Bears, Oh My!

March 19th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Male, Female or Bear - which will it be? New Gender in TirNua is a Bear!

To be a Bear, you will need to create a new persona. Currently, each Guest Account is given 1 free persona and Resident Accounts are given up to 3 personas. Once you have 3 personas you will keep them regardless of your resident status.

To create another persona you will need to go to the Manage Account settings:

  1. To do so, go to the bottom of the page beneath the game application and click on the ‘Manage Account’ link.
  2. At the bottom of the manage account page is the ability to ‘Add Persona’. Choose your gender selection, give your persona a name (this is a default free name) and select ‘Create Persona’.
  3. To make your new persona your default persona, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that you are already on and select the new persona as your default persona.
  4. To switch between personas use the ‘My Stuff’ tab and the ‘Preferences’ sub-tab

Introducing Achievement Badges - earn these fun badges when making certain achievements in these two categories: Green Thumb and Energy. See how many you can collect. More categories will be introduced in upcoming weeks.

The Persona Web will display all of the Achievement Badges available for each category. As you earn each one, it will no longer be grayed out.

Clicking on any badge will display the information you need to know in order to earn that particular badge.

Clyde’s Miniature Mobile Boilers - a combo object of the boiler and steam engine rolled into one. They are compact and mobile — useful when a bit of kinetic energy is needed in a tight spot.

These Miniature Mobile Boilers are not as efficient as the larger boiler and steam engine.

Move Or Buy A Lot From The World Map

Double-clicking a location on the World Map now offers two options:

You can Move an existing Lot

Or you can Buy a new Lot

Moving An Existing Lot

  1. If you select Move Lot, you then choose one of your Lots to move.
  2. Note that TirNua Moving Truck is required to move your Lot.
  3. If you do not own a Tirnua Moving Truck when you click the Move button, you can optionally purchase one from TirNua.
  4. Note that you can probably find a Tirnua Moving Truck at a discount price at a Player Store, located in the Shopping panel.

Buying A New Lot

If you select Buy Lot, you then choose the Size and Lease Duration for your new Lot.

The Zone and Background are already set by the location that you double-clicked on the World Map.

Updated Kitchen Cabinet Units

When we updated the sinks to add running water last week we did not realize that, due to lighting changes we made in the game a while back, the other coordinating units no longer matched. This forced us to take a pass on all of them and henceforth, we have better looking kitchen units now. Look for more kitchen environment changes coming your way soon.

As usual don’t forget to check out the VIP Store for the hot deals of the week.

Audrey and The TirNua Team

33 Responses to “Bears, Oh My!”

  1. Qute Pi Says:

    Yay for groovy! :)

    Are we going to be able to delete persona’s? I don’t want to make my 3rd a bear if in the future more options will be added.

  2. Joweii Says:

    Ok so we would need to make a new TirNua account…. I just made one … like maybe 2-3 days ago … Is there away to cancel that one out .. ? I use that one to do the tread-milling that my main persona cant do because she is farming all day and all night … LOL and I need to tread to do the things I want to do in TirNua … so i broke down and made a new persona…. So if I need to make another new one … I want to use that email acct that I used to make this 2-3 day old persona….

    And I would like to ask what happen to .. the OIL updates…. Im very disappointed in this ….but dont get me wrong you’ve done an excellent job on this weeks update as always :) Ive been waiting now for 2 weeks… LOL Ive got about 5 or 6 lots waiting to go to the next step…. Is this update coming any time soon …. ???

  3. Raisin Says:

    Amazing :)

    Very cool with the achievement badges too! Woot!

    You all KNOW what I’m gonna start bugging you for now, don’t you?
    Let us make cc heads and bodies. The bears will need more clothes (tried, regular clothes won’t work ofc) and it would be amazing to be able to make other animal heads as cc!

  4. Aer Says:

    O_O the bear was completely random and unexpected

    my favorite part of this update is the achievement badges! I wonder if we can post our achievements on facebook already too

  5. Andariel Says:

    I am unable to use 3 of my resident accounts. The Orchard list is not updating.

    Nice update and sorry for the complaints.

  6. Cherry Says:

    love the badge but i want petsssssssssssss lol

  7. Raisin Says:

    There is a slight problem with the Achievements, maybe you can look into that.
    It doesn’t update as it should.
    You only get credit for the first flower in one group. In my case the pink geranium. I grew the gladiolus at the same time, didn’t get credit. Grew the daffodil, didn’t get credit. Logged off, came back in, got credit for the gladiolus, still nothing for the daffodil. Logged off again, no change.
    (It seems to “hang” after it has given credit for one flower in a particular group - same in the gladiolus group, only got credit for the first one)

    But AMAZING update, I’m in “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mode ;)

  8. TeddyBear Says:


  9. Joweii Says:

    lol thought i saw pest there for a second Cherry!

  10. Andrea Says:

    I want to do the quests too. :( I can’t get in on my account with the highest greenthumb.

  11. Andariel Says:

    I got into this account using Firefox. All is well with me unless I send an email. I cleared the cache and restarted.

  12. Raisin Says:

    About the Achievements malfunction again:
    I got geranium, gladiolus and daffodil done (and got credit, i.e. they were no longer greyed out), then logged off and back in to get the orchid finally done too.
    At that point I had lost credit for geranium and daffodil again.
    I think I’ll wait a while to do these ;)

  13. FUGLY Says:


  14. FUGLY Says:


  15. Joe_91874624 Says:

    Okies before I delete this and make a new … From the Manage Account I do not find an option to make a bear and I only have one persona under this acct… I just checked and she is 5 days old… I suppose she bearly made the cut off …. I suppose I will have to make another acct….. *sighs*

  16. Cutsie Says:

    I second Qute’s motion. Also, it would be great to be abe to do some CC for bears clothing :)

  17. Andariel Says:

    I second the pets. LOL

  18. Saniel Says:

    Woo - something fun! :D I’m sure groovybear will be happy.

  19. Cherry Says:

    badge doesnt work and i cant log in with my 2nd account

  20. Cherry Says:

    lol @ Joweii and ty Andariel :)

  21. Tirnua Luc Says:

    We believe the login issues have been fixed

  22. Qute Pi Says:

    ty Luc and team! Who stayed up all night? Good job allnighterdevwhicheveroneitwas!

    Cute bear picture above. Instead of cheeeese it should have said fiiiiissh! :D On that note, what do bears like to eat? When will we be able to go fishing for our bear friends? OH and honey(bees)!!!!

    Anyway, I can’t enjoy the bear till I know if personas will be able to be deleted in the future (if other animals will be added). I got screwed with the male/female thing since I made two females in the beginning. That mistake won’t happen to me again.

  23. Tirnua Larry Says:

    No Worries. All animals will be the same gender. You will simply swap out heads, etc. Having one account with one male, one female, and one animal will cover everything.

  24. Raisin Says:

    They’ve been fixing the achievement issues too. Cool :)

    “From the Manage Account I do not find an option to make a bear and I only have one persona under this acct…”

    It’s because you are a guest, so guest accounts can only have 1 persona while resident accounts have 3.

  25. Aer Says:

    I would like to see optional quadruped walking animations for persona animals in the game sometime in the future

  26. Qute Pi Says:

    Awesome Larry. Thanks for the info!

    I’d like to suggest a tiger.
    Unless you plan to go with farm animals. In that case I’ll take a pig, as long as its cute like miss piggy. And allows me to make bacon. :D

  27. Malachi Says:

    Thanks for the update, developers!

  28. Raisin Says:

    Other things that have changed this update:

    - Unnecessary popups greatly reduced:
    “Do not show this dialog again” check box on some dialogs, such as reproducing flowers. Woot!
    Many Facebook popups now happen only once per session or not at all.

    - Much better tooltips on flowers and seed bags - you can now see the status of them by mousing over them. Very handy.

    - It also seems like players get more results when they groom a plant, if nothing happened when you groomed earlier, try again. Not 100% sure of this but seems to be the case for some players.

    Love these changes!
    One idea for the badges/achievements could be that they could in the future award you with some title, such as the garbage man title or being the master of some craft such as gardener or electrician. Those who have all badges for a certain profession might be able to perform a service for other players.
    Is it possible to write a text to room chat in all rooms simultaneously? Such as information about a player reaching some very rare goal.
    Love this update.

  29. Aer Says:

    @ Raisin: :O I sent an email a while back asking them to add tooltips for seed bags and plant trays(with plants in it), idk if they added it for plant trays yet if you own the plant tray, but the tooltip doesn’t show on other roommate’s plant trays. So I guess my email played it’s part in getting that into the game? :)

  30. Pooh Says:

    I love Raisin’s idea for the title-earning to be incorporated into the achievements! It’d be a great step towards player-to-player hiring/jobs. If and when such a title system is introduced, there should be a new Persona Web search option, something like “Specialties” or “For Hire” - something like that. It would list every Persona who (optionally) equips a title onto their Persona, to be listed beneath their Persona name. Then we can PM them according to their title, if we believe they’ll be useful for hire as a gardener or whatnot. :)

    Also, I’ve been too lazy to actually post an “I LOVE THIS UPDATE” comment so far… LOL! So here we go!

    LOVE it. The bears are amazing (I now have my very own Pooh :D)… I hope there’ll be more animal-specific interactions/objects/etc.! For example, if we get beekeeping… It’d be great if Bears got an extra special energy boost for eating honey or extra capacity building for keeping bees, or both. I’d also love to see CC clothes available for bears - just toss some clothing templates on top of ‘em and it should be pretty possible! (Although bears should keep the option to go it ‘nude,’ since they’re rather amusing in just the plain old bear suit!)

    All the rest is great… Too lazy to comment on it all, but I’m in love with the Achievements thinger. VERY great. Hopefully it’ll get us some professional Groomers and Threshers soon enough (since having 100,000+ Green Thumb gives you such great boosts in each of those! If my memory serves me correctly…), etc.
    The new counters are amazing, and those mini boilers sound interesting. :o

  31. Pooh Says:

    P.S. This is Atlas. :lol:

  32. Cutsie Says:

    Yes I second Miss Piggy, my nickname since infancy lol

  33. Raisin Says:

    I don’t know what the mesh for the bear clothes is like;
    It looks like both the legs and the pants are in the mesh but I can’t be sure of course (where for humans, the skirt is separate from the legs, so you retain the color of the legs even if you change the pattern on the skirt).

    For bears and other future creatures, it would be fun if we could change both the “face and skin” and the clothes.

    So I’d like
    1) The pants and legs to be “separated” in the pants mesh, if they’re not already
    2) Access to changing the head and skin
    (3) Access to changing the mesh of course, same as for humans, but that seems difficult. Would be fun to be able to make different shapes on the animal heads, make fatsuits and so on)

    It’s amazing that Pooh and TeddyBear have managed to be married for 43 years already, I thought they were born yesterday. ;)

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