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September 24th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

New with the Juice Bar

  1. Create your own Recipes - mix it up, be creative and create your very own drink concoctions. Give your recipes a unique name and set the price per drink.

    Use the ‘Recipe Interaction’ on the Juice Bars to create your own combinations.

  2. Print Rare Juice Bars - as a Resident, you can manufacture your own objects by scanning and printing them; sometimes creating rare copies of the original object. We have added 5 possible rares that can be created when manufacturing the juice bar.
  3. Power up Puzzles - mix juice to discover what combinations create special power up boosts. Guess the quantity and the exact position of each ingredient in order to solve the puzzles. Earn badges as you solve the puzzles.

    Anyone who solves the Basic Juice Bar Unique Power Up Puzzle or mixes one of each recipe for the Rare Juice Bar Unique Power Up boosts will be awarded a badge.

    Be the first players to solve each of the Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle recipes and you will receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version.

    The 5 new Rare Juice Bars are: Series Version: 1. There are only 10 of these puzzles to solve and 10 Shared Power-Up Badges to be awarded!
    (that means 2 power up recipe puzzles per series version 1 juice bars.)

    Don’t worry if you miss out on getting one of this unique badges, the TirNuan Juice Mixologist will be releasing the next series (version 2) with new power up puzzle recipes to solve soon.

  4. Use the Active Power-Up Puzzle tab on the ‘Recipe Interaction’ to watch your progress as you mix up various combinations. This tab will show you how many ingredients you have correct and how many are in the correct positions as well as recent drinks mixed.

    Looking at the example below, we know we have 1 food item and 1 position correct from the first drink mixed and we know one ingredient is an apple from the last drink mixed.

    Refer to the Power-Up Recipe tab when you have the cracked the puzzle. Until you solve the puzzle you will see question marks. After you solve the puzzle, the question marks will be replaced with the ingredients in the correct order for the recipe. Other players will be able to see this on your juice bar and copy your recipes.


  1. Interaction Tuning - we are continually tuning the interactions and effects on EMP so bear with us as this is an ongoing task. We welcome any feedback and observations you have in this area of gameplay. This week you will notice:

    a. Drinking coffee and eating strawberries effects went up

    b. Watering effects went down, watering with sprinkler more

    c. Sitting and hanging out in chairs went up

    d. The drink animation was shortened. It will not take as long to drink a coffee anymore

  2. Shopping Panel - the Shopping Item Info panel now shows other Stores that have the selected item in stock. This is key for shopping around for the best price. Clicking on an item in this list will take you to the Player’s Store where the item is for sale.
  3. Lot Deeds - can now be gifted and sold in stores (they are still trade-able). All keys and deeds must be owned by seller. Any equipped background, equipped nameplate and most objects will transfer ownership along with the deed.


  1. que for petbowl & foodprocessor
  2. bird clean scoring

Enjoy mixing!
Audrey and The TirNua Team

10 Responses to “Power Up Puzzles”

  1. Raisin Says:

    I love the smoothie game. Fun!
    Rat race not so much.

    I need a way to get my rare oranges out of the smoothie bars. Stupidly I put the purple ones in the first bar to make the “Suicide” (aptly named… I just didn’t know it then) :)
    and now of course I am totally out of purples, but the bar still has them but can’t get them out. Do we really have to get 8 purple oranges into each of these smoothie bars?
    Will take a few years for me to gather up that many purple oranges.
    Especially since we can’t take them out of the fruit stands until we have 8.

    Thank you for the key fix. And tuning the EMP, noticed it was much better. Nice update!

  2. Raisin Says:

    Oh forgot to say I LOVE the graphic of the rare juice bars! One of the nicest graphics ingame so far imo.
    No I’m not sucking up. I love it. :)

  3. Qute Pi Says:

    Anyone have rare fruit for sale? :(

  4. Garbage Man Says:

    This might already be planned, but is there any chance we could get the option to remove the smoothies from the bar and sell them separately?
    When mixing them we have to keep drinking them or giving them away.
    Also could we get to add strange things to it such as toxic…? ;)

  5. Malachi Says:

    Thanks for the adjustments to the M values …makes a big difference.

  6. Malachi Says:

    I use that shopping panel to find the best prices but I still have to go to each lot to check the CFP score….the score that is listed in the panel is not accurate. To me, CFP is as important or more important than price many times.

  7. Cherry Says:

    love the update but the race not so much we dont all have the same amout of time we can play each day so for some of us its gonna be impossible to get the badge :(

  8. Raisin Says:

    Fixes to the queue for petbowl and food processor were good (made salads take longer though, since it now plays out the whole animation, but o well) you could also do the same for kitty litterbox. That’s still not queue-able.

    Agree with Cherry; it would be stressful not to have time to try for the “World first” badges.
    I like the idea of world firsts, and as the blog says we’ll get the opportunity again if we can’t now. But maybe it should be done in a different way, such as perhaps listing the world firsts/current opportunities on a special page.
    And when you get one, you get a badge (the unfilled badge would never be visible), and you can also browse there which world firsts - or temporary badges such as Earth day globe - are still available.

    Doing it that way would take some of the stress out of it I think. Ofc not all.
    - The unfilled badges wouldn’t be sitting there on our badge page like an eyesore forever
    - You would know if it’s already been filled by someone else
    - Same system could be used for “event badges” (f.ex. Earth Day globe) and easter egg badges (hidden badges we didn’t know about until we suddenly get it through normal gameplay) and perhaps contest badges (winner of some Tirnua contest). Just all temporary opportunity badges.

    Just some thoughts… Dunno what you think…
    Also we need Atlas back to typing on the blog comments, he needs to support my quest for BETTER DNA FOR PETS! (Hehe) :)

  9. Qute Pi Says:

    Which badge is the first to get badge? I am pretty sure when I got the aqua puzzle complete it said I was the first, yet I have no badge. I want to find out if I’m right or wrong lol. Please help.

  10. BillyBob Says:

    Qute Pi –> Just checked, looks like you should have the Aqua badge.

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