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Carbon Footprint, TirNua and You!

May 29th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

A persona’s Carbon Footprint (CFP) is a measure of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by one’s actions and lifestyle. Everything you do such as purchasing products, growing plants, recycling, burning fossil fuels and using energy will have a direct or an indirect impact in accelerating climate change. The choices you make will either help curb or adversely impact global warming. Our game will give you direct feedback on what effect you are having on our environment.

Every object you own has a Base CFP which is a result of the GHGs emitted in the production of that object. That includes everything from the mining of the raw materials, the generation of the energy used, to the transportation to bring that product to market. An object purchased from the TirNua store will have a much higher CFP than one created with recycled materials via the 3D Printer. Recycling an object will result in commodities that have only a portion of the CFP from the original object.

As well as a Base CFP, many objects also have an Accumulated CFP. This is a measure of the GHGs emitted or absorbed through the use of this object. For example, whenever you burn something in a boiler, the boiler’s Accumulated CFP will go up. How much it goes up will depend on what you burn.

Oil, for example, will put much more GHGs into the atmosphere than bio-fuel or wood. Growing plants on the other hand will absorb GHGs from the atmosphere resulting in their Accumulated CFP values going down.

Using fertilizer though will raise that value. Also note that every day that you have live plants on a lot, they will absorb more GHGs. Owning trash and toxic bins though will regularly emit small amounts of GHGs.

All energy has an associated CFP and any object that uses that energy will accumulate the CFP of the energy they use. When you generate electricity, the way you generate it will determine the CFP of that energy. Using a treadmill will generate perfectly clean energy with a CFP of 0. Using a boiler will generate dirty energy with a high CFP although the amount of CFP is dependent on the type of fuel being burnt in the boiler.

Here is an example of how CFP flows through the entire energy production cycle.

I grow 2 corn plants, one using fertilizer, one without. Because I fertilized one, the CFP of that plant is not as good as the other. I recycle those corn plants into fiber which I then use to generate bio-fuel. The bio-fuel generated from the fertilized plant will have a higher CFP than the other. If I burn each of those bio-fuels in the boiler to generate energy into 2 different batteries then one will have a higher CFP than the other. Also, the boiler will accumulate more CFP as result of burning the higher CFP fiber. All this CFP will go into my personal CFP score.

A Persona’s CFP score is the sum of the Base CFP and the Accumulated CFP of all the objects that they own as well as any personal CFP they have accumulated from objects they have gotten rid of. The Base CFP of an object stays with an object but the Accumulated CFP stays with the Persona. So if you give an object to someone else they will always receive it with a zero Accumulated CFP but it will always have the Base CFP. The Accumulated CFP is added into the Persona’s personal CFP.

As of today, everyone’s CFP Score will be calculated using this new system. Please note that any objects purchased prior to a few weeks ago have a Base CFP of zero. We did this to try to alleviate the impact on your Score but do expect some changes in your score as a result of this new system. All your actions and purchases have been contributing to your new CFP Score. And don’t forget, the decisions you make and the actions you take will affect all of TirNua.

So, how Green can you be?

The Wind Beneath My Wings

May 28th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Custom Content Wings and Peacock Tails are here!.

As a resident, now you can create your own custom designed wings or peacock tails.
Learn how
to create your own custom content now. Look for more custom content items coming in the near future!

New Wind Turbine

These industrial strength wind turbines generate more energy and are adjustable but they will require more wind to be useful.

Which way is the wind blowing?

Now you can easily tell the direction the wind is taking. Every hour the wind strength and direction is read from a few select spots in the real world.

Read more…

Map Legend and Filters

Search and filter on the map from the left hand search panel for: the active lots, zones icons, my lots, user events, zones, wind and existing lots. The Map filter is located just above the Popular Searches filter. Click on it to expand it and click on it again to collapse it.

Carbon Footprint Scores

Starting tomorrow morning PST, everyone’s CFP Score will be calculated using a new system. Going forward the decisions you make and the actions you take will affect all of TirNua. You won’t want to miss the special blog about Carbon Footprint, TirNua and You; to be published tomorrow.

For those of you that don’t believe that a Lemon Fresh Gladiolus or a Mary Anne Daffodil can be created via hybridization here are ones that Larry created, along with some hints.

Bug Fixes

  • objects getting stuck like the coffee roaster
  • salad bar holding the correct amounts of commodity
  • object placement issue with derrick, conveyor belt etc.
  • battery harness no longer appears disconnected when second light comes on
  • rain barrel properly refilling
  • As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Enjoy your picnics this weekend!
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    Volcano Erupts Again! Ash cloud about to darken the skies!

    May 25th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    A new major eruption of the volcano occured in the last hour. Scientists predict that the impact of the new clouds will darken the skies in the next hours and probably will be felt for weeks.

    There is still no way to know exactly when a volcano eruption will occur, but scientists are developing better and better tools to track the ash clouds and evaluate how it will perturbate transportation and agriculture.

    While plants appear to not yet have been affected, it seems certain that as the sun provides less energy on average, there will be diminished growth. The potential acidity of the rain might also impact some of the rivers, and potentially the water tables.

    On the bright side, expect some incredible sunsets for weeks to come. Unlike an oil spill, there is little that can be done to solve the problem. Just hope for high winds which will disperse the clouds more quickly and lessen any local impact.

    TirNua, May 24th 2010, 7am.

    TirNua Got Wind

    May 25th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    This week end we enabled the new wind simulation in the game. In this post I’ll describe how the simulation works, and the new features that the wind is bringing us.

    Snapshot of trade winds in TirNua

    Every hour we read wind strength & direction information from a few select spots in the real world. From that we build a full map simulation which takes into account the terrain on TirNua.

    This means that the winds in TirNua are representative of real wind patterns, and are representative of the terrain. We do this so that players will be able to use different strategies based on where their lots are located.

    The wind currently has two different effects in the game:

    1- It powers windmills. We introduced the first windmill this week, and we will introduce a few more in the upcoming weeks. We are still tuning them, and we all know that the ‘old windmill’ is not very effective. It is about as effective as a static windmill is in real life. To best leverage the wind, you will have to find the optimal locations.

    2- It moves air pollution. Since this week, the boilers are releasing pollution into the air. You can already see it in 2 or 3 locations in the environment map (around newbie towers, for example!). This means that you might not want to live downwind from a polluter. But you are always going to be downwind from someone…

    We are now working on providing you with better historical information in game about the wind, so you can make more informed decisions about where you want your lot, and where you might want to setup your windmill farms.

    Stay tuned!


    Wind and Carbon Footprint Simulations

    May 22nd, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Wind Simulation - our first wind powered energy source in TirNua is here. This first residential wind turbine is the basic model, look for more sophisticated models coming soon. The hexagon cells on the World Map will now display environmental readings for air quality, wind and elevation.

    To get started generating wind power, the first thing you will want to do is to find a windy place on the map. Click on any hexagon cell on the map to see the current wind speed reading for that location. Just like the in the real world, the wind in TirNua is ever changing but you will be able to notice patterns over time. The tooltip on the wind turbine displays the ‘Rated Speed’ and the ‘Cut-in/out-Speed’. For maximum power output you will need to have wind as close to rated speed as possible. If the wind drops below cut-in speed or above cut-out speed there will be no power output.

    Once you have a good location identified on the map, place your wind turbine on the lot, connect a battery with a harness to it, select the ‘Engage’ interaction and then stand there staring at it mesmerized for hours. It will take two days to fully charge a yellow battery.

    Volcano on the map! If you go to the World Map and select the Environment Game Mode you will see our first Volcano in TirNua. Folks are already buying up lots near this location. Look for volcanic action coming soon along with a blog from Luc describing the impacts that disasters like volcanic eruptions will have in TirNua.

    Carbon Footprint Management (CFP) - carbon calculations are now being made on every object and every persona in TirNua. All objects start out with a ‘base’ carbon footprint and then overtime ‘accumulate’ more carbon. To see the carbon footprint on an object you must be in recycle mode.

    A special blog will be forthcoming in the next few days to describe how this Carbon Simulation is going to work in TirNua.

    Check out the New Front Page! - it is starting to give us a glimpse of the good and bad side effects of carbon footprint.

    More Cool Group Stuff

  • Group totem dialog - select the ‘manage’ and ‘edit’ interactions on the totem to bring up the new dialog box. Type in your group name, description, change your map color, add your facebook group id and update your map icon. To update the icon for your group: place a photo stencil in your inventory with the custom content image you want for your group and then select the image in the dialog box to replace
  • Group floater panel - when you close the dialog box you will see a new floater panel for your group totem
  • Group update, decay, and competition are active

    Other Stuff

    In-game messages sent for Buy and Earn TAU. Whenever you purchase TAU or earn TAU through our offer providers, you will receive an in-game message notifying you of the transaction. This is a good way for you to track all of your purchases.

    New Popular Search on World Map: My Rated Lots - this search will return the lots that you have rated, ordered by last one rated first.


  • The rare fruit bug has been fixed!
  • The permissions on water wells that we getting over written whenever you watered a flower has been fixed
  • The lot search by group has been fixed
  • Search Personas now only searches the active name vs. doing both the free name and equipped name
  • Art and connection fixes to the some of the refrigerators

    As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

    Audrey and The TirNua Team

  • TirNua Spring contest - We have a winner!!!

    May 21st, 2010 by RAWRRRR_12529 Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    The first TirNua spring contest has just ended! The winner of our first Spring Contest is ….


    The top 8 ( all other entries can be found here )

    1. Raisin
    2. FUGLY
    3. Cherry
    4. IzannahB1
    5. Andariel
    6. Erik
    7. Wink TartanBelle
    8. NextJesus
    everyone will receive their prizes on Friday May 21st!
    Golden Frog
    2nd 3rd
    Everyone who participated in this contest has done a wonderful job. We would like to thank everyone of you for your effort, your creativity and your amazing gardens by handing out this prize to you, tomorrow Friday May 21st:
    Runners up
    If you would like to see the top 8 gardens you can easily go to our spring contest lobby , created by TirNua Sarah ” Spring Contest 2010 Finalists “.

    Thank you for being part of TirNuas first Spring contest. First, we thought all of your gardens were blue ribbon, gold star (or frog :) ) — we wish we could give all the gardens a  gold frog!  We never ceased to be amazed and surprised (and a bit proud) of the best player community out there!

    We plan to hold many contests and we will vary both the voting and judging so that there will be all different styles of events. Look for a blog soon on that very subject - we look forward to hearing your ideas.

    Thank you again,
    The TirNua team.

    Upcoming simulations in TirNua

    May 20th, 2010 by Tirnua Luc Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Tirnua's first windmill

    I have some exciting changes to the game to announce. They have a broad impact on the scope of the game, and I will describe them in more details in several upcoming blogs.

    When Tirnua started, it seemed that it could be just another flash game. But as the weeks went by, by adding 3D characters, the 3D flowers, the chats, messages, feeds and then the user content, the 3D scanner and printers, the oil fields, the plants, the food, (and I skip many more features) it slowly became one of the richest game that can be played in any browser. And it can still be played for free.

    At this point, it might again seem that TirNua is just a virtual world, with a particularly vibrant player community, very involved in its design. And that would be an over simplification again. As you might have figured out already with observing the evolution of the map in the game, we are adding a new key element, a world simulation. This simulation will impact the game play, and promote TirNua in a new game category as a truly simulated virtual world.

    While there are already virtual worlds, and they appear to run a simulation, they keep things separated. Mostly, one plays by himself, and interacts only occasionaly with the others. We are building TirNua to be a different game, bringing a new genre to the games currently available in the social networks.

    It turns out that solving global warming on earth, is a complex problem. We think of it as a social (political), economical and environmental problem. We chose this subject matter as the core of TirNua to help the players  discover it and experience it, in just a few hours, days or weeks. Using the power of symbolism, we can simplify and contrast better the issues at the core of the real life issues, while providing a fun game and an avatar based social network.

    Later this week, with the weekly publish, you will see carbon footprint management, the wind simulation and our first electricity producing windmill. In several upcoming blogs we will explain them in more details, and how they impact the existing and forthcoming game elements and how you’ll have to work together to make a better world!

    I can only hope to make all of you proud of playing TirNua. You are the pioneers of a new game category, and we want to make sure we all have fun.


    Luc and the TirNua dev team

    TirNua Spring Contest - FINAL voting

    May 19th, 2010 by TirNua Repo Man Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Spring Contest final voting

    The first round of the TirNua Spring contest is over, the voting is closed and we do have our 8 final gardens. The top TWO of each group ( Group A, Group B , Group C, Group D ) have moved on into the final group.

    From now until Thursday, May 20th you will be able to vote for your favorite garden. We will announce the winners on Friday morning - also the prizes will be given out the same day Friday, May 21st.

    The final 8:

    1. IzannahB1              ( 18 votes )
    2. NextJesus               ( 16 votes )
    3. Raisin                     ( 26 votes )
    4. Cherry                    ( 22 votes )
    5. FUGLY                    ( 27 votes )
    6. Andariel                 ( 25 votes )
    7. Wink TartanBelle     ( 19 votes )
    8. Erik                        ( 19 votes )

    Go here to place your vote: Click here

    Everyone who didn’t make it in the final round, don’t be sad you did a great job and you will receive this runners up prize. Thank you for participating in this contest and making it so much fun.

    Runners up prize

    Go to the Forums, to check out all gardens that were submitted! Click here

    Happy voting,
    Dominic and the TirNua team.



    Next Jesus









    Wink TartanBelle

    Wink TartanBelle



    TirNua spring contest - Voting has started !

    May 18th, 2010 by TirNua Main Persona Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Spring Contest

    Let the voting begin ! We have 4 groups full of amazing , stunning gardens. The TWO top rated gardens of each group will be transferred into the final round of 8. The owner of any garden not making the final round will recieve their runners up prize.

    Everyone put so many details in their lots so make sure you go in game and have a close look at everything before voting ! ;)

    Here are the rules:

    - we have 4 groups: Group A , Group B , Group C, Group D
    - the two highest rates in each group will move in the next and last final round.
    - the ones with the lowest rating in each group will receive a runners up prize
    - The final vote will last from Wednesday May 19 - Thursday May 20
    - The prizes will be given out on Friday May 21th

    Happy Voting !

    Click on the links below to see all details about each lot in each group and place your vote. You may only vote once in each group.

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D

    Happy Voting,
    Dominic and the TirNua team

    Spring Contest - Prizes

    May 15th, 2010 by TirNua Dominic Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Since we received so many requests about what the prizes for the TirNua Spring Contest would be , we decided to give you a little preview.

    • 1st Prize

    • 2nd and 3rd prize

  • runners up prize
  • Those little frogs are going to be one of the rarest sights in TirNua. Do you want one? Enter NOW!!!!

    Ribbit, ribbit!

    Happy Gardening.
    Dominic and the TirNua team.

    Check this blog entry if you need more information about this contest.

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