Nice Step Forward for our Game!

October 24th, 2008 by Suki Leave a comment Share on Facebook

This week we bring to you some Major New Features in the Tirnua world:

  • At last:  you can now Edit Your Own Lot
  • A New UI: arrange your game layout at will and fully resize it
  • Fast account creation Using Your Facebook Account
  • Added many More Objects: 150+ new objects

Editing your own lot:

When you are in your own lot, there is an Edit mode checkbox enabled at the top of the home viewer.  When selected it enables you to move the objects placed on your lot.  Add objects from your inventory by dragging the object from your Inventory panel (not from the My personas panel, be careful) onto the lot. 

When an object is selected on your lot hold down the left click on the mouse and hit the space bar to rotate the position of the object.  The backspace key will send the object selected back to your inventory.

With these features you can now setup your lot anyway you want!

New UI:

Most important the Tirnua game now is resizable at will.  Just try it out.  You can also rotate the view with the newly added rotate buttons in the lower left corner (remember from last week that you could ALT-drag to pan using the mouse).

Next, you can drag the different panels of information around and change the layout.  I suggest you play around and organize your view (it does not remember the layout as you left it yet, but we will be working on that soon). Drag on the tab itself rather than the title bar of the panel.

Fast account creation through facebook:

If you are a facebook user you can register with us in a single click.

More new objects:

Beds!  Sectional sofas, tables, chairs, and more chairs. … we added a new gift as well: a skull for Halloween! Have fun sending this to all your Tirnuan friends just in time for Halloween.

We are sure you are going to have fun this week with this publish!

So Enjoy!!!

23 Responses to “Nice Step Forward for our Game!”

  1. Halloween Ideas Blog » Blog Archive » Nice Step Forward for our Game! Says:

    [...] Audrey wrote an interesting post today onNice Step Forward for our Game!Here’s a quick excerptMore new objects:. Beds! Sectional sofas, tables, chairs, and more chairs. … we added a new gift as well: a skull for Halloween! Have fun sending this to all your Tirnuan friends just in time for Halloween. … [...]

  2. Tweed Says:

    Awesome. Great work.

  3. Gilly Says:

    Awesome update! I have now bought and placed my furniture. The founder object is really beautiful….but too big for my room. =)

    So I am wondering:
    *if we have a time-line for being able to use it…sit, lay down?
    *if or when we will get windows/doors?
    *if or when we will be able to change the wall and floor colors?
    *if or when we will have gardens or water features?
    *when women will quit flailing thier arm around? If my arm is going to be extended that much, I want to at least be able to hit someone with it! ;}

    Another note….it is too quiet in Tirnua….we need music or sound effects!…(fountains?)…to make up, somewhat, for the static way we move and walk!

    Nit picks aside, you guys are doing a wonderful job! =D

  4. Qute Pi Says:

    YAY!! So exciting! :) I haven’t checked it all out yet, but I’m excited about the halloween gift!!
    Hi Gilly. :) Very good thoughts, I 2nd those…especially the arm issue lol. Altho my arms have never been in better shape than now. hehe.

  5. Gioscape Says:

    These features are so cool and exciting but waaay to bugy. I think I just lost my founder object! Placing things like clothes don’t work, and you end up losing the clothing.

    Other than that, great updates!?

  6. shorty Says:

    Very cool guys very cool !!!!!

  7. Tori Says:

    Oh my gosh! Can I just tell you how much I love this last update???? :D!!!
    *worships the team*

    Thank You, Thank You! *cries a tear of joy* It’s getting near to an actual game - I’m so thrilled.

    Very nice guys! Sleep well tonight, you did a great job today :D


  8. pat281y Says:

    A Great Start……I didnt get my halloween masks……who shoulc i contact

  9. MonkeyPants Says:

    Pat the masks are gifts so you will have to wait till someone gifts you. If you like post the link to your persona book page and I will gift you =]

  10. Betsie Says:

    All I have to say is WOW, Cool!

  11. SamiSim_14006 Says:

    let me start by saying great job team!!
    when i go to my room i cant see myself and not all the things ive placed are there unless i rotate the view is anyone else having this prob. ?

  12. beable Says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I have noticed two things since the update. My Tirnuan has a new hairstyle and hair color. Which of I didn’t pick or purchase. On my other Tirnuan, I noticed a skin color which I know I didn’t purchase. I have two skin tones now in my inventory. One which I did buy and I am using. Is that a bug or something that was just added?

  13. beable Says:

    Now I lost a dress. :( Good thing she still has her red dress. Going to miss the blue one. Oh well. Maybe my dress will magically reappear again. :P

  14. CherryBomb Says:

    I am not clear about the gifts, either. Are the masks availabe for purchase somewhere in the catalog?

  15. Claudia Joy MacCloud Says:

    Hi TirNuan’s

    Wow Only had 5 mins to check out the updates for this week, and OHhhh it was worth the wait! and the fastest 5min of my TirNuan life…. cant wait to get home to check it out throughly….

    TirNua team, Everything Is awesome! You are all doing a fab job:) Lookin forward to next weeks updates already…..

    @Qute Pi Thank you ever so very much :)

    Have a great and wonderful day

    Claudia Joy MacCloud

  16. Qute Pi Says:

    MP Claudia! :)

    I still hope they add a link to the persona profile page from the search, because there are still people who I can not gift…I can search them…but then I can either look at the search results or join there property. There is no way to get to the profile page to send the gift.
    Cherry I tried to find you to gift you, but couldn’t. Sorry :( Post your profile page link for us! Thanks! :)

    Also one thing I don’t like is if someone places my gift I gave them on their property, and I look to see if I gifted them…since i have a bad memory lol…there is no way for me to know if I previously sent them the gift. lol. Monkey and Captain, I gifted you both…right? :P You were both on my list to gift. heh.

    Yes there are a lot of bugs or whatever you’d call them throughout. I didn’t expect it to be perfect. However, please don’t rush so fast on the development that you don’t take the time to make the game an enjoyable experience. Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m super happy with everything happening and the quick progress you all are making.

    I have problems since my monitor is wide screen, my mouse scroll thingy works for 3 different things on the home viewer page, 1 to move my entire windows screen, one to scroll the size of the room screen, and something else, can’t remember. That is causing me problems, the room screen zooms so close to the furniture that I can’t zoom back out. I don’t know if its me or what. Even when I use the zoom bar to the left, of the room view. Hard to explain this stuff…Sorry for the bad description of my problem lol.

    Anyway, I noticed things, problems, but forgot to write them all down. Chances are I’ll be posting again later lol.

    Thanks again team!

  17. Qute Pi Says:

    Oh! I do not like how it automatically goes to the home viewer upon sign in. Maybe thats because I’m at work, and when I sign on I don’t plan to go to my home or anyones, I like to look at my profile, check for gifts, look through the store at the new items or clothing, change my clothes, and its lagging on me when I try to go to my profile page while its trying to connect to the home viewer. Not a real big deal, but if we could have the option of it going to our profile page or account instead, I’d prefer that.

  18. Tails Says:

    Umm, weird. When I went back to my room all my objects dissapered! Even my founders Object! Eeep!

  19. CherryBomb Says:

    Qute Pi, by “link”, do you mean CherryBomb_2700? The only way I’ve found to link to someone to gift them or visit is by finding them in the Persona Book, and I can’t find any way to search it. I was really wanting to know where I could buy one to give to someone else. They don’t seem to be in the catalog.

  20. pat281y Says:

    MonkeyPantz….ty so much…..

    ty ty…hagd

  21. Qute Pi Says:

    Hi Cherry, I found you in the book lol :)
    This would be the link I was asking for…to your persona page:

    To gift someone you need to get to their persona page and click the ‘gift this persona’ button.

    Currently the only way to get to their page is to search through the book and hope they are in there (only those who update their description are in there), or ask them for their link.
    There is a search feature in the game under the persona web tab, however it doesn’t link to their persona page, only their property.

  22. pat281y Says:

    Development team…pls gift us all with a mask…..

  23. MonkeyPants Says:

    Pat I have already sent some masks to you =]

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