See you tomorrow!

January 29th, 2009 by TirNua Sarah Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Hi all,

This week’s update will come tomorrow afternoon - it is completely jam packed; lots of stuff to make new puzzles, more ways to feature active users on the front page, the things Luc has given you sneak peaks of, etc.

Lee has created a very, very fun lot that you have to race through quickly, avoiding cubes coming at you on conveyor belts, etc. It will be live tomorrow, complete with his dodgy choice of radio stationĀ  ;)

Here’s a sneak peak (click to see larger screenshot)

9 Responses to “See you tomorrow!”

  1. Dina_5887 Says:

    WOW it’s all happening quickly now, so many additions in so short a time. Now I just need the time to play long enough to work my way through them ;/

  2. Dina_5887 Says:

    the conveyor belt brings back memories of the factory … ohhhh to be electrocuted again

  3. Tori_13943 Says:

    Ha ha ha @ Dina!! XD Yes I remember that :P
    Now I miss it, hated it then, but miss it now :\

    Nice update Luc can’t wait :D

  4. Tori_13943 Says:

    Thanks for this post Sarah :D Can’t wait to see ya!! ;)

  5. FUGLY_2732 Says:


  6. Dina_5887 Says:

    can the conveyor belts be custom colors? The black and white just ruins my color scheme LOL and I cant wait to try your puzzle also Lee. I had fun this morning redoing my lot (not finished). Luc popped in and said water tiles might be coming soon … YAY … GREAT WORK TEAM

  7. MaxOmen_19273 Says:

    Radio is the best part!

  8. Dina_5887 Says:

    I will state this here because I do not know where else to put it (ok I do but I do not like the wiki :?)… The checker board game pieces appear to be under the tiles … The tso floor tile bug has followed us here … I am alse having alot of trouble attempting to place more that one object from inventory onto my lot. I find that I can place one object out at a time , leave come back and repeat.

    Thanks for all the hard work Team, the game is coming along wonderfully.

  9. Qute Pi Says:

    Here’s the link to my new 3 person teamwork maze:
    As soon as the branching conveyor belts are out, it will be done. :)

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