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Weekly Update

August 28th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

New EMP Energies HUD - can be found on your lot as part of the homeviewer, here your EMP (emotional, mental and physical) energy status will be displayed. This way you will be able to monitor your energy levels at all times without needing to hover over your persona or click on the visitors panel.

Pet Changes

  1. Cats sleep in pet beds - when your cat gets tired it will go lie down and curl up in their pet bed to sleep.
  2. Cats are more active - cats wander around much more often.
  3. Cat positioning - everyone will see the cat in the right place now when he wanders around
  4. Cat eat, drink and poop interactions have been fixed. Cats will also do these activities when player is offline.
  5. Cat bowls properly display the correct food contents in them.

Shopping Display Updates

  • Floors/Custom Floors - added item quantity display so you can see how many tiles are inside before you purchase
  • Seedbags - added item quantity display so you can see how many seeds are inside before you purchase and the generic seed bags display what type of seed is inside
  • Components - added quantity display for Tirnua Stores (e.g. Pipe)
  • Batteries - added CFP per charge display for Player Stores and added capacity display for Tirnua Stores (Player Stores already show max capacity)
  • Other Fixes

  • The expand window button should be accessible on all screen sizes (previously smaller screen sizes could not see the expand button since it was off the screen)

  • Geranium and Gladiolus flower names - we appended the original color name in parenthesis to the new name
  • The Blue Green Round Bush (now called Sea Green Round Bush) is displaying the correct blue-green color (it was displaying as prairie green)
  • Sprinklers were malfunctioning but are now working properly
  • Custom Content floor tiles and photo stencil purchasing is working again
  • Liars Dice payout fixed
  • Selling from fruit carts working correctly again
  • Thresher producing correct seeds again (was giving orange seeds everytime)
  • Remember to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.
    Audrey and The TirNua Team

    It’s all about Maturing

    August 21st, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Those of you who adopted kittens over 2 weeks ago and who nurtured them will find that your kittens have now matured into cats. Kittens will become full grown cats in 14 days if they are well taken cared of and kept happy.

    In order to keep your cats healthy and happy, you will need to feed them cat food and give them water twice a day as well as empty the kitty litter when it warrants it. You will need a sink to fill the water bowl and cat food and kitty litter can be found in the Store on the Pet Adaptions accessories tab.

    Showering your cat with affection by petting them will also keep them happy and content. Petting will slightly increase Ec - emotional capacity and decrease Ev - emotional value.

    New badges added:

    1. Designer - cook trainee
    2. Designer - salad maker
    3. Designer - master salad maker
    4. Gamer - taste tester

    5. Good Carbon Badges for wildlife rescue - the number of birds you rescue and release back into the wild counts! Earn various badges when you have reached milestones.

    Gamer Beginner Badges: the Finished Basic UI and Not a Noob Anymore badges are in the process of being awarded to our older players. We know you aren’t noobs anymore and you know the UI by now! Look for in-game message soon saying they have been awarded.

    Just sit on it and your EMP goes up!

    That’s right sitting on chairs, sofas, deckchairs, commodes and other seating surfaces will slowly grind up your EMP energy values. Granted it is much slower then eating fruit and it will cap out meaning you won’t regain everything this way but it is a way to simply increase your energy values. Higher priced items will perform better and different kinds of items perform differently but they all do a tiny bit of each EMP value.

    Other Recent EMP Changes

  • When your EMP values get low various things will happen. When your emotions are low you will cry, when your mental value is low you will fall asleep and when your physical energy is low you will pass out and fall to the ground.

    To increase these values eat or drink something with high vitamin E, M, or P. For example, to get emotional boosts eat strawberries, for a mental pick me up drink some coffee and for a physical boost - eat some fruit. Eating salad will boost all three energy levels.

  • In order to bird clean you will need at least 3 Ev
  • Modifications to the Shopping Panel

    Shopping Basket - now on the Shopping Panel, when clicking on an item you will see the item displayed in the right hand corner along with all the pertinent information for that object. You will also find a help icon that will take you directly to the help (learn to use) file for that store item.

    For player store sale items, you will be able to see more details like the battery life remaining on batteries, how many floor tiles remain in the stack and how much fruit is actually on the cart before you actually make the purchase. We know this is key information to have prior to buying items from other players.

    Object descriptions - more descriptions have been added to store objects. Check out the new descriptions in the gardening, energy and kitchen collections. We hope to have all of the categories updated with object descriptions in the near future. If you find something that is out of whack or if you have suggestions for descriptions for certain objects please be sure to let us know.


    1. oildonkey periodically cutting out
    2. green thumb going down when picking corn
    3. cfp transfer to batteries from printed battery depots
    4. Fix display of cfp per charge on batteries and battery depots
    5. you can look at your in-progress badges in the panels and not just in Persona Web

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    New badges, improvements

    August 6th, 2010 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    3 new Biofuel Producer Badges for producing Biofuel: Novice, Professional, Industrialist.

    Be sure to use the ‘Fill Barrel’ action to get the credit for the biofuel. Note that these badges are awarded for fuel created going forward only, unfortunately we were not tracking the amount of Biofuel created prior to this release.

    Speaking of badges, what other badges would you like to see?

    Shopping Panel improvements: when browsing the catalog, notice the label information provided on the right hand side when an object is selected.

    Performance improvements: We’ve made improvements to the persona animations system which should be particularly noticeable when you have many visitors on a lot. Try out some line dancing and let us know how it goes? I bet you could get some fun snapshots if you can coordinate people into some kind of TirNua actions dance!

    Feed Display Compaction
    You’ll notice that there is now a smaller feed footprint so that more fit on the screen. Tooltips provide the large image and full text.

    example feeds

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