… and The Flora Store!

October 25th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

And there’s still more to come another day! I’m sure that we’ll all benefit also from Margaret’s spending the time to do this using the very same tools that we all will use to layout lots.


Hope you are also having some fun decorating and seeing the objects in 3D you’ve bought through the store. Isn’t the Founder’s Gift quite something?!

13 Responses to “… and The Flora Store!”

  1. MonkeyPants Says:

    Margaret did a great job all 5 new stores look amazing, I like Aqua and flora best, great job Margaret!=]

  2. pat281y Says:

    Monkey…i answered your message to me ….ty

  3. SamiSim_14006 Says:

    I agree Margaret you done an awsome job :)

  4. MonkeyPants Says:

    @ Par281y , I sent some masks to all your personas, enjoy =]

  5. Viva Says:

    What’s up with these hippie stuff?

  6. pat281y Says:

    ty ty monkeypants…..now i have to figure out how to give gifts….lol

  7. Captain Edward J Smith Says:

    The new furniture looks great in my room… There are a few catches my avatar will not appear in my room. He appears ok in the Community Center, other people rooms, ect but not my room. I can see my room just not the avatar. He might be afraid of the hair I lost out of my inventory which is now somewhere in my room with a pair of shoes too. Also with the rotate room view my room has 4 different appearances. One of which shows a chair, a bed, founders object, and statue (missing a diningroom table). Rotate once and the chair disapears and 5/6th of the table appears. Rotate again and everything but 5/6th of the diningroom table dissapears. On the last rotate the room is empty.., I feel a little like Linda Blair with all the spinning… I think my room might be haunted.., maybe the next update will help let me back into my room… Can’t wait for the next update.. Love the water at the Community Center. Think I’ll be spending some time there until I can get back into my room. lol
    Keep up the Great Work Guys…

  8. admin Says:

    Captain Edward J Smith, thanks for the detailed information. We should not have made it possible to drag the current clothing and accessories onto the lot as we’re not ready for that yet so I guess this might be the root of your problem. We’ll try to rectify this. Thanks!

  9. MiriamC Says:

    Can someone gift me a mask? I’ll gift one back.


  10. MonkeyPants Says:

    hey miriamC what is your Persona book name? I will gift you some mask =]

  11. MonkeyPants Says:

    to everyone who wants a mask, follow this link and we will gift you some mask!=]


  12. Captain Edward J Smith Says:

    Thanks for the fix, who ever came over to my room did the Shaman dance and exercised the demons. The room no longer seems to be haunted(or bugged). My hair and shoes are now back in my inventory. Great to be back home (even if it is only 5 by 6 tiles). Looking forward to seeing this week’s update…
    Full speed ahead…

  13. admin Says:

    Glad to hear it Captain. Don’t drag clothing or accessories on to your lot or you’ll undo the fix. From tomorrow we’ll disable putting those on lots until that’s a safe thing to do.

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