The Grand Easter Egg Hunt

March 31st, 2013 by TirNua Anna Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Hoppity the Easter bunny has been hard at work laying eggs!

He’s been laying all sorts of eggs - common eggs, uncommon eggs and rare eggs… and more! :)

Some old eggs have also slipped into the mix as you can see.

It’s your job to find all the different eggs this Easter!

There are three new badges that you can earn:

These eggs will only be available during the Easter holiday, unless a store owner stocks up, so hop to it! :)

The biggest badge asks for all the new common, uncommon and rare eggs.

How do you get the eggs?

Some of the Common eggs are for sale in the TirNua store. (And some of the Rare too.)

You buy an egg and then you do what Hoppity does… You click and Open it to see what is inside!

That’s right - the new eggs can be opened!

You can find all sorts of goodies inside - the Common eggs only give other eggs. Some eggs have money, chocolate and other goodies!
In order to get a badge for finding an egg, you must get it from one of the other eggs - eggs you buy do not count towards the badge.

Open your Common egg to find the next egg!

Keep your inventory open so you can see where the egg goes. Pull it out and open it too for a chance to find all of the different eggs.

It’s like a lottery - the finer the egg, the better the prize!

Be careful though - eventually your streak of good luck can end, and you can get one of the smaller Old eggs. Bummer…

The small eggs are old and can’t be opened anymore. When you run into a small egg you’ll have to go back and get another Common and start over.

Try your luck!

What do the different eggs contain?

Old egg

Can sometimes be found inside any egg and ends the “opening streak” since it can’t be opened.

Common egg

Can sometimes be found inside another Common egg.

Uncommon egg

Can sometimes be found inside a Common egg, another Uncommon egg, Rare egg or Epic egg.

Rare egg

Can sometimes be found inside an Uncommon egg or Epic egg.

Epic egg

Can sometimes be found inside a Rare egg!

Faberge egg

Can sometimes be found inside an Epic egg!


Some eggs (very rarely, but it can happen) do not contain anything at all. You open them and get nothing. So better luck next time!

Rare eggs are also for sale in the store for those who prefer to start from a higher level for a bigger chance to get the rarest ones. You can get all eggs by starting from the common ones as well. The rare eggs provide a fast track to the Faberge and Epic for those who would like that.

Also please note the new eggs are the only ones that can be opened. There are some older ones in the Easter store (plain colored) that are just for decoration.


Recycle all the eggs you don’t want to keep, or we’ll have to rename the game Eggnua. :)
Recycling helps clean the environment and carrying too many objects in inventory will increase lag.

Be the Easter bunny!

Feel like being an easter bunny this Easter? Did you know that you can make an animal persona and dress up like a bunny? :)

If you are a resident, you can scroll down and make more personas on the same account. Scroll way down and click on Manage Account and you will find a way to create 2 more personas. Default bunny suits are for sale in TirNua Clothes store for all animal personas.

You can even make your own custom content bunny suit!

Here are the templates that you can use. Right-click on the templates to save the pictures to your computer, edit them in a graphics program and make your own custom bunny suit.

Other fixes and changes

  • Fixed typo in the UI
  • Fixed mental requirement for printing a bronze megabin, now 35 instead of 100
  • Fixes to player stores

Drawing for the Winners of the Earth Hour competition

We know you have been waiting to find out how you did in last weekend’s challenge!

The challenge was to get 100 players in last weekend. We ALMOST made this goal - it was extremely close with 98 people. Since it was that close, we will throw in a third prize of 50 GP to one lucky winner since we didn’t quite make the goal for the 100 GP. Thank you everyone for inviting and playing. :)

So the prices we will draw for are 10 GP, 25 GP and 50 GP.

The drawing will take place at the Community Center, on Sunday, 31 March, at 1 pm Pacific time. Everyone is welcome to participate and help us draw the winners. See you all there!

Happy Easter! :)

TirNua Anna and the Catroo team

10 Responses to “The Grand Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Avyi Says:

    Awesome Update! Thank you for the fixes and more opportunities of player events!!! <3!!! :D

  2. FUGLY Says:


  3. TirNua Anna Says:

    No, you don’t have to be online or on the lot to win. We will draw from all the eligible players and notify you via ingame mail. :)

  4. Cherry Says:

    awsome job on the eggs i love it!!!!!!

  5. Divine Mama Says:

    Eggs are gorgeous!!! Great fun! Found an Epic Egg and still hoping for the Faberge! ;)

  6. Simone Says:

    This is awesome! It kept me busy for hours. Now to sort the 15 containers of garbage from it. :)

  7. Cherry Says:

    quick question it says get them before the event is over but i dont see any date so until when do we have please?

  8. TirNua Anna Says:

    You have time, the eggs will be available in the Featured store for at least a week until next update.

    Someone also asked if the same person could get more than one Faberge egg and the answer is yes - that is not limited at all. Good luck!

  9. Cherry Says:

    thank you :)

  10. Avyi Says:

    I’m wondering what typo was fixed…The only one I know of is the “Ccounterlockwise” and it’s still a typo :P

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