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With A Little Help From Your Friends

November 25th, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

A new way to get a resident badge just opened up!

Due to popular demand we added a giftable resident badge to the game.
That’s right - you can buy this badboy right there in the TirNua store and instantly gift or trade it to someone else!

Here’s how you do it:
  • Start by buying some Green Pieces (the same way you would normally buy a badge or tau)
  • Go to Tirnua stores - Boost
  • Buy and send or trade it to your friend
  • The recipient clicks “Apply” to activate it!

These are perfect for giving away to someone special, so they can experience much more of the game!
You can also use them as contest prizes. We have already been delighted to see several of these bought and given away by our player run ingame radio station, Evil Twin Radio. Tune in and join the fun! :)

It can also be given to people who already have a badge. In that case the time just gets added to their current badge.

If you are curious about what benefits you get as a resident, we have updated the game’s “Help” section to list all the benefits.
Just click on the red Help button in the game and find the Resident Badge there.

Friend Requests and Blocks easily displayed

New lists on the Persona Web! Now you can easily manage your friend requests and block lists.

Other fixes and changes

There are tons of fixes and optimizations being done in the background right now. We are preparing the game for all the action ahead. When we are done with the optimizations we will have the opportunity to start adding really cool features that we are planning for the future.

A few of the visible fixes
  • Invite your Facebook friends work again - you get 500 tau for inviting a Facebook friend who starts playing
  • Fixed Status and Feeds
  • Fixed two person interactions to no longer incorrectly reference the main persona as the other person involved in the action
  • Fixed typo for the Nickel-Cadmium battery
  • A few inventory and EMP bug fixes

We will be back soon with more news - we’d love to hear your feedback! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

Making the Game load Faster!

November 14th, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We are working on improving performance of the game right now, along with other fixes and improvements. Basically we want there to be a lot less lag, and decrease the time it takes to log in. We think that is very important to the overall experience of the game.

Here are a few areas where you will already see some change:

  • Player stores
  • Popular searches
  • Inventory

We reduced the number of popular searches and combined some inventory tabs.

Player stores

  • We capped the number of stores shown in each category
  • We removed inactive stores, that nobody has visited in 60 days – this has removed many of the old abandoned stores that are no longer being updated
  • We removed stores with a score of 0 (the score is a combination of “thumbs up” other players have given your store, and the current bid of energy you are adding to your store license).

So – competition for store spots just picked up! If you want to get higher on the store list, the way to do this is to get more “thumbs up” and/or power up your store license to pass your competitors on the list!

A reminder of how the store licenses work

You “Add Charge” of energy to your license so the energy is transferred from the battery to the license, and then “Set Bid”. The bid is the amount of energy that will be withdrawn every hour. The higher your bid, the more your store’s score will increase and the higher you will go on the store list. Thumbs up from other players also increase your scores.

A reminder of the ordering of the store list
Residents have preferential treatment in all listings including the store lists.

The ordering is

  • Residents with Name togs (Use a custom name for your store)
  • Residents
  • Guests with Name togs
  • Guests
  • Please note that we are still working on these features, and things are likely to change more as we go along. Keep an eye on the blog, and send us a message if something seems off, and we will have a look!

    All this is also aimed to give you nicer loading times and less lag while playing. Let us know your views by commenting – we would love to have a dialogue with you about the changes! :)

    A change to gifting and Trading Lot Deeds

    Some players had problems trading/selling real estate, as there was a safeguard preventing you from trading a lot deed if the new owner didn’t also have all the roommate keys. This was to prevent unexpected roommates. We removed this safeguard so lots should no longer be difficult to trade. If you had problems trading lots in the past, give it another try! :)

    Check the roommates on Lot Information, and “Reclaim Keys” if necessary.

    Important information - Repossession of Expired Leases is Back Online Again!

    Deeds and names will now once again get repossessed if they were not extended in time. Some of you had very old lots that still were not deleted even though the grace period for renewing them was greatly passed. We did not repossess or delete the old lots, as we didn’t want you to lose them - but you will soon need to renew them again. Please have a look at the expiration dates for the lots you want to keep, and renew them if necessary!

    When lots are repo’d there is currently a grace period for renewing them before they get deleted, for emergency situations, vacations and so on. When they are about to expire you will typically get a message letting you know it’s time to pay the lease.

    If a lot gets deleted, you lose the lot along with the walls and floors, but all your items will be sent back to inventory.

    We reserve the right to change the grace period down to 0.

    Some of the other fixes and changes

    Some of you might have already noticed the new giftable resident badges in the store! More about this in a later blog post!

    • increased amounts of oil found in the oil plains
    • significantly reduced problems with overwritten images and thumbnails
    • when repoing a name, the actual name will be listed instead of a substitute name
    • resident badge data updates without having to reload the lot
    • player fruit carts will once again want to buy your fruit
    • fruit appears properly in fruit stands when picked
    • fixes to miniature boilers and other machinery stalling
    • fixed issues with refilling cat litter boxes/food bowls, battery connections

    As always, comments, rants, opinions, praise, ideas, suggestions… Contact us in the game or add your comments on the blog! We look forward to hearing from you! :)


    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    Creativity is Alive and Well in TirNua!

    November 7th, 2012 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Deco Challenge!

    Here are some of the truly amazing places you all created. In no particular order. :)


    Crimson Ooze - House of Dysfunction

    Crimson Ooze’s fantastic custom content house!

    Perfect setting for a thrilling murder mystery!

    We think the French maid did it, in the kitchen, with a cat vac!

    He was with us in spirit…

    Bear Adams’ Casino

    Very sinister!

    Divine Mama - Crop Circles

    Aliens… Or just a natural phenomenon? :)

    We love the harvest theme on this lot!

    Fugly’s Dead Garden

    The fires are still burning!

    Malachi’s Spider Web Lounge

    Do those spiders look like they’re moving to you?

    Elle Woods - Scaring the Crap Outta You

    Cats, graves and pink bananas!

    Simone’s lot

    Award winning Halloween cats!

    Wennie’s Game Lot

    You must be this tall to ride!

    Lord Crisis - Haunted Crisis

    Great looking haunted house!

    Sika - The Cat Farm

    What were the odds that the hungry cats would attack?

    ~Noni~ - ~Purrfect Kitties Resort~

    Halloween themed cat beach!

    Logan Swift - Swift Brothers Apple Orchard 2

    Who is buried under the dead Maple Tree…?

    Bruce - Clean the Birds Save the Planet

    This picture was taken during Bruces big Halloween Party 2012!

    The participants have already recieved their 10 shiny Green Pieces! Make sure to go around visiting all these great places. Thank you all for participating and enjoying our Halloween Decorating event!

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

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