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Badges, Gardening and new Lot Highscores!

August 7th, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

We know you’ve been waiting impatiently for a new update - here it is! :)
These four flowerpots are now available in the Gardening store and Featured store - and they will give you access to a grand total of 27 new pots if you scan them and print with your 3D printers.

Buy one of each, pop them in your 3D scanner and try your luck printing them. Here is a preview of just some of all the new flower pots you can print!

Huge garden urns in gold, silver, bronze and marble - these work for all ground plants except the strawberries, corn, daffodils and such bigger plants. The Gold one is the rarest one and it might take you a while to get them all!

Just a few of the round pots - you can print a total of 10 different pots from the striped round pot we released earlier. The ones pictured here are the Terracotta, Aged Terracotta, Blue Porcelain and Bamboo pots. See which other pots you can discover by printing the pot and trying for a rare!

Note: These pots used to be unscannable and have now been updated. That means you may need to purchase a new updated striped pot to be able to scan it.

It doesn’t end here, there are also 10 cool square pots to try for. You start from the Yellow square pot. This picture only shows one of the cylindrical ones but there are a total of 4 to try for, starting from the Terracotta.

We also have a bunch of new badges you can start working on! There are badges for each of the new pots that have been released.

Good luck and have fun printing!

Work in progress: New lot scores!

The perceptive among you have already noticed there is a new lot highscore in the works! We are still testing and working out the details of this, so there will be more information about it later. Can you already figure out what the score does?

Have fun printing and gardening and keep an eye out for further changes to the lot scores! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

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