or Twitter.

    To do this, select the camera icon from UI panel. Adjust the region and resize the image by using any of the four corners or drag the mouse in the image frame to pan to another area. Toggle the ‘Show Background’ check box to turn off the background. When the picture is ready to be taken, select the ‘Set Lot Thumbnail’ button. Select to share the photo on facebook or Twitter and customize it with a personal statement.

    St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th

    Check out the Holidays Store.

    We have reduced the price on our existing St. Patrick holiday collection: the Green Top Hats, shamrock rug and flora shamrock floor tile and we added two new items for you delight: Irish Green Beer and a Leprechaun Statue.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Chat permissions - set private chat permissions. This setting controls who is allowed to contact you via private chat. It is per account, so it applies to all your Personas.

    The settings are:

    1. Everyone: Allow anyone to contact me via private chat.
    2. Residents: Only allow Residents and Friends to contact me via private chat.
    3. Friends: Only allow Friends to contact me via private chat.
    4. Nobody: Do not allow anyone to contact me via private chat.

    Find the permissions setting under the ‘My Stuff’ tab and ‘Preferences’ sub-tab. The swear filter has been turned on too!

    Drop In - personas drop in from the sky.

    Help Panel FAQs: FAQ: How to - to describe how to do something and
    FAQ: Objects - to describe how to use the various objects in TirNua. Please use these to assist new players with their questions. Find one that is missing something? Send a re-write.

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Call a Friend In-game & First Group Activity

    March 5th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    That’s Right, Private Chat is Here!
    Chat one-on-one with any player that is online in TirNua.


    1. You can initiate a private chat from the Persona Web [pic 1] or by clicking on another player (other than yourself) when in a Lot [pic 2]
    2. You can initiate a private chat with another player even if you are not in the same lot or if they are floating around online. The private chat will follow you from window to window as you move between tabs.
    3. You cannot initiate a private chat if the target Persona has blocked you, or if they are not online.
    4. You can block people from the private chat window directly without having to go to the Persona Web [pic 3]
    5. All private chat windows are closed if you switch Personas.
    6. You cannot block developers

    Oil Exploring - Find Oil Deposits and Stake your Claim! This is our first group activity in TirNua.

      Items you will need:

    1. 1 Resident Badge
    2. 1 Oil Drilling and Exploring Permit (you must be resident)
    3. 1 Oil Detector Station (available in the Energy Collection)
    4. 1 Battery and Harness
    5. 1 (or more) Oil Detector Mobiles (available in the Energy Collection)
    6. 1 Lot in the Oil Plains zone**
    7. 1 Engineer (persona with high mental)***
    8. 1 or more rough necks (persona with high physical)***

    ** For now the only place where there is oil is in the Oil Sands zone. The oil deposits will tend to be small but plentiful. In the future, there will be hidden zones on the map that have oil.
    *** Requires 35 mental. The physical requirements have not been added yet but should be soon, likely it will also require 35 physical.

      Pertinent Info:

    1. The oil permit needs to be placed on the lot to be explored.
    2. The Oil Detector Station needs to be hooked up to a battery for power.
    3. The persona running the Oil Detector Station needs to be a resident.
      How to:

    1. Set Depth - recommend starting with depth of 1.
    2. Analyze - this will provide geology information about the site. It will give you the % chance of finding oil at this depth at this site.
    3. Locate 1 or more Oil Detector Mobiles on the lot.
    4. Start Test on the Oil Detector Mobiles. Important: The mobiles must be in start mode or they will not register for the test.****
    5. Start Test on the Oil Detector Station (must be resident). ****
    6. Stop Test on the Oil Detector Station.
    7. Check the readings on the Oil Detect Mobiles: Red Light - nothing found; Yellow - near by; Green - Found a deposit; None - something went wrong.*****.
    8. Mark any oil deposit you find with an object so you will remember where it is.

    9. **** steps 4 and 5: the actions for these steps require the persona to stay “in the action” with the machine. You must have at least 2 personas doing the work.
      ***** If only one mobile is used then yellow is not possible. Each tile containing an active mobile will be checked during the test. Plus, the mobile will try to test one tile up/back, left/right (four extra tiles). However, those tiles will only be checked if two or more mobiles check the same tile. In the picture, oil is located where the arrows are pointing.

      Rate Lots - as a Resident you can rate the lots of your fellow Residents.
      Click on the thumbs up & thumbs down icons on any resident’s lot and specify whether you like or dislike their lot. Your rating on each lot will remain like that until you change it again. A lot can only have as many votes as there are residents in the world. Under Popular Searches, you will be able to find the Top Rated Categories such as Top Rated Farms, Top Rated Orchards etc.

      Change Clothes interaction accessible from the persona menu - just click on your persona and select ‘Change Clothes’ to take you to the Dress Me Panel.

      The Bushes are alive! Grow your own bushes and keep them thriving just like your plants and flowers. Look for the bush seeds in the Gardening Store.

      Don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

      Audrey and The TirNua Team

      Addendum: Oops! Oil Plains Zone Moved?!

      The Oil Plains Zone moved. Last night, while working with some players, noticed that we had overlooked the fact that there are canyons in the zone. So the zone was moved to remove this terrain from the zone. Note: in the future oil will not be located on canyon lots, and currently not on any water lots. Offshore drilling maybe added in the future.

      If you already have a lot with oil. Nothing changes except you may not be in the oil zone anymore - that is ok. Oil will be located around the map in coming updates.

      If this modification has inconvenienced you or caused an issue, please, notify us with in game support or by emailing


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