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Weekly scores - Ready, Set, Go!

May 24th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We have just pushed another big change to the game!
A few days ago we turned the bird cleaner into a money object and you now get tau for every bird you clean. Today we are pushing weekly scores!

The weekly scores are an experiment. We are testing it to monitor how it pans out.
If it’s popular and working well other scores could be added too - if not, there is a possibility it can be removed too.

The weekly Bird Cleaning scores work like this:
The 100 people who have cleaned the most birds in one week, will get on the list.

The measured time runs for one week up until Thursday 7 pm PST the next week (or Friday 2 am GMT). The score goes offline and the results are tallied. If you are cleaning birds right around 7 pm, you should stop for 5-10 minutes or your birds may not be counted for either week for as long as the score is offline.

If you are on the list, you will get a feed letting you know, and you will also get an ingame email about it.

If you would like to brag about it, you can send it to Facebook from your Persona Web Feeds page - go ahead, rub it in! :)

In addition to the bragging rights, there is a TAU reward for getting on the Weekly list too!

The TAU paid out will be

1st place –> 500 tau!
2nd –> 250 tau
3rd –> 150 tau
4th –> 100 tau
5th –> 80 tau
6th –> 70 tau
7th –> 60 tau
8th –> 50 tau
9th –> 40 tau
10th –> 30 tau
25th - 11th –> 20 tau
26th - 50th –> 10 tau
51st - 100th place –> 5 tau

Please note that there is also an overall score and that does not pay out tau. Only the weekly scores do that.

We hope you will enjoy this experiment and let us know your views!

Who will be number one the very first week of this score?
Ready … Set … Go! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo Team

We Have a Money Object!

May 21st, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

TirNua has a new way to earn money - we have changed the bird cleaning station so it is now a money object. For every bird that you clean, the cleaning station pays you in cold hard cash!

Gather up with your friends and help clean up the birds and the dirty lots!

This is a work in progress again and you are likely to see more changes to this feature later on. Start your own cleaning lot or join and help others clean theirs - either way you are bound to have a good time chatting and earning some tau.

Let’s clean! :)

Bird Shortage? We have the answer!

If you are running out of birds to clean, grab a Luxury Bird Feeder - this new object will attract the birds to your dirty lot faster than the regular bird bath. It comes pre-filled with delicious bird seeds.

Newbie Towers

The wind picked up and blew all the pollution out of Newbie Towers. Now our new players can breathe again - but who knows how long this blissful state of events will last? We bet it won’t take long until some die hard industrialists are firing up their boilers around the area again.

In TirNua your actions determine how the environment will look - you can either pollute it or help clean it up. When it’s dirty you can clean it or just grab a moving truck and go where the grass is greener…

Other fixes and changes

  • You can now load your printer directly from the Metal Megabins, and metal that you recycle will go to your bin
  • Small Basic window graphic glitch has been fixed
  • TirNuans are now sitting in a less creative way in the Basic Armchair
  • Fix to new player feeds and other changes to new player experience

There are lots of works in progress now too - more info soon.

Have fun everyone! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

Working Counters and Rock Gardens

May 7th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

New this week - you can now drop items onto surfaces in the game!

This new feature opens up a lot of possibilities for new objects. We have started by enabling the kitchen counters.

This feature is still a work in progress. This week the items you can drop are the kettle, plates and decorative cat statue that are printable from Mystery Box 3.

New Mystery Boxes

There are also two new Mystery Boxes stuffed full of new items!

Mystery Box 2 - Rock Garden

Mystery Box 2 allows you to print rare items for a Rock Garden. You can create your own natural garden with water features, torches, bench and rocks to sit around on.

Three of these items are animated - the Grand Prize in this Mystery Box is of course the huge 3×2 animated fountain. Finding this will be quite rare, so if you manage to find one it will make a nice centerpiece for your lot!

The Rock stream is animated and lets you build pretty gardens with water running through. There are animated torches you can use to build a really creative lot as well.

The stone squares can be used to look like small bridges over the running water - place them inbetween the streams and you can walk across them. You can even plant flowers “on” them (you will still need a soil plot for the flower, but once you have grown the flower you can move it to the same spot as the rocks to create a different looking garden).

These are all printable from Mystery Box 2, and we have included the Rock Torch in the “Print Super Mystery Boxes” badge, and the Rock Fountain in a new badge that also comes out this week.

Mystery Box 3 - Kitchen Countertop items

The third Mystery Box will let you print the new items to be placed on our existing kitchen counters!

This box contains blueprints for 3 different items.

The “Print Mystery Boxes” badge has been updated to sense if you manage to print the cat statuette. That is the rarest item from the third mystery box.


TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

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