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November 13th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Yes, Custom Content Walls are Here!
We know some of you have been yearning for these for awhile now!

As a resident, you can create your own custom designed walls just like you can with other custom content items like clothing, floor tiles and photo stencils. Learn how to create your own custom content now.

The custom content walls are not scannable and printable at this time. Please note: if you see a graphic anomaly - rotate your view once and then back again to fix it. We will have this fixed in our next update.

New Larger Capacity Battery
At last, a battery with a larger capacity has arrived. Find the new lithium-ion white battery in the Energy Store. This one has a energy capacity of 6400. Look for more batteries coming in future updates.

Series Version 3 Juice Bars - New Juice Bar Recipes from the TirNua Mixologist

  1. Be the first players to solve each of the new Quick Solver Rare Juice Bar’s Shared Power Up Puzzle version #3 recipes and receive a unique badge. Each Rare Juice Bar shares two puzzles common to all of the Juice Bars of that type (i.e., particular rare) and of that version. This is version #3.
  2. Note: The recipes will only work on the Series #3 Rare Juice Bars. This means you will need to manufacture or purchase from another player each of the rare juice bars before attempting the recipe puzzles.
  3. To learn more about the Power Up Puzzles read this introductory blog on the rare juice bars.

Gamer - Video Poker Level Badges - earn badges by accumulate scores and reaching various levels from playing Video Poker.

Sleep Interaction added to Flora Bed and to the Rare TirNuan Bed

If you own one of the round beds from the Flora Collection or the Rare TirNuan Bed, you will now be able to catch some Zzzz’s and increase your EMP energy levels with the ‘Lay Down’ interaction. You may notice the look of the beds has changed some too. We took the opportunity to enhance the graphics while we were at it. We think you will be pleased with the new look. More beds will be updated to support sleeping in the upcoming updates.

Fixes / Other

  • Facebook Frame - we found two bugs that we fixed. One was with permissions and the other bug was with how the information was stored. We believe there is a 3rd bug with permissions that we are actively chasing.
  • Cats - fixes for neon cats, cats gender being erased, cats not exiting the love shack properly
  • Persona nameplate unequip - no longer removing owner of the nameplate
  • Scoring bug fixes made
  • Make sure to check out the VIP store this week!

    Audrey and the TirNua Team

    11 Responses to “Custom Content”

    1. Qute Pi Says:

      Thank you. The rare bed now makes my home more homely. :))

    2. Raisin Says:


      But, now that you came out with Series 3 of the bars - does this mean we can’t get the series 2 ones anymore?
      I never bothered to print series 2 since I already got the shared powerups from series 1. So we should actually print rare ones (up to flora!) every time you come out with new series of these or we won’t have a chance to solve them, ever?
      I don’t really care for that if that’s the case, I want to do other things too in the game and not just print juice bars. ;)
      If we buy juice bars off others, will it show what series it is on the shopping interface?

      Juice bar badge bug fixed? Is it safe to try?

      Facebook frame bugs fixed WOOHOO :)
      Have to try that out.

      Bigger battery is great too. No more filling a bathtub with a spoon.

    3. Malachi Says:

      Nice update - the custom content walls should make the world a lot different and creative now.

      However, the white batteries should be black - they have triple the CFP of a green one and only have two times the capacity of a green one. You can get two green ones for just a little more TAU, have the same capacity and save a lot of CFP - and be kinder to the world.

      That’s the decision we are always making in Tirnua and in the real world - more capacity or more speed or “bigger and better” versus a little more effort, a little smaller, a little less glamorous in exchange for something that is better for the world. Think about it before you just buy the newest, biggest, fastest thing out there. Think about the impact it has on everybody’s quality of life. Is all that CFP worth the “trouble” of changing the battery a little more often - sure it is.

    4. Simone Says:

      You can scan the batteries and create low cfp ones. You can dump the toxic at work.

    5. Malachi Says:

      Sure, scanning works for some of us….those that choose to do so. Doesn’t work for others that choose not to scan and print and certainly doesn’t work for non-residents who have no access to scanning or printing.

    6. Raisin Says:

      There’s also not a big market for printed batteries, even if we would make negative cfp batteries for people, people would not pay for them (even if we used up our best neg cfp resources, and took the hit of getting the toxic, nobody would still pay more than absolute minimum for them, cfp or no cfp). The economy is so messed up here. Everything must be free.

      I wonder if economy will ever be better. We are creating a community of “I want everything for free” and “I’m so nice I’m giving everything away regardless of if I kill everyones business in the process” and “We have too much of everything so we just want to get rid of it”, I want an economy of interesting shortages and people needing people.

    7. Cherry Says:

      i completely agree with you raisin because some bonehead is giving is stuff we always need to price down our stuff im really tired of this and having a store is not worthed anymore i think im done with all this im not gonna get into store war id rater close it

    8. Qute Pi Says:

      Are we getting custom half walls also?

    9. Simone Says:

      I buy low cfp batteries when I can find them. I have not been able to find any lately. I have not taken the time to print any yet. I will before I whine about it though and then refuse a solution.

      Sorry to hear about your grief Cherry. I think the Bonehead thinks I voted him down. I didn’t but I will move from your store. I am not into stores now anyway because they are ruined for me.

    10. Qute Pi Says:

      Voted him down?

    11. Malachi Says:

      All of my green batteries are printed and have low CFP - have been for quite a while now. I still have a few red ones and a yellow one to replace when time permits. What I’m saying is why buy white ones - even to scan - if you are getting a lot more CFP than you would with two green ones and get the same capacity at the same time? The CFP stays with you in the form of recyclables that sometimes are hard to get rid of - the toxic and trash are fairly easy but not the recyclables.

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