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Indoor Gardening and Scarecrow Zero

June 12th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Calling all decorators out there. :)

You can now grow ground flowers in these decorative striped pots!
Nothing like a pot of fresh flowers from the garden to brighten up your room. You can even replant coffee trees in these and grow them inside.

To use this: Grow the flowers on regular dirt and move them into the pots by dragging and dropping.

The pots work for most of the ground flowers - orchid, gladiolus, geranium, coffee, all the decorative bushes and so on. There are some that we haven’t enabled due to the size, for example

  • Strawberries
  • Corn
  • Daffodils
  • So for those plants you will still need to grow them outside on regular plots.

    Avoid dragging the flower pots over each other when there is a flower already inside. If you have done that and re-enter the lot, the flower can drop down a notch. Just move the pot and it will correct itself and stay that way.

    Here it is - the Scarecrow Zero!

    Birds only fall on polluted lots, and as you know you can attract even more dirty birds to your polluted lot with the Luxury Feeder. We decided to go ahead and make a Scarecrow Zero too.

    If your lot is polluted but you still don’t want to slip on those rubber gloves and get down to business cleaning the gulls, you can get this super efficient scarecrow to scare them off to go bother some neighbor instead.

    The regular versions of these are still available too, if you just want to increase or decrease the number of birds you get. The feeders and scarecrows are not needed on clean lots as those are naturally bird free.

    Enjoy :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    Login to grab your free Maple Tree!

    June 4th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    We have a login gift for everyone who logs into TirNua this week! You get a free Maple Tree seed. :)

    Grow it up and enjoy!

    The free seed is given out as a login gift during June 3rd - June 9th. Make sure you log in and grab yours!

    To grow up the maple tree, place a soil plot on the ground and sow the seeds just like you would with a ground flower. The tree allows you to place items or walk under its branches. It can’t be placed right next to the edge of the lot as it needs some room to grow.

    New badge

    The Earth Day 40th anniversary badge has been discontinued, but we have added a new badge to grow up the maple tree itself.

    Garden Stake

    There is also a new Maple tree garden stake for the organized gardener!

    More Maples in the Store

    If you miss the opportunity or would like more seeds they are also for sale in the Featured store.

    Other fixes and changes

  • Open lots search improved
  • Added new badges for Weekly bird cleaning champion and top ten
  • Discontinued badges for Juice bar Quick Solver
  • Bird cleaning scores get incremented after the bird has been cleaned
  • Lobby no longer hard coded to show up at the top of open lots
  • More changes to quests

  • Happy growing!

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

    First Weekly Score Winner - Dean!

    June 1st, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

    Yesterday a week had gone by since we introduced the new weekly scores. There has been massive activity all week with players competing to get on that list - some players have spent up to 18 hours a day cleaning birds! We love the positive response to the new scores.

    We are happy to announce our first winner - Dean!

    The competition was fierce. When there were about 3 hours left, Dean had to leave and Sami was very close (a little over 300 birds behind). But Dean prevailed and when the first scores were tallied he was crowned our first Weekly Bird Cleaning Champion.

    Dean cleaned close to 4500 birds in a week!
    A very close second was Sami with 4176 and Justin with 2673 birds. Mandi K and Wennie were not far behind. Well done everyone!

    Tau rewards were given out accordingly (see last week’s blog).
    We also updated the game with two new badges just in time for the count and reset of the scores. There are badges for Champion and Top 10.

    Interview with the First Winner

    After all this effort we interviewed Dean so here’s his five minutes of super fame. :)

    Congrats on being the first person to win the Weekly bird leaderboards!
    What was your winning strategy?

    - To sit on a bird lot and let it fill up with birds, then clean like mad and repeat.

    How did you get all the birds you needed?

    - Sit on a lot that I own till it was full, plus hit all bird lots i could find!

    We noticed you were cleaning together with your competitors over at Mandi’s place - that’s pretty cool instead of everyone sitting on their own lots cleaning. Why did you end up going to the same lot to clean the birds?

    - It makes it more enjoyable to clean together even when we were all going for the same price.

    What do you think about the bird cleaning scores, did it make the game more fun? Do you enjoy there being a competitive part to the game?

    - The scores are fun and it was enjoyable competitive game, would like to see it stay and have others added in the future.

    What other weekly scores would you like to see, besides the bird cleaning?

    - Maybe a rare tree score, potted plant, or a treadmill score.

    What are you going to do with the grand prize of 500 tau? Let me guess, cat food? :)

    - For this week ya cat food lol

    What keeps you coming back to play TirNua - what’s your favorite part of the game?

    - Friends around the world keeps me coming back, friends and competing for number 1.

    Finally … Did you burn out or are you going to keep cleaning birds next week? ;)

    - No, I’m not burned out - I’ll still keep cleaning when I can. Going to be hard these next two weeks… I have finals.

    Congrats again Dean and everyone else who got on the list this week! Sound off in the comments if you have suggestions or feedback on the scores, or want to give Dean a shout out! :)

    TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

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