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We will be back soon with new Features…

September 21st, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Many of our old players are used to seeing this sign… And been wanting to see it again, since this sign has always meant “something good is about to happen” for our players. Exciting new changes are coming!

We will be back soon with new features!

But just to let you know - we don’t need to do this every time anymore. There will be new goodies added to the game every now and then, but we have switched to live updates. We can now sneak new, fun features in while you look the other way. :)

We expect the updates to happen without any major disruptions to game play.

Right now we are getting ready for a server move, so our team has been burning the midnight oil preparing for that to happen. It will most likely be within a few weeks. We will have to take the servers down when we move. More information about this as it happens.

Fixed beds and trees

Some of the Priority 1 changes/bugfixes done:

  • Facebook connections including secure browsing, inviting friends, gifting to Facebook should now work
  • all christmas trees should now be tradeable
  • beds should now have re-appeared where they were invisible, including the Suede Quilted and Stingray beds
  • issues with personas with invalid credentials should be resolved …  and more.

Known issues

When you pay for your Resident badge, you hang the badge on your wall to get your monthly stipend. If it was already on the wall, you may need to exit and re-enter the lot in order to see the added game time to your account.

Thank you so much to all our dedicated players!
Watch this space for new updates, and enjoy the game.

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team. :)

TirNua is Under New Management

September 14th, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook
It’s time to bring you all another update from our team. This blog post will be short and sweet:

TirNua is now owned and operated by Catroo.

You might recognize some new-old faces popping into the game now. And you will even come across a new face: TirNua Anna. She will be spending a lot of time with our community, most of the blogs including this one, are from yours truly - TirNua Anna. She will also be helping to figure out how to make the game better, together with the rest of the team. And we definitely want your help with that too!

Our first order of business is to figure out where the heck we left the coffee maker and cups.

Next we need to get everything situated to operate the game. Following that, we have support and objects and web pages and mobile and getting new players and … jeez, there is a lot to do!

If you are having issues in the game you can let us know about the issue by contacting support. You can do this easiest by clicking yourself and choosing “Contact TirNua” in the menu that pops up. I you are having trouble connecting to the game, notify us at (Note: we will ONLY respond to connection issues through this email address - so make sure you only use that address as a last resort, when you simply can not get into the game to send a regular support message. All other issues should be sent from within the game.)

Just wanted to take a moment to say Hi. And let you know we are here. :)

As some of you will have noticed, things in the game have already started changing. There will be a lot more information coming at you here on the blog. We look forward to a long, fruitful conversation.


TirNua Anna and the Catroo team :)

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