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About Tirnua

Tirnua is a free, browser-based virtual world -- a social game with an eco heart.

Energy and the environment play key roles in our world. We are constantly building on our game that has many elements including your character's muscle, brain, and heart energy, all of which tie into other aspects of the game including the energy simulation, a dna-based flower and plant simulation, puzzle solving, competitions, and more.

The game allows us to explore various energy and green concepts while having fun. Player's can choose to try to play 'green', choose to play 'black', or lead a balance between the extremes. As in the real world, energy and ecology provide the foundation upon which we live our lives but there are other things we do - work, play, and socialize. The same is true of TirNua. Play games, go to work, host parties!

We invite you to join the community to join the fun!

Play Tirnua and enjoy!

Email: support@catroo.com


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