Grow the 10 Minute Plant for Garden Patches

January 9th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Not only can you grow a plant in just 5 minutes, this plant grows in the ground! This opens the door to our design concept of having living gardens in TirNua. It’s only the beginning and we know you can imagine the endless possibilities.

To get started growing your garden plot, you will need some geranium seeds, a plot of ground and of course a watering well if you don’t already have one. All of these items are available in the ‘Gardening Store‘ from the Shopping Panel.

The Chat, Visitors and Inventory panels are now floating panels.

You can minimize, resize and move these panels, and the settings will be saved to your User Preferences.

You can reset the sizes and positions of the panels by navigating to the Private Info panel and clicking the Reset User Preferences button.

Now Free Lots can be re-sized into larger lots just like purchased lots.
Here’s how:

  1. Enter your Lot and click the Lot Information button
  2. At the Lot Information dialog, click the Edit… button at right of the Size display
  3. At the Change Lot Size dialog, select a new Lot size. The maximum Lot size is 20 x 24
  4. Lot Upgrade Cost is: ( the current price of the new larger sized deed ) - ( the current price of the current deed ). Plus tax: The tax on the Lot Upgrade amount above.

Lower Stipend on Resident Badges - we have lowered the stipend amount received for new badges. If you bought a badge prior to January 4th, you locked in the monthly stipend rate of 9890. From now through February 15th, when you purchase a resident badge you will lock in the new monthly stipend rate of 8900. After that it will be reduced again so get in on bargain and purchase one now!

Don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week!

It’s going to be a Great New Year for all TirNuans!
Audrey and The TirNua Team

19 Responses to “Grow the 10 Minute Plant for Garden Patches”

  1. CherryBomb_2700 Says:

    I am loving the new interface. One question about the lot upgrade, the dialog says my cost for the lease upgrade is zero, but that my new lease rate will be 528 (for a big lot). Will the lease still be free for an upgraded lot?

  2. Cutsie Says:

    There is nothing new in the VIP Store. in fact, most of the items in there are still holiday items.

  3. FUGLY Says:


  4. Cutsie Says:

    well fug, i heard a rumor about a flower arranging station which would be a group object, hopefully that is coming soon ;)

  5. Atlas Says:

    I’m sure some nice multiplayer objects are on their way. ;)

    LOVE the geraniums! Woo, finally! My kind of gardening… >=)
    I’m too lazy for trees and potted plants. Something tells me these will be a lot easier to maintain…
    I hope we can hire gardeners soon! lol

  6. Nors Says:

    This is just so awesome! C: The floating panels looks really good! And finally, more garden plants! :D Yay! And I see the seeds just cost 65, and the plot goes for 5! Good.

  7. Nors Says:

    Oh, I see. The Build mode is much cooler:p I hope it comes more different plants of this kind

  8. Nisse Says:

    Ah! So simple and yet so beautiful! Certainly lookin’ forward to the next update. Will you add more of these amazing flowers?

  9. Atlas Says:

    I think that the introduction of these garden patches means that they’re going to give us more than just flowers! :D Woo!

    I LOVE the new interface, btw… Just. Plain. Amazing.
    The game is starting to look so professional and unique, it’s just great! :)
    The Build Mode’s a lot more intuitive… :D

    Ooh, and… what was I going to say? I forget!
    Oh! Thanks for gradually introducing more inexpensive things! Don’t think I haven’t noticed! :lol:
    The older objects are a lot more expensive than the newer ones. Which is good, in my mind.

  10. Malachi Says:

    The best part of having the floating panels is that it makes the size of the visible world lots bigger…don’t have to pan back and forth and up and down so much. Dynamite idea.

    How about vegetables? To me it would make so much more sense to be converting vegetables into food …than flowers. That never made much sense to me.

  11. Atlas Says:

    It never made sense to me either, Malachi. :P
    I think it’s possible, though, in the real world…
    I mean, given how modern we are.

    But yeah, for the sake of realism… it didn’t make much sense.
    I’d also love to see vegetables… But I hope this doesn’t turn into Farmville.
    That would make me sad.

  12. Cutsie Says:

    About vegetables, it would be cool, but it’s not what I look froward to most. Even so, among my facebook friends, Farmville seems to be a very popular game, though I’ve never played it. But whatever makes people go back and keep playing that, is maybe something we should pay attention to.

  13. Atlas Says:

    Very true Cutsie.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Farmville (although I go through phases of not playing for weeks at a time, lol). It’d just be weird if their farming methods were transferred to Tirnua, because it just seems like such a vastly different game.

    As long as the farming is brought into the gameplay originally and without the other Facebook farming applications’ methods in play, I’m fine with it.

    Again, though… As you said, it’s all to do with getting people to come back and keep playing. How do we do that and still keep our Tirnuan charm? x_x

  14. Raisin Says:


    1. Why does it cost only 1800 to resize a newbie lot (5×6) to 20×24, but about 4000 tau to resize a 12×20 lot to a 20×24?

    2. The floating panels are good, I just always seem to “tidy up” by closing the chat panel and never see what anyone is saying to me. But peace and quiet is a nice change I guess.

    3. Request: I want a gas station object. It could be very expensive so only a few could afford it, like 20k at least. It would let us load it with energy and bio fuel, and let anyone take out energy or bio fuel by filling their own batteries or oil drums, for a cost. (Reuse some of the code from the Tirnua energy station.) There could also be a possibility to hook it up to your printer but it’s not necessary. There could also be an option to sell your energy to the player object, for a price the owner has set.
    This would be a brilliant object that would promote players trading money between them instead of all money coming from/to/through Tirnua, and create player run businesses.
    I got the idea when I saw Malachi (I think it was) selling batteries with energy in them etc, the problem there is that the battery cost has to be included. It would be so much better if we could fill our gas station while we’re working out if we won’t use the energy for anything ourselves at that time.
    I have noticed that the Tirnua energy station has “fill battery” as a greyed out option but imo it would be better if we bought it from other players, and perhaps could even sell it to other players.

    4. I don’t like that the bio fuel machine sends all the bio fuel made, to the owner of the object. I see no point why the object should be public in that case. It just rips people off if they don’t know this.

    5. The geraniums are rather useless imo (or good as a decorative object) but as stated earlier it has endless possibilities. So it was great that you added this. I’ve written about it before, but some ideas: Getting rewarded with rare seeds for doing something, finding rare seeds in the trash, collecting seeds from the plants and maybe selling them, some sort of magic fertilizer, a reward for adding more soil to the plant, being able to grow jumbo veggies, something weird happening if you add “toxic” to the plant mound, etc etc.
    Pig food/manure etc.
    Why not add some little easter eggs? Like if you happen to have “toxic” on the lot where you grow your geraniums… etc

    6. If someone hasn’t noticed, the trash sorting machine now adds plenty to your Mental cap. Imo it could also pay out a little bit more money, to the person using it. Seeing as the resources it produces go straight to the owner’s inventory. It would add more incentive for new players to use it.

    7. I hate the fact that anyone can just remove your battery from the harness while you’re working out, and replace it with their own. Is this Tirnua’s take on PvP?

  15. CherryBomb_2700 Says:


    1. Mine would only cost 907 to upgrade from 12×20 to 20×24, but I wondered what the lease cost would be.

    3. I figured something like this was down the road because of the option at the electrical substation, but I was also thinking of a central power station for a lot you could load with a lot of energy from batteries. Then instead of a battery charger for your equipment, you could buy an electrical outlet that would plug in. (First step towards a power grid, maybe, and my pet project of a hydroelectric dam.)

    5. I have been leaving my toxic waste out on the floor where I grow my Christmas trees. Probably just my imagination, but I DO seem to get plenty of mutations. Working on Godzilla.

  16. Raisin Says:

    “1. Mine would only cost 907 to upgrade from 12×20 to 20×24, but I wondered what the lease cost would be.”

    Oh, maybe it’s a bug that my lots cost over 4000 to expand. Been looking to expand the orchards lot. Thanks. Perhaps someone could look into that without me bothering support.
    I like your ideas :)

  17. Atlas Says:

    Cherry, you just pointed out a FANTASTIC concept… that hasn’t been all that elaborated on, really.
    We ABSOLUTELY need to have these sorts of in-game penalties/bonuses from having certain materials and the like on our lots.

    …So it should be possible to get a scary-looking, mutant tree from keeping your tree too close to toxic waste. :lol:

    #7 cracked me up!! xD

  18. CherryBomb_2700 Says:

    Be careful what you ask for, Atlas, because you might get it. My first idea when this game was started was that you could also pollute your neighbors’ lots by running a coal mine or something. I figured this would be a driver for trade, real estate prices and drama. The map they are using wouldn’t work real well with what I had in mind, though.

  19. Raisin Says:

    “My first idea when this game was started was that you could also pollute your neighbors’ lots by running a coal mine or something. I figured this would be a driver for trade, real estate prices and drama.”

    I think it sounds awesome :)

    Maybe real estate prices could also fluctuate depending on if it’s a polluted area or not, oh, you already said that I see. Would be great if it somehow would show on the lot (black smoke… dirty ground… etc) when you have entered the lot, so it would be clearly visible to everyone. And it could make it harder to grow plants in that lot. If a person’s lot got polluted by the neighbors they would have to move it somewhere else.
    Would love to have a “living map” that way.
    Maybe it could be somehow programmed - that if there’s a boiler running in a certain place it gets a grey blob around it that grows, a bit like the totems but a circle or other shape instead of a square.

    Maybe there could be some sort of object that made the environment better again. So the neighbors could put in counter measures (lol) :)
    If the factories affected the plant life, maybe the neighbors could do something to affect the factories and give them a disadvantage back. Such as impose automatic tax on using a boiler when close to many plantations. Or that the plants consume the fumes and cleanse the air.

    People could also be bitchy and move their factories around their favorite enemy’s lot, forcing them to move or be drenched in black smoke… It’s healthier drama than making it really personal and digging into someone’s very core. I believe in channeling the bad things into impersonal things. But it could be annoying if they moved all their factories to the Orchards or Megamall. There could be something to prevent people from doing that.

    Well it’s interesting imo, would make the game more “alive”…

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