Welcome to TirNua
Welcome to TirNua We're delighted that you joined us! There are many exciting things to discover here. Play, work and play some more!
You can chat with other TirNuans, play games, grow your own fruits and vegetables, and produce energy to help control your environment. Watch your carbon footprint change as you evolve in the game!

How about becoming a Resident? The Resident's Badge opens the doors to exclusive items, store discounts and V.I.P. privileges. Find out more about the Badge.

We hope to see you soon in the game. Click here to start your adventure!

Exploring our World Be sure to take the Guided Tour around TirNua.

Have you found your first Quest? Each one will give you a reward as you learn the game.

Don't hesitate to click on the Help button to, well, help you along!

Our blog is also a great place to learn about new features and gameplay, updated weekly.

About TirNua TirNua is an eco-friendly virtual world where you can socialize, play games, create content, and interact with your friends. Dress your character, nurture the environment and create your very own ideal space. Invite all your friends over!
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