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Sarah Flannery

Sarah Flannery

Senior Computer Scientist

Sarah is TirNua's Senior Computer Scientist. She focuses on developing the virtual economy in the game and the back-end web services that power game features.

Before working at TirNua, Sarah was software engineer working directly with then Electronic Arts Worldwide Chief Technology Officer, Scott Cronce, and, later, with many fellow Tirnua founders on her first virtual world. Cronce described her as "a rising star [and] a dynamo of energy with great intelligence"!

At EA, she successfully set up the EA Open Source program. Sarah created data visualizations on software architecture and game content creation which were used to directly impact the quality of both.
She also successfully ran and turned around the virtual economy within EA-Land (formerly The Sims Online).

Previously she worked on the technical and scientific computing software product Mathematica for Wolfram Research.

In 1999 she was a winner of both the Irish and, later, European "Young Scientist of the Year" award for work on Cryptography.

Sarah holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Cambridge, England.

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