Preview of some new objects coming today!

October 30th, 2008 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

A friend of the company, Joelle, has been doing some amazing work helping us to keep bringing you new objects each week. This week we will get trees, shrubs and potted plants to play with in addition to some new furniture items.

Margaret and I had some fun just now making this garden center. Click to see a larger image and visit it in the game soon!

Stay tuned for the update later today!

Sincere thanks to Joelle!

6 Responses to “Preview of some new objects coming today!”

  1. MonkeyPants Says:

    woooow those trees look great ! i cant wait to put them on my lot :D

  2. beable Says:

    Those trees look amazing! I can’t wait to be able to use them!!

  3. pat281y Says:

    wonderful…..i am ready for a lot and house …..

  4. dina Says:

    are we going to get money trees? cause ummmmm I want to build a money tree farm :D lol
    Looooooookin gooooood guys :D

  5. Qute Pi Says:

    Wow! The trees look great! Thanks Joelle for the beautiful addition to our game! :D

    Is there anyway to let the trees overlap on the tiles? Or maybe small bushes overlap on 4 square trees?

  6. Gilly Says:

    When I tried to log in to look for them, I kept getting a box saying I could not log in automatically and did I want to go to the home/log in page. I did, it showed me logged in, but clicking on “game” only looped back to the first message box. Did this several time from a couple of directions….:p

    I love landscaping! I can’t wait to add plants to my room. Are these for sale, yet? :D

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