Become a Fashionista in Tirnua!

November 6th, 2009 by TirNua Audrey Leave a comment Share on Facebook

Are you a fashionista in real life? Well, now you can bring your fashion sense into TirNua and create your own custom designs. Yes, custom content for clothing is here!

Users now have the ability to upload custom content (textures) onto all clothing items. Show off your new unique clothing designs to your fellow Tirnuans - let jealously ensue as you strut your stuff or place them on your lot and set them for sale.

To get started all you need is to be a Resident and own a Resident Badge. Get yours now from the Shopping Panel in the Miscellaneous Store.

On the Dress Me Panel, you will notice some new tabs: My Closet, Shop and Create. Selecting the ‘Create’ tab will give you a screen like the one below. Select ‘Load File’ to browse for a custom texture, choose your clothing type and give it a personalized name. You will see your creation displayed in the window.

If you are satisfied with the outcome, then select ‘Upload’. A dialog box will pop-up letting you know how much the upload cost will be. Once uploaded, the new clothing item will show up in ‘My Creations’, as in the picture below. The new clothing item will be automatically added to your ‘Closet’. Drag it onto your persona in the Dress Me window, select save changes and voila - you are sporting your very own custom designed attire and are ready to flaunt it to the world.

You can order more copies of your creations at any time by selecting the item you would like to order from the drop down under My Creations, choosing a quantity, and hitting the ‘Order’ button.

For those entrepreneurial types out there you can start your own clothing line and sell it in your own store. Simply drag your custom creations onto your lot and set them for sale. No need for mannequins, custom clothes display in their own frames.

Can’t wait to see and buy some awesome new clothing in Tirnua!
Audrey and The Tirnua Team

20 Responses to “Become a Fashionista in Tirnua!”

  1. Cutsie Says:

    This of course is wonderful! I do have a couple of requests-

    1) I love the frames, but would like to be able to put the custom clothes on the mannequins.

    2) The girls have no long sleeve options. Please add some… it’s getting cold!

    Those are my biggest requests with the cc right now. Thanks again for a great update!

  2. FUGLY Says:


  3. Gracie Says:

    Wow! This is totally awesome! Even I figured out how to make me a new outfit! I love it! Eep! No shoe templates! I’m going to need new shoes to go with all these new clothes! :) This is really a great new feature. Will be great to see more diversity with avatars. Great work devs!

  4. Tori Says:

    This is awesome you guys!!! I Love this!

    Yes Cutsie, long sleeves would be nice, and jackets? :D

    I am bummed that I have to work today, but I will certainly spend some time on it tomorrow here!! I can’t wait!

    Great Job you guys.

  5. Raisin Says:

    Wonderful. I’m going completely nuts. LOOOOVE THIS :D

    I would also like to be able to make men’s clothing. I borrowed Bodil to make a men’s shirt but then he wasn’t able to send the shirts to me as a gift. Aren’t they tradeable like that? Or is it a bug?

    I would also like long sleeved shirts for women. And long dresses, shoes, hats, costumes, I WANT IT ALL!!! ;)
    Are we able to modify the mesh, in any way, or are you planning to let us do that? It seems like we can’t but maybe that “Get template” button could be used.

    Agree with Cutsie - it would be nice to be able to also put them on mannequins *IF* we want to.
    Might look nice to have 1 mannequin with the clothes on and then pile the rest on the floor near the mannequin, or on tables.

    Thank you oh TirNua Gods (bow)


  6. Gertie Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Avyi Says:

    I really like the mannequin option :)
    I just made my new clothes…gonna be strutting around in them to advertise….hehe :D

  8. Avyi Says:

    oh…and it would be great if we could adjust how the pattern fits on the clothes (stretch/shrink)….my T-shirt didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted…but fun!

  9. Alana Says:

    *giggles at the Blog Sucks shirt* Thank you for that whoever made it.

  10. Avyi Says:

    LOL…where is this shirt Alana???

  11. Avyi Says:

    oh…nevermind Alana….I see it in the pic above 0.o

  12. Atlas Says:

    I LOVE this! (:
    Could you guys perhaps give us a load of meshes in the coming weeks/month? That’d be super - especially by the holiday season! I’d love to be able to deck my Persona out in outfits for all occasions, with all sleeve lengths/shirt styles, as well as pant styles! I’d also love to see shoe meshes added into the mix.
    And it’d be even more super if people could make their own clothing meshes! I for one am no mesher by any means (I never have been, for that matter), but it would be nice to see what players came up with, however crazy they may be!

    Also - perhaps a bulk purchase of your created clothes in the future? With a large discount, of course! That would be loved.

    So glad we can finally personalize our Personas as we see fit! (:

    Also also - I’d love to see some new hair! And perhaps yet another Persona reworking? I’m grateful that we no longer look like demonic praying mantises, but there’s definitely still tons of room for improvement!

    Thanks for listening to the hearts and minds of all of us Tirnuans. :)! You guys are what make this game so special! Being responsive and attentive to our wants and desires is truly what this place about! Of course, it’s also about weeding out the good and the bad wants/desires, but… That’s another story! :lol:

  13. TirNua Dominic Says:

    Atlas, you could also download the template .. Also you can already make longs-leave , short sleeves , pants , shorts .. everything :) Let me know if you need more help to create clothes.

  14. Kera_Light_72916050 Says:

    where are all of those templates to download? I’d love to get started on loads of things other than just the women’s items I have in my drop down box :D

  15. Tirnua Sarah Says:

    Hi All, we don’t have a good set of template examples yet so apologies for that but I’ve put the full set for you to view on the wiki here:

    Please read the notes!

  16. Tori Says:

    Tinua Domonic, I for one would loooooove to know how to make looong sleeves - can you tell us how?? :D
    I’m feeling a new “growth” increasing within me to want to “create” :D LOL

  17. Tori Says:

    Eeerrr, Dominic* Sry, we really need an Edit link in here LMAO

  18. Qute Pi Says:

    Still trying to figure out this, but getting there. Thanks for this update!

  19. Qute Pi Says:

    Oh and being able to also place it on a mannequin would be helpful.

  20. Cutsie Says:


    Currently only men have the ability to have long sleeves. Women never had any long sleeve items, so we aren’t able to create them since essentially we are just creating masks for the items we already had.

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